I had never been to Sweden before, so when Malmo Town invited us we immediately started looking up what there was to do in Malmö. After spending 5 days there, I can tell you about all the best things to do in Malmö, and hopefully convince you that it’s a great place for a summer trip. We went in late June and I couldn’t believe the weather is was so warm. There is also an amazing outdoor culture in Malmö. Right outside OhBoy Hotel where we stayed there was huge skate park and all around the city there are lots of tennis and basketball courts. All of the restaurants and cafes have outdoor seating; it reminded me of being back in the Mediterranean. I’ll be telling you about where to stay, where to eat and what fun things there are to do in Malmö!

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Slottsradgarden Cafe, photo of the exterior sign

What are the best things to do in Malmö?

Visit the Old Town area of Malmö (Gamla Staden)

Although a lot of the city has beautiful buildings; the nicest ones I found were in the old town area. Here, the streets are cobbled and the houses are much smaller. The streets are lined with flowers and it’s such a picturesque area. There are also two beautiful main squares; these are Stortorget and Lilla Torg.

Some of the streets with the prettiest ‘instagrammable’ houses are: Jakob Nilsgatan and Jöns Filsgatan

Two colourful houses next to each other in the old town area, Gamla Staden

A little extra: If you are heading North after Malmö then I would recommend heading to Varberg, just a few hours North of Malmö. Another lovely coastal town!

See the Turning Torso

If you are an architecture lover, then head to the modern area of Västra Hamnen to see the Turning Torso, an amazing piece of architecture. Althoguh you can’t go up it as it is mainly offices, it is visible from every area here. My favourite place to see it was a small area around the river, where as the sun sets, you can see the reflection of the tower all lit up by the sun on the water. See the photo after this one!

View of the Turning Torso with the drone at sunset

Watch the sunset at Västra Hamnen

This was my favourite place to watch the sunset in Malmö! This whole area is surrounded by water, and has an amazing view of the Øresund Bridge. It is a very popular spot to watch the sunset and people were even swimming here in the evening.

View of the Turning Torso from a river nearby in malmo, Vastra Hmanen area

Take some photos at the Malmö library!

I’ve never seen such a photogenic library before. This library overlooks the park outside and is beautiful to photograph. You can pop in here and as you walk in and to the right, head up the steps or the best viewpoint.

Malmo public library from the inside

Head to one of the parks in Malmö

There are a few nice parks we went to in Malmö. My favourite park was Slottsrädgårdens, where there is also a lovely café so head to the section on the best cafes to see! Then Kungsparken and Pildammsparken are also lovely to cycle around.

Windmill in Kungsparken in Malmo

See some modern art at Malmö Konsthall

Many of the art galleries are free in Malmö and this was a great one. With very modern art exhibitions, get you imagination going at Malmö Konsthall. Remember, you can’t take any photos inside and you have to leave your backpack in a locker.

Malmo Konsthall in Sweden

Visit the fishing area of Fiskehoddorna

I actually came here mainly for the photos, as it is such a small picturesque area! However, they also have great fish and chips so definitely pop by if you can!

Photo of some old houses at Fiskehoddorna in Malmo

Take some photos at Zeniths Kolonier

This is actually an area that looks like small allotments, and is open during the day. We were able to walk in here, park the bikes and have a wander around. The small houses are gorgeous to see with all the flowers around.

Take a helicopter tour

We were looking for some unique experiences in Malmö and this sounded perfect! For 120 Euro each we were able to fly right over Malmö and just as beautiful it is from down below, the views from above are amazing! It is such a special experience that I think if you’ve never flown in a helicopter before then be sure to try it if you can.

A link to the website for the helicopter ride can be found here

Shot from a helicopter of Oresund bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo

Shot by @boyanoo

Best things to do in Malmö involving food: Go and explore all the cafes and restaurants in Malmö!

Best brunch/cafes in Malmö


This was my favourite place to eat in Malmö. Here you can find hearty portions of poached eggs on delicious bread with some amazing flavours. Atrium has lots of outdoor seating, which was perfect with the weather while we were here. They also have some great organic juices and iced coffee. Then for breakfast dessert, try the banana bread or the pistachio and almond croissants, they are amazing!

Atrium cafe in Malmo - bread with poached eggs and croissants

Slottsrädgårdens Café

This lovely little café is right in the middle of the park and surrounded by lush greenery. Here you can try a traditional smørrebrød, which is like an open topped sandwich made with dark brown rye bread. They had some beautiful looking vegan ones too! I also tried the vegan protein balls and they were so tasty and filling. There is lots of outdoor seating, but the prettiest is inside a small greenhouse just near the café!

Inside the cafe in Slottsradgarden park in Malmo

Söderberg and Sara

This little café has the most delicious porridge and pastel de nata! I absolutely love these, and although they are Portuguese, I had to have one while I was here! Head here for some tasty grilled cheese sandwiches and pastries.

Porridge and orange juice at Brod Cafe in Malmo city centre

Best lunch spots in Malmo

Agge and Bonan

This adorable pink café has the sweetest décor, with lots of pink armchairs and interesting artwork on the walls. It also has some outdoor seating on a very peaceful street. I would recommend both the tuna bagel and salmon bagel, as both were delicious. Then for dessert, the blueberry tart with vanilla cream is a must try!

Bagels and cake at Agge and Bonan cafe in malmo

Malmö Saluhall

This huge food hall is right near to OhBoy Hotel where we stayed. There are plenty of food stalls to choose from, with noodles to pizza to some amazing falafel! We ate here twice, and the first time we ate at Falafel and Burgers. I had a falafel salad and Boyan had a really good burger. Another place I recommend here is Pink Head Noodle Bar for a tasty noodle soup. For dessert, Favvo Glass here has the best coconut ice cream!

Halloumi and falafel dish with a drink at Malmo Saluhall food hall

Where to have dinner in Malmö

Bastard Restaurant

For a romantic dinner, Bastard is perfect. With plenty of outdoor seating, its perfect for a late summer dinner. We tried the lamb shank, quail and burrata dishes. They were all delicious, but I would say order more than three dishes between two, or else you will wake up very hungry like we did!


For more of a culinary experience than dinner, Riket is a small restaurant in a residential area. It has a very small menu, with seasonal produce. The waiters explain all the wines as they bring them out and specifically pair them to your meal.


If you are just hungry for a big meal and love burgers and beer then this is the perfect place. The burgers are amazing. I was recommended this place to eat by a local, and it is popular among the locals. It is also popular among seagulls so make sure to clear away your tray when you are done or the seagulls will finish off your meal for you!

Big burger with lots of filling at brewdog in Malmo

Malmö Brewhouse

If you’re still craving meat then head here for a huge portion of ribs at the most reasonable price I’ve seen for so many ribs! All dishes also come with sides of mac’n’cheese, coleslaw and beans. They also have lots of craft beers to choose here.

Ribs at Malmo Brewhouse, with mac and cheese and sides

Where to stay in Malmö?

OhBoy Hotel is a short ride away from Malmö Central Station. It is a building designed by an architect and the bottom floor is the hotel and residents live on the floors above. OhBoy has spacious rooms, with an upstairs living area, equipped with a kitchen and desk. Downstairs, there is a double bed, and another small bed under the stairs. There is also a small bathroom and closet area. The best part for me about OhBoy Hotel is the two bikes that come with the room! Perfect to get around, and also to see more of the area (Västra Hamnen) that it is situated in. We stayed here for 5 nights and we really felt at home, as we like to try and do slow travel when we can. It also allowed us to see all the best things to do in Malmö that I have outlined!

Although some people may say that Malmö is good for a weekend, it’s nice to have more time to explore and feel like a local! We also got a skate board and a sun lounger with the room!

Oh Boy Hotel, Vastra Hamnen area. Drone shot

How to get around Malmö?

There are many options! If you decide to stay at OhBoy Hotel, then you have bikes provided which makes getting around very easy, as everything in Malmö is cycling distance from the hotel. You can also take the bikes on the train if you decide to do a day trip from Malmö one day. Then, if you just want to get around faster, there are electric scooters everywhere! This will make it easier to see all the best things to do Malmö! You download an app to your phone and it will tell you the location of the nearest scooters and how much battery they have! These go at 20 kilometres per hour so if you need to catch a sunset fast, these may be the best option. There are also buses that are easy to get around with as well as lots of taxis.

How to get from Copenhagen to Malmö?

It couldn’t be easier to get across to Malmö from Copenhagen. Head to Copenhagen Central Station and get a train across the bridge to Malmö. The ticket costs about 12 Euro and takes about 30 minutes. Or there is a train straight from the airport if you land there before your trip to Malmö.

I hope you enjoyed my guide on Malmö about the best things to do in Malmö! I would say a weekend trip here is great, but if you can then stay a bit longer so you can fully appreciate this lovely city without having to rush around. It may seem relatively small, but it’s a lovely place to relax and unwind and enjoy Sweden! Staying at OhBoy hotel really makes you feel at home and there are also some good day trips to do from Malmö, for example to the old town of Hjärup to see the perfect little houses and to see the gorgeous fields nearby!

Head here to read my guide on the less touristy things to do while in Copenhagen!

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Turning Torso in Malmo at sunset

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