Little Beach Albany is one the BEST beaches in Western Australia! It is a must for your Perth to Esperance road trip itinerary. The water is perfect and the sand is so white. I challenge you to climb on top of one of the rocks too, they are higher than they look. I had seen so many photos of people climbing on top of them but I didn’t even attempt it, I would never have made it back down! Top tip is to make sure you don’t end up on Two People’s Bay. This is a long stretch of beach just near Little Beach, but you will be looking for the rocks for a while as they aren’t there! After the beaches in Dunsborough and Denmark, you will be thinking how can this be better? It’s so unique with the two rocks you will need your camera and drone ready!

Drone shot of Little Beach Albany, Two People's Bay Western Australia

By @boyanoo

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How to get to Little Beach Albany?

Little Beach is located in Two People’s Bay Nature Reserve. It takes around 30-40 minutes to get here from Albany and you go along Nanurup Road and then Two People’s Bay Road so you won’t forget which road you need to end up on! The road will lead you to a very small and open car park. It is very windy here so if it’s a stormy day it’s not the best beach as there isn’t any shade from the wind. However, on a sunny day it is PERFECT. From the car park there is a small trail in between the bushes that leads you down to the beach. Halfway there is a small path that also leads to a drop toilet. It’s not fancy but does the job!

At the end of this post I’ll be adding some more amazing Albany beaches to add to your list! Don’t forget to also add Rottnest Island to your road trip either at the beginning or the end of your trip while you are in Perth! The beaches there are also incredible!

Drone shot of Little Beach Albany Two People's Bay, Western Australia!

By @boyanoo

What time of day is best to see Little Beach?

If you want the place to yourself for some drone photos and the weather is nice I would say early morning or evening! Also, then you will get some nice long shadows – one of my top drone photography tips! To make the photo more interesting and to add perspective, place yourself in the photo. However, during the day with no shadows you will be a pinpoint in comparison to your surroundings! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best and there was not much sun when I went here, so I decided to lie down in some of the photos so you can see me more! For sunbathing, go whenever as the beach has no shade so you will be in a perfect position for a day of tanning.

What do you need to bring?

Swimwear, Towel, snorkel!! Lots of suncream, a good book, some snacks as there is nothing around! Camera, DRONE if you have one, if not message me on Instagram @solarpoweredblonde and I can help you choose the best one! Toilet paper! In case the toilet doesn’t have any, I always have some just in case.

Drone shot of Little Beach Albany, Two people's Bay Western Australia!

By @boyanoo

Top Tip: Make sure you don’t go swimming with your car keys in your POCKET! We had a man and his wife come up to us here on the beach and say they had lost their car keys. It is quite far to get back to Albany without a car and there is also very poor signal on the beach. We managed to call the car rental and also organise for a taxi to the car rental place in Albany to get a new set of keys but it wasn’t a short process. I hope the taxi did come and get them as we had to leave before we got to send them off on their way!

When I say there is nothing around Little Beach Albany, you are literally surrounded by nature most of the time in Western Australia! Some towns we went to didn’t even have any shops open in the middle of the day so make sure you are always prepared with emergency food in case places aren’t open.

How much does it cost to visit Little Beach Albany?

Each National Park along the western coast of Australia has a fee. As you enter the park there is usually a small booth where you can enter and pay by card. It is based on trust, although some booths say they have CCTV but I doubt it as there is really nothing around! I would recommend getting a Park Pass, where you get a certain amount of time and you can enter as many parks as you like. Remember to display this when you are parked as the rangers will come around from time to time to check!

Drone shot of the coast near Albany Western Australia

By @boyanoo

Is there a toilet here?

Yes! There is a small drop toilet down the path that leads to the beach. Bring your own toilet paper just in case but it was fully stocked when I was there.

Where can you camp near Little Beach?

East Bay Camping Ground

Just on the other side of Two People’s Bay is East Bay Camp Ground. It is a basic camp ground but a nice experience right by the beach! One of the few places that you can camp by the beach and ‘in the wild’.

Unfortunately you can’t camp in many of the National parks in Western Australia unless you do on Shelley Beach or Lucky Bay. Shelley beach has a free camp spot right by the beach. It only really fits one van and one tent and it is first come first served I guess! Then Lucky Bay in Esperance is where all the kangaroos are on the beach! This campsite is obviously very popular so you need to book well in advance to secure yourself a spot. I would say a few weeks or even months before just to be safe, it is well worth it!!

Drone shot of the beach in Western Australia with blue sea and sand

By @boyanoo

Where to stay in Albany if you aren’t camping? Check here!

Other amazing things to do in Albany:

Albany has even more amazing beaches! Also some great walks and even a unique rock formation.

Take a walk along the beach at Two People’s Bay

Right next to Little Beach is Two People’s Bay. This is a very long stretch of beach and perfect for a nice long walk. The beach is beautiful and white sand with beautiful blue water so definitely head over there too if you have time! Or if Little Beach is too busy then this is just a short drive away.

The Gap and Natural Bridge at Torndirrup National Park

I love rocks and waves so I though this was just incredible. You stand on a platform with a see through base right over the water at the edge of a cliff. If you are afraid of heights then maybe don’t bother but it really is worth it. There is also the Natural Bridge but this is a pile of rocks with a hole in the middle. It’s all about the platform over the edge of the rock! Also lovely at sunset so head around that time if you can. It will also be less busy. There were loads of people when we went, although we hadn’t seen many other cars or people along the way!

Drone shot of the Gap and Natural Bridge in Albany Western Australia

Sunbathe on Frenchman Bay

This is another gorgeous beach. It is also one of the best for lunch! You can drive right down past the car park onto another small shaded car park and back up almost right onto the beach. The sand is white as always and super squeaky here. I think it was one of the whitest sand beaches around! Although the bay on the left did have a lot of sea weed but maybe that was because it was February and it was a bit stormy at the time.

Solarpoweredblonde sat on some stairs down to Frenchman Bay in Western Australia

Hike the Bibbulman Track

This is VERY long track so choose a nice route and head off for a few hours. We actually hiked this track back in Denmark near Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks. It is a nice coastal walk and not very strenuous so its a good option for everyone! There is really no shade on the part we walked though so be sure to take a hat and plenty of water before you set off.

When is the best time to go to Australia?

Australian summertime! If you like the heat that is, as it gets very hot. If you don’t like the heat as much as prefer places to be less crowded then February is also a good time. When I went most of the beaches were very quiet and we had some to ourselves! It was starting to get stormy and especially Esperance which was a shame as I had been looking forward to seeing the kangaroos on the beach. I had a whole 5 minutes with them before a huge storm came rolling in! December, January are probably the best months to visit Australia.

Drone shot of solarpoweredblonde on the beach at Two People's Bay Western Australia

Where else can you camp in Albany?

We stayed at Kalgan River Caravan park. It was basic, but there were kangaroos everywhere! The only real problem was the lack of shade so you will be up at the crack of dawn. However, if that is the day you start the 5 hour drive to Esperance then that may not be a bad thing!

Kangaroos near Kalgan, Albany, Western Australia

I hope you enjoy this post on Little Beach Albany! This really is a little gem on the western coast of Australia. Remember not to get confused and go to Two People’s Bay and wonder where the two rocks are! They are huge so if you don’t see them then you are on the wrong beach for sure. If you want to camp by a beach, then East Bay Campground is the best option. For the hikers, choose any part of the Bibbulman track I’m sure you will love it. Always have your suncream, hat and camera at the ready! Also, make sure to fuel up in Albany before you start your onward journey to Esperance and fuel up whenever you can as you never know how far it might be to the next petrol station.

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