Moco Museum in Amsterdam is definitely my new favourite museum in Amsterdam! There are so many to choose from, but if you love modern art then Moco Museum is the one for you! When I was there, you could see original Banksy pieces, and they have extended this exhibition in 2020 for when we can all visit museums again! For now they have kept the gardens open which also usually have some sculptures and things to see. All the best modern artists are here so get ready for an interesting hour or two! I will also be telling you a few more things to do in Amsterdam in the rain, in case you get caught in the rain! Then read on for a few ideas on where to stay in Amsterdam, from the best hostel to a house boat to longer term stays in Amsterdam!

Girl stood in front of a painting at Moco Museum Amsterdam

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Top Tip to getting a discount!

I have to share this because I was so pleased to find this discount! May/June 2020 they are also offering flexible tickets at 25% off that you can purchase and use at a later date!


This is my first point because I found an amazing deal just by looking at the Instagram page for Moco Museum! Museums can be quite pricey and on the door here the ticket is €15.50. However, on their latest Instagram post there was a 2-4-1 offer so we had half price on our tickets! You never know what deals you can find. Otherwise always look at the website and book online for a better deal and also then you get to skip the queue! When we got here the queue was huge but as we had booked online we got to head straight to the front of the queue.

Amsterdam canal with tall Dutch houses and canal boats

How much does it cost?

Adult at the door €15.50
Adult Online €11.50

Student at the door €14.00
Student Online €10.50

Youth 13-17 yrs €14.00
Youth Online €10.50

0-12 Years FREE!

How to get to Moco Museum, Amsterdam?

By Underground

Take the 52 from Amsterdam Centraal which will take around 15 minutes to Vijzelgracht station and from there it a few minutes walk to Moco Museum.

By Tram

Take the number 2 or 12 tram right to Moco Museum from Amsterdam Centraal, the journey takes around 20 minutes


It is a 40 minute walk from Moco Museum to Amsterdam Centraal, it is also a really nice walk along the canals so feel free to also walk here for some extra sightseeing along the way!

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When is Moco Museum open?

Temporarily closed but at the moment they are offering 25% off flexible tickets which you can use at any time once it reopens!

Moderm art at Moco Museum Amsterdam, chair and table with a cupboard behind in an exhibition

Which exhibitions are at Moco Museum Amsterdam?

I’ll name a few below as of course the exhibitions change so make sure to check the Moco Museum website. However, here are a few to give you an idea of the kind of artworks on display here. I love modern and street art and it is perfect the perfect place if you do too. There are a few rooms that are a whole experience, as the whole wall, ceiling and floor are all part of the art work.

Moco Museum artwork - moden art in Amsterdam

Banksy! (Exhibition has been extended)

These are original Banksy artworks from private collectors and it is amazing! Some of his most famous pieces such as Laugh Now, Girl with balloon and Flower thrower can be found here. I love Banksy but I would rather not have to walk around the whole of London searching for his wok so it was nice to see it in one place here. I did wonder though, as Banksy never displays his artworks and this exhibition is not actually authorised by Banksy but I’m glad to have seen it.

Girl with the balloon Banksy exhibition at Moco Museum

Moco Masters – Permanent

More for the modern art lovers! I love Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst but here I found so many more pieces that I loved. Jean-Michel Basquiat is now a new favourite of mine as well as Haring and Kusama.

Moco Garden

This museum is also outside! There is always something fun in the gardens of this museum. When I was there, there was a very Instagrammable bed right outside of the exit! Unfortunately it was raining so no photo for me! So make sure not to miss the gardens here too!

When is the best time to come to Moco Museum?

Early! I went when it was raining in Amsterdam and in the middle of the day and it was so busy! It is a very popular museum so I would recommend getting here early and not on the weekend to beat the crowds a bit.

Girl stood in front of a painting at Moco Museum, Amsterdam Netherlands

How long do you need to spend here?

I would say you need at least an hour here maybe even longer but depends how long it takes you usually in museums. There are three floors here if I remember correctly! And quite a few rooms. Have your phone ready for interactive exhibitions too!

What else to do near Moco Museum?

Moco Museum is located on Museumplein. This is a big square with a few museums around. I’ll list a few below that are the top ones to see while you are in Amsterdam.

Van Gogh Museum


After modern art, head to the Van Gogh museum! If you like Van Gogh then of course this is the place for you.

Rijks Museum

The Rijks Museum is huge with so much to see! Check their website to see which exhibitions are currently on. Also in winter, there is usually a huge ice rink right outside which is worth visiting.

Where to eat near Moco Museum?

Vegan Junkfood Bar

Just 10 minutes walk away from Moco Museum is the BEST vegan restaurant! I am not even vegan but I enjoyed all the food so much. They have loads of amazing dishes and all very photogenic! The whole interior has a great vibe. It is very popular and you can’t reserve a table so avoid the weekend if you can.

Menu at Vegan Junkfood Bar in Amsterdam

The Avocado Show

Also 10 minutes walk away is the Avocado Show. This place is ideal for avocado lovers, if yo don’t like avocado then AVOID. Everything on the menu contains avocado! There is no escape. They have amazing burgers and open sandwiches as well as great coffee and drinks.


You have to try the amazing fries in Amsterdam. Typically served with ooooodles of mayonnaise, they are divine. Any chip shop will do, they are all great! Perfect winter warmer also if it is cold!

Polaberry – For dessert!

On your walk back towards the station, 20 minutes from Moco Museum is Polaberry. This is a very ‘instagrammable’ place to eat. The cake pops are divine and they have the cutest cakes! They are of course very overpriced but I enjoyed going there for a treat!

Other best alternative things to do in Amsterdam:

WONDR Experience!

This is honestly one of my new favourite places, basically an adult playground!

Two girls on a pink fluffy pool table at WONDR Experience Amsterdam

What is WONDR Experience?

This is an interactive experience, where you walk through different rooms with different themes. They change them once in a while and also have themes based on the season! We had so much fun in the snowball at Christmas time here!

How to get here?

WONDR Experience is on an industrial estate around 15 minutes from the centre of Amsterdam. We got here by taxi as it was POURING with rain and it wasn’t too expensive! I’m sure there are buses that go nearby but it really is in the middle of nowhere. You can’t miss it though as the front of the building is bright pink.

Girl in a ball pit at WONDR Experience Amsterdam!

How much is it?

€24.50 for an adult ticket. There is also a small cafe once you reach the end with cute cupcakes for a snack!

Other Instagrammable places in Amsterdam

‘Wake me up when I’m famous’ Wall

Just an 8 minute walk fro Moco Museum is this famous wall! Literally type ‘WAKE ME UP WHEN I’M FAMOUS Bench’ into Google maps and voila! It is in the middle of a residential area and isn’t too hard to find!

Two girls sat in front of the 'Wake me up when I'm famous' sign in Amsterdam - one of the alternative things to do in Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans Windmills

This is one of the prettiest areas! You can get here either by train or bus and it takes around 40 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal station. I would recommend coming early morning or near sunset as it can get busy. Also the light is so perfect for photos at these times. There are lots of stunning windmills along the water and some places where you can buy some very Dutch gifts too!

Tulip fields (In April)

One of the most famous things to see in the Netherlands! The beautiful tulips fields. There are so may places to choose from but Lisse is the most famous. You basically have to drive around to find the perfect field for photos. It really is stunning.

Unique places to stay in Amsterdam?

On a house boat!

This house boat was one of my favourite Air Bnb experiences ever! Walking up with ducks swimming up to the window and pecking on the window as you make breakfast was the most unique experience and one I won’t forget. It is super cosy but absolutely perfect. We even managed to find one for €100 a night. Accommodation definitely isn’t cheap in Amsterdam.

You can also find a houseboat for more people. These are much more spacious and can be a bit more out of the way, but more peaceful than being in the centre!

I hope you enjoyed this post on Moco Museum, Amsterdam! There are so many fun things to do in Amsterdam. Don’t forget to visit WONDR Experience on a rainy day or for a fun filled few hours! Then remember the Avocado Show if you love avocado and the Vegan Junkfood Bar even if you aren’t vegan! For foodies Amsterdam is amazing. For traditional Dutch foods, try Stroopwafels and Poffertjes! I won’t say more, just try them! You’ll thank me later!

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