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I’m based in London but my mind is always elsewhere! I am always planning my next trip and travel at least once a month.

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Where to Stay & to Eat In Amsterdam

Home away from home – The Wittenberg After staying on a tiny but beautiful little houseboat on the canal in Amsterdam in the Jordaan area, it was lovely to stay at the Wittenberg apartments – I didn’t want to leave! The…

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Cappadocia most amazing places

Cappadocia has been on my bucket list for a while. I had built it up to be the most amazing place ever and it really didn’t disappoint. It is now one of my favourite places I have been to in…

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Why do I love Lisbon so much?

Why do I love Lisbon so much? Delicious fresh seafood, incredible buildings and more sunset viewpoints than I have ever seen in one city, Lisbon was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. The most photogenic place,…

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The purpose of this trip to Morocco was mainly to see the bluest city ever! I had previously been to Morocco, in Marrakesh, which totally blew me away due to its incredible buildings and un-modernised feel. As I am a…

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My Dream Trip to the Maldives!

My Dream Trip to the Maldives! I always thought that you had to be super rich to go to the Maldives, that it was something I would do for my honeymoon and that I would be paying it off for…

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