Malta is the perfect place for a great mix of nature, architecture and fun. With so many festivals, it is a popular destination for many people! I will be outlining the top 10 things to do in Malta. Read on for the best sunset spots, the best beaches and the best churches in Malta. As well as Malta, I will be telling you about the beautiful islands of Comino and Gozo, and how you can spend the day here.

Valletta, the capital city, is a great place to start your top 10 things to do in Malta. From Valletta, I would recommend getting a boat over to visit the three cities. The boats cost 2 Euro and are a lovely experience if you get the small boats across. To avoid any confusion I will explain now the different names for the three cities, so you know which one I’m referring to in this blog! Bormla is also called Cospicua. Birgu is also called Vittoriosa. Senglea is also known as L-Isla.

Me standing in a white dress in front of some buildings in valletta, Malta

Top 10 things to do in Malta!

1. Visit the capital city – Valletta

How to get to Valletta?

Valletta is a beautiful town, surrounded by the sea. The easiest way to get here is by boat, right into the small harbour. Boats leave regularly from Sliema. Or, if you are staying further down South, they also leave from Cospicua (Bormla). The other way is to reach it by car, although it can get congested with traffic on the way at certain times of day. There is one car park in the shade, right by the walls to the left of the main gate. The other car park is just in front of the main gates to Valletta and it costs 2 Euro to park here.

Visit the doors of Valletta as the top 10 things to do in Malta

What to do in Valletta?

Visit the Upper Barakka Gardens

This is a great place to start your day in Valletta. From here, you get a great viewpoint of the three cities ahead of you. These are lovely old gardens, and you can also get a lift down to the old moat below. This moat was never filled, and was built simply so that enemies could not dig through underground to reach Valletta.

Upper Barakka Gardens in Valletta, Malta.

Watch the Cannons being set off

At midday and 4pm, the cannons are fired from down below at the Upper Barakka Gardens, so wait for these if you are nearby at these times!

Have lunch at the oldest café in town

Café Cordina is a beautiful café serving delicious lunch and cakes. It is just off the main square and is a great place to stop for some lunch. They serve traditional Maltese Ftira. This is a Maltese sandwich made with delicious bread. It is most often filled with steak or ham and cheese. Then also make sure to try a Kinnie. This is a fizzy soft drink made from bitter oranges and is very refreshing on a hot day.

Small traditional boats in Valletta, Malta

Explore St John’s Co-Cathedral

This is a Roman Catholic Church in Malta. Although the architecture is relatively minimalist from the outside, inside it is incredible. Take a free headset and learn about the history of this amazing place.

Entrance Fee: 10 Euro for adults, 7.50 Euro for students

Head to the most photogenic street

To the left of the Upper Barakka Gardens is Triq Saint Ursula. This was definitely one of my favourite streets in Malta! From the very top of the street, you can see the whole way down to the sea at the other end. As you wander down, there are lots of beautiful doors and old shop fronts. One of my favourite top 10 things to do in Malta.

Top 10 things to do in Malta - Visit Valletta, me standing on a street in Valletta

2. Take a boat from Valletta to the Three Cities: Senglea, Vittoriosa, Copiscua

There are beautiful little boats that take you across from Valletta to the three cities. These cost 2 Euro and really are very small and also quite low down so you may get splashed! However, it is a lovely to experience the old public transport of Valletta. There used to be thousands of these and now there are fewer, so make sure to arrive with enough time before you want to leave.

Boat trip across from Valletta to Senglea

Vittoriosa, also known as Birgu, was my favourite of the three cities. As you get off the boat and head up into Birgu, first you see some beautiful churches all next to one another. Then from here, there is a small square where you can stop for a coffee. After a coffee, there are plenty of beautiful streets to explore.

Me stood in front of churches at Birgu in Malta

3. Head down South: Explore the fishing town of Marsaxlokk and swim in St Peter’s Pool


Right down South of Malta is the town of Marsaxlokk. This is a lovely old fishing village full of very colourful boats. Early in the morning, you can see the fishermen bringing in their boats full of fish. It is a lovely place to wander around and enjoy the views.

A small fishing boat at Marsaxlokk, South Malta

St Peter’s Pool

Just a short drive away from Marsaxlook is St Peter’s Pool. This is a very popular swimming spot and cliff jumping! The water is a beautiful colour and it is a lovely place to come for a few hours. There is a small car park just up on the cliffs, where for a few Euros you can leave your car.

St peter's Pool, people swimming, photo taken with the drone

4. Spend the day at the blue lagoon in Comino

This is one of the most beautiful spots in Malta. The water is unbelievably blue and also very warm in summer. Head here by boat from Marfa Bay in Malta.

For a complete guide to the blue lagoon at Comino head to my blog post on a day trip to Comino!

Blue water at Comino, the blue lagoon in Malta

Halfway through the Top 1o things to do in Malta!

5. Head to Gozo for the day

Gozo is just a 15-20 minute boat ride away from Malta. The ferries leave from Cirkewwa port, and make sure to check the times before you arrive. On a Sunday, the boats leave every 45 minutes. There are many incredible architecture spots here such as Ta’ Pinu church and the Citadel. As well as this, there are amazing small rivers set within the rocks, one of which is called Wied Il-Ghasri.

Salt Pans from above at Gozo

Ta’ Pinu Church

This is a great sunset spot. This church is set up on a hill, all on its own. It is a beautiful place for some photos and is really unique.

Ta' Pinu church on Gozo Island at sunset

Wied Il-Ghasri

This natural river amongst the rocks has a lovely little beach down below. It is a nice place to go for a swim and enjoy the water.

Citadel at Victoria

The citadel of Victoria is an incredible old city. It is no longer inhabited, but is a very popular spot for it’s old little streets and view point. From the top, you can see the whole way across Gozo.

The Citadel at Victoria in Gozo Island, Malta

Ruins of the Azure Window

The Azure Window unfortunately collapsed in 2017, but this is still a lovely spot to explore! There is a beautiful small church and lots of rock pools.

Small church near the Azure WIndow Ruins in Malta, Gozo

Head to Ramla Bay

This is the longest sandy beach on Gozo and a very popular spot to sunbathe! The sand is a darker colour to usual and in summer there are plenty of umbrellas and sun loungers.

See the Saltpans

The coast of Gozo is full of saltpans. These are great if you have a drone! It is also lovely to walk along the coast from Wied Il-Ghasri and see all the saltpans.

Salt Pans from the drone

6. Take a boat to the Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto in the south of Malta can either be seen from above or from a boat below. From above, park your car along the road at the small car park and walk along the small path. From below, you can get a boat to see right inside from below at the Blue Grotto.

Me standing in front of the Blue Grotto with the blue sea

7. Have lunch at Fontanella Tea Garden, Mdina

Mdina is one of the most beautiful cities in Malta. This fortified city is completely original and unique. Wander around the tiny streets and then once you have walked, head for lunch at the Fontanella Tea Garden. Here you can find lovely cakes and traditional Maltese Ftira. The view is also beautiful from here! They also have lovely smoothies and it’s the perfect spot for an Aperol Spritz.

8. See the view from Tal-Mixta caves at Ramla Bay, Gozo

Ramla Bay is a beautiful beach on the island of Gozo. Tal-Mixta Cave is set right above the bay with the most beautiful views. You park on a dirt track, and the only way we could find to get here was through someone’s private property… There are signs saying private property but everyone seemed to be going this way. Then to the left just past the house is a small hole, where you walk down into the cave. These are free to enter and explore!

9. Visit the Popeye Village

This is such a lovely sunset spot! If you have children then it is also perfect for a trip to visit inside. However, for an adult it is a lovely photo spot. There are also places that you can swim and the water is beautiful!

Popeye Village from the drone at sunset, North Malta

Top 10 things to do in Malta – Number 10!

10. Watch the sunset at Golden Bay or the Coral Lagoon

Golden Bay

This is THE most incredible sunset spot. There are a few beaches down below, but the best place to watch the sunset is up above by the tower. Here, you can sit along the cliffs and watch the sunset. The landscape is also very unique here, with clay cliffs and incredible rock formations. Golden Bay beach is beautiful, and further along is Ghajn Tuffieha Bay which is also lovely!

Golden Bay at sunset, photo taken with the drone

Coral Lagoon

This is a lovely spot in the North of Malta near Mellieha. It is a natural hole in the rock, and you can walk around here from above or take a boat from below. It was a perfect sunset spot, one of the top 10 things to do in Malta for sure!

Coral lagoon in North Malta at sunset, with the sea

I hope you have enjoyed my top 10 things to do in Malta! For a more detailed blog on visiting Comino head here. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments!

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