Read on for ultimate East London street art photos and exactly where to find these amazing pieces of street art! I have lived in London for 27 years and have always seen these around but had never actually gone out to take photos. By doing this, I saw SO much more than I had seen before. I also discovered some amazing street artists. I’ve listed the places by street name and the streets aren’t too long so you can’t miss the street art I mention. Make sure to stop along the way for a crispy chicken burger from BOXPARK or a bagel from the famous Brick Lane bagel shop. Make sure to go to the right one though….!

Solarpoweredblonde standing on Brick Lane taking a photo in a shop window with street art behind

This was taken on Brick Lane!

Some of these are also very instagrammable so make sure you have your camera ready! There are plenty of Instagrammable spots in London, but these are definitely some less seen spots if you want to be more unique!

Shoreditch Street Art Self Guided Tour!

These streets are all opposite Shoreditch High Street Station. This makes them super easy to get to as they are right by the bus stop and also the station. Whitby Street is also home to one of my absolute favourite pieces of street art. This is also because a lot of street art comes and goes but this piece has been here for years.

East London Street Art Guide - Ebor Street

Ebor Street, Shoreditch

Ebor Street

This street has always been a hub for street art! I’ve lived in East London my whole life and there has always been some amazing street art here. This street is directly opposite Shoreditch High Street station. The huge LOVE sign is the work of Ben Eine. It stretches 45 metres! It always seems to say love although the design changes from time to time.

Ebor Street Art in London Shoredtich - LOVE sign by Ben Eine

Chance Street

Chance Street runs parallel to Ebor Street. Here you will find lots of colourful and huge pieces of amazing London street art. When I was there, a huge mural of a nurse had been put in place of the art before. It was actually incredible to see the support for the NHS across the Shoreditch street art community. As a nurse myself, I was really touched by the appreciation for the NHS and the beautiful murals made.

The stunning piece of a nurse was by @grafitti_life if you want to see more of their work on Instagram. Also, from this mural, if you turn around there is another piece of street art. If you look up over the fence you will see the face of another woman white high up on a building.

Street art near to Ebor Street of a womans face on the side of a building

Whitby Street is a side street from Chance street so you can’t miss it, you will be drawn immediately by the street art even if you dot realise it is Whitby Street you are walking down!

Whitby Street

This stunning piece is the work of a guy called Jimmy C. He has work all over London, Australia, US and probably more places! His style is very unique so you can definitely recognise when it is a piece by him. His style is basically all dots joined together to make one whole image. Jimmy C also made the very famous portrait of Shakespeare which can be found on Southbank near Wagamama restaurant.

Whitby Street Art mural of Roxanne

There is also a new piece I saw recently (Summer 2020) on Whitby Street by Jim Vision. It is an absolutely stunning piece just down the road from ‘Roxanne’, and is another woman’s face. 

Then opposite this piece, you will see another woman’s face on the wall. Her head is surrounded by birds and it really is s stunning piece. This piece is by Jimmy C who I mentioned earlier and is called ‘Psyche’.

Street art on Whitby Street in Shoreditch by Jimmy C

Sclater Street

Once you walk across the road back to Shoredtich High Street station, take a left and you will be on Sclater Street! This is a very long street and it is COVERED in street art. It looks like it changes a lot but I’ll leave a few shots below so you can get an idea of what you might see here. There was a huge comic style race car driver mural when I was there! As always lots of posters too with messages about any current issues. It is also a side street so plenty of space to take some photos.

Sclater Street in Shoredtich comic style mural

NEXT STOP: Go get some food on your London Street Art tour!

The perfect lunch stop, if you like crispy chicken burgers, is Coqfighter in BOXPARK. Boyan and I class ourselves as crispy chicken burger connoisseurs. Honestly, these burgers are the tastiest and crispiest. However, there are loads of options in BOXPARK so you will be spoiled for choice. If you’re not hungry, or on a budget, save yourself for a brick lane bagel. If you have never tried a brick lane bagel, this is a MUST while in London.

Buildings in London with street art on

Street Art at New Inn Yard

Bacon Street

Just before you carry on down Brick Lane, quickly head down Bacon Street! There is loads of street art to see here. Less fine work and more of a free for all but still good to see. There is also another piece by Jim Vision which is worth checking out.

Brick Lane Street Art

Next stop is Brick Lane! At the end of Sclater street you will get to Brick Lane. Turn left for a bagel and right for street art! Also top tip, don’t go to the first bagel shop, go to the second. This is the BEST one. Even a hot buttered bagel there is incredible, but smoked salmon and cream cheese is the best. Then after a few drinks or if you love salt beef then get a salt beef bagel and you’ll want to eat them everyday until you leave London!

Here is one shot that is actually on Brick Lane itself to get you ready for what is to come! This wall is just past the bridge and you can’t miss it. Under the bridge there is the entrance to the Brick Lane Vintage clothing market which is a great stop!

Brick lane street art of a womans face

If you like vintage clothing then Brick Lane is a great place to go shopping! One of my favourite shops there is ROKIT although it is getting more expensive compared to when I used to go when I was 16!

Hanbury Street

There is a great street food place AND plenty of street art so it’s win win! 

Hanbury Street in London street art and restaurant

Heneage Street

Keep an eye out for garage doors on Heneage street as these often have some street art on them! Also, as you come to the end of Heneage street and back onto Brick Lane, there is a shop with this amazing piece on it! Literally the whole of Brick Lane just keep your eyes peeled there is street art to find everywhere!

Brick Lane grafitti art of a womans face by Jim Vision

One little tip is to watch your belongings while you’re here. We went down one street and a guy told us to turn around as there were some people at the end of it that essentially might mug us. If you are walking around with a camera even more so. East London is getting much better but especially with Corona Virus, more people are desperate and you may be their next target. Just don’t be silly and just be careful and you will be just fine!

Fashion Street

One of my absolute favourite pieces of street art in London is here! Just how beautiful is this woman??? This piece is by Mr Cenz. Apparently all his work at the moment features female faces in this space like style. So let me know if you se any more of these around London as I absolutely love them! His Instagram bio says ‘Futuristic Space Funk’ to give you an idea of the style!! Try and get here in the middle of the day or after so that the light is on the wall if it is sunny. Otherwise you will have the issue I had above where the top half of your photo is in bright sunlight!

Fashion Street it London street art by Jimmy C

Donovan Bros

This is a small detour if you like old buildings. Then off to continue the East London Street art tour!

Donovan Bros in London

Just up the road from here…

East London Street Art continued…. Rivington Street

Rivington Street is right in the heart of Shoreditch. I actually used to go to the club on this road called Cargo a lot, and then saw the street art but never by day! This time I went during the day and there is so much to see so definitely stop by here on your tour.

I particularly love these faces by Thierry Noir, which can be found in various areas all over London.

Street art in London

There is also another piece by Ben Eine, saying SCARY. It is actually a piece to do with men’s mental health and was made during Movember hence all the moustaches behind.

Street art in Rivington Street in Shoredtich - SCARY mural

New Inn Yard

This is another place FILLED with street art! I will leave a few of the photos I took below. Make sure to have a good wander around here as every corner seems to have something new! Walk the whole way down to Holywell Lane and I promise you won’t stop looking around you!

London Street Art - woman holding round object at New Inn Yard

As you pass under a bridge close by to FRAME you will see this spot. I loved this sign as it’s so positive, can’t go wrong with something that says I’m so HAPPY VERY VERY HAPPY!

Me cycling past a sign that says Im So Happy Very Very Happy!

Great Eastern Street

Last but certainly not least is Great Eastern Street! There is always some new street art here. However, for as long as I can remember, the Adore and Endure Each other piece has been here! As I said I have lived here for 27 years, MY WHOLE LIFE, and it has been here. Also make sure to look up at the two random tubes above it too. When I was here there was a ‘Thank you NHS’ sign opposite too. I went recently and it has already been changed so some of the pieces change a lot.

Let's adore and endure each other, Great Eastern Street art

I really hope you enjoyed this East London street art tour! Let me know if anything has changed and if I need to update anything. I live in East London, so this post will be updated regularly for sure. Near to Shoreditch, definitely don’t miss Rivington Street. Then close to Shoreditch High Street, Whitby Street and Ebor Street are amazing. Not to forget Brick Lane of course, if you go nowhere else be sure to visit Fashion Street and eat a Brick lane bagel!

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