There are so many amazing beach clubs to choose from in Bali! I’ll be telling you about some of the best beach clubs in Bali – from Uluwatu to Canggu to even some of the islands because you can’t miss those on your Bali trip! Nusa Lembongan is home to a great beach club, and there is way more to Nusa Ceningan than the blue lagoon! I will be updating this post as soon as I am back in Bali as well to keep it up to date! This is a collab with other bloggers so we have lots of amazing beach clubs to show you. 

Drone shot of Karma Beach Bali and Karma Kandara Resort

Photo credit @boyanoo – Karma Beach Bali

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Best beach clubs in Uluwatu

Uluwatu is my favourite area of Bali. It is all rugged cliffs and amazing beaches. I have a blog on the best beaches in Uluwatu if you want to even TRY and narrow it down!

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Karma Beach Bali

I love a bit of Karma Beach! It is actually the nicest beach to swim at, as there are never huge waves and the tide doesn’t go out as far as some beaches. There is usually a live DJ, great food, drinks and always a sea view. There are lots of sun loungers but also some nice cabanas. We actually spent Christmas Day 2019 in a cabana on karma Beach! I would definitely recommend the sushi and the Mykonos platter. I love a mezze platter and it’s perfect when it’s hot. They also have a proper pizza oven if you are craving a pizza.

Drone shot of Karma Beach Bali - one of the best beach clubs in Bali

Photo credit @boyanoo

The only thing to note is that there is a long lift to take you down to the beach as it is at the bottom of a typical Uluwatu cliff! There are also some stairs but you will be sweating by the time you make it down. You may have to wait a bit for the lift but it is definitely worth it. It isn’t the cheapest beach club but I would say still much cheaper than a European beach club! We ate and drank all day at Christmas (but this was still when I wasn’t drinking alcohol) and I think we spend only around £60 all day between the two of us!

Drone shot of Karma Beach Bali umbrellas on the sand

Photo credit @boyanoo

Be sure to check out their Instagram page for updates on prices and special offers. I know at the moment things can change a lot so I don’t want to tell you how much it costs in case anything changes.

One Eighty 

By @aleksandranajda

This lovely lady is also bringing out an Ebook soon with ALL things Bali so watch this space! (Ma blog po Polsku więc tu wkładam link dla Polaków!)

One of the most famous beach clubs in Bali, One Eighty belongs to a luxury resort in Uluwatu – The Edge. You can spend the night there, which is of course rather an expensive experience. Alternatively, go for a day pass. I promise you, it’s totally worth it!

Two people in the pool at The Edge Bali - one of the best beach clubs in Bali

One Eighty is well known mostly for its spectacular cliffside pool with a transparent bottom. The pool itself looks like a glass cube hanging 100 meters above the ocean. Having a swim there is a true adventure! Unfortunately you need special permission to fly a drone there and make a souvenir out of this unforgettable experience.

One Eighty Bali beach club in Uluwatu

On the other side of the property you can find another, very special pool, which is personally my favourite. It’s a cascade construction, surrounded by jungle-style balinese greenery. The pool looks like it is made for decoration, but don’t worry and feel free to jump in! It’s totally fine to take a dip and of course take a thousand instagrammable photos. Camera photography is allowed, you just need the permission to fly a drone. If you get hungry, or need a refreshing drink, the hotel’s restaurant awaits you. Is there anything better than a coconut with a spectacular, cliffside view?

One Eighty Bali pool with girl lying in the pool

A day pass to Oneeighty costs 250 000 IDR and does not include any food or drinks.

Minoo Beach Club

Also by @aleksandranajda!

Minoo Beach Club is a relatively new place on Uluwatu’s beach map. It is located in the heart of Melasti Beach. They just opened up during the pandemic, so let’s keep fingers crossed for them, because the spot is totally worth it! What distinguishes this place is an artificial shipwreck placed… in the pool! It’s not only an original decoration, but also a unique dining spot – you can find lunch tables inside the ship.

Minoo Beach Club Bali

The menu is inspired by Italian cuisine, but I must admit it’s not the finest one in Bali. Choose pasta over pizza for sure! And remember one universal rule in Bali – if you want Italian food, go to a proper Italian place. (Ps Hanna’s favourite place is Casa Asia – you CANNOT go to Uluwatu without eating here!)

Minoo Beach Club on Melasti beach

Minoo Beach Club is the second beach bar opened on Melasti Beach. They both have access to the beach (it’s not that obvious in the Island of Gods that a beach club has a beach!). Additionally it’s one of the best beaches in Bali! True Maldives of Indonesia… In contrast to Palmilla Beach Club, the other place on Melasti Beach, Minoo is smaller and less pricy, which makes it more accessible! You can enjoy lunch by the pool and some drinks for less than 200 k. The entrance is free of charge, but you need to pay a small fee to enter the area of the beach. 20k tops and totally worth it!

Palmilla Beach Club

By @taniabdarling 

With Bali soon to be opening its borders, it’s important to know where to go to get the most out of the beautiful energy that Island of Gods has to offer. If you are a beach club lover such as myself, then you are ought to add Palmilla on Melasti Beach. Just a short drive from Bingin, the Melasti offers a pristine white beach setting that shouldn’t be missed.

Pamilla Bali on Melasti Beach

Palmilla nestled between the big rock formation and a most beautiful blue view of the India Ocean will bring you to feeling gratitude for the beauty that our mother planet has to offer. If you add one of their delicious dishes and refreshing drinks to the mix, then you will for sure have yourself a beautiful, restorative and relaxing day on the South coast of Bali.

A photo of the food at Palmilla

Their sun beds and infinity pool are conveniently positioned to bring your experience to the next level and provide a great way to refresh from the consist heat and humidity in the air. Just make sure you don’t forget your 50SPF sunblock as regardless of the time of the year you visit, the sun will burn your skin if not protected.

Now, all that is left to do is book those tickets and allow yourself a well deserved holiday and the best start to 2021. 

Sunday’s Beach Club

Sunday’s is right next door to Karma Beach! It is a similar vibe but with a younger crowd and more music. As the water is so calm it is perfect for paddle boarding. The water is also super clear making it a great place to snorkel. Just be careful when the tide is going out as you may end up much closer to the sea floor than when you started snorkelling! They have great food and drink options and even breakfast! Eggs Benedict lovers head here. They also have some very delicious smoothie bowls and as with most places in Bali – it’s instagrammable!

Omnia Beach Club

By @digitaltravelcouple

Omnia day club is located in Uluwatu, perched on a 100 meters high cliff with panoramic views on the Indian Ocean. This trendy day club is a combination of luxury atmosphere, pumping music and incredible views all in one. A perfect spot where you can party, chill out, and eat culinary at the same time!

Omnia Bali in Uluwatu

Their huge oceanfront infinity pool has 180 degrees views on the ocean and even has daybeds in the pool itself! If you want some more privacy there are private cabanas and bungalows for rent with a private plunge pool. If you want to rent a daybed the price is a minimum spend which depends on row of the daybed, the number of people you’re with and what day of the week it is. 

During the weekends Omnia transforms into a fancy party club with well known international DJs and special events. Tickets for these parties are approximately around IDR 350,000 but depend on the event. The entrance fee for Omnia during the day is IDR 200,000 per person on weekdays and during the weekends IDR 250,000 per person. The visitor’s age requirement is above 21 years old.

Best Bali beach clubs – Canggu

Alternative Beach

This isn’t somewhere that is a proper beach club but they have loads of events here! When I stayed here they had a weekly pool party. They have a swim up pool bar and the most beautiful pool.

Alternative Beach Canggu - top down drone shot

By @boyanoo

The whole place is quite small, and they have a hostel and private rooms so make sure to boo ahead if you just want to spend the day here. I stayed here in one of their private rooms and I LOVED it – the best part was the outdoor shower too!

Drone shot of Alternative beach Canggu

By @solarpoweredblonde

La Brisa Bali

This is a larger beach club and has less of a secluded intimate feel but perfect for a big boozy day! Again it is right on the beach and also has a nice pool to keep you refreshed. Canggu in general is much busier than Uluwatu so it will definitely be a good vibe here! This is also one of the best beach clubs for the sunset! They often have events here so be sure to check first what’s going on  before you go.

They serve brunch from 10am – 3pm which I LOVE because who needs breakfast at a normal time in Bali?! AND they are one of the few places that serve French toast. They also have a variety of different Sangria – which had I known before I looked at their menu just now I would have been there a LONG time ago.

Best beach club in Seminyak

Mrs Sippy Bali

Mrs Sippy will give you all the Mediterranean vibes! You can book a choice of daybeds, tables or a cabana and there is enough pool for everyone. They have great pizza, smoothie bowls and cocktails! It is definitely very instagrammable too like most Bali beach clubs so make sure you are ready for some photos.

Mrs Sippy Bali

Photo credit @nidoge 

Best beach clubs that are not on Bali island (just a boat ride away!)

Unfortunately I haven’t been to the Gili Islands YET but I love the Nusa islands! Nusa Penida is absolutely stunning but still quite rugged so no beach clubs to recommend there. Although you need to go for a few nights to Nusa Penida during your Bali trip for sure. Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, although much smaller, have some great places!

Ohana’s Nusa Lembongan

Right by the sea front, this little beach club is just great. I loved the vibes, it was so so chill. The food was great and they even have a tiny pool to keep you cool. We stayed at Bucketlist Bungalows and it was just a short walk away. Definitely spend a few days exploring Nusa Lembongan!

Ohana's Nusa Lembongan

Le Pirate Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan is just across a small yellow bridge from Nusa Lembongan. This Nusa island is the smallest! And yet home to a Le Pirate beach club – you may have head of these as they have a few on various islands! This one has some cute huts you can stay in, a nice sea view restaurant and a pool that faces right at the sunset. I can definitely recommend the chicken satay here if you want to try and Indonesian dish for a change.

Le Pirate Nusa Ceningan

Le Pirate Gili Trawangan

By Naomi – @AuthenticChica

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bali, and have been there 3 times already to explore all corners of the island, but there’s something about the authenticity of the smaller islands around it, such as Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and the Gili’s, that has a huge appeal to me. That’s why we
decided to hop on a boat to Gili Trawangan. We combined our Bali round trip with a 2 night stay on the biggest and most hip island of the 3 Gili’s near Lombok!

Gili Trawangan

The tranquility of this car-free island, the reggae vibe and endless white beaches make Gili T pure paradise. It is certainly worth the extra boat trip. Easiest way to get there in a few hours is by speedboat from Benoa, and Sanur harbor or Padang Bay. Cars are not allowed on the island, but they have many Cidomo’s waiting for you in the harbour, quaint horse cart taxi’s, which add to the charm.

Le Pirate beach club and bungalows

Getting to the sunset side of the island, which is also the more quiet area, will take you about 15 minutes by Cidomo, and is an experience on its own! We stayed there at one of the most fashionable, yet authentic, and very laidback beach clubs we found on and around Bali, which also offers wooden beach shacks for overnight stays!

Le Pirate Hotel Gili Trawangan | Le Pirate Beach Club

Le Pirate is located in front of a mile-long white beach, lined with palm trees and turquoise beach chairs, those typical white Balinese umbrella’s and hammocks all around. It has a buzzing beach bar, laid-back restaurant and pool, facing the turquoise sea. With cute white and turquoise beach bungalows to match, spread out amidst the lush tropical vegetation, it
felt like a true oasis!

Although it’s not a luxurious beach club, it is one of the most authentic, and photogenic on the island. And the delicious cocktails, great vibes and most stunning sunsets, every night is priceless!

Thanks for reading this post on the best beach clubs in Bali! I hope we can all make it there ASAP! And if you are already there then enjoy and make the most of it! Head to Uluwatu for chill surfer vibes and even more chill beach clubs. OR head to Omnia for a party! Then Canggu you will most likely end up at a beach club while wandering down the beach looking at sunset anyway! Due to the cliffs in Uluwatu you have to make a decision before you go as you can’t just walk along a long stretch of beach like in Canggu! Then make sure to check out some of the other islands nearby while in Bali!

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