Green Bowl Beach, Bali is my FAVOURITE beach in Uluwatu! I just love that it hasn’t been taken over by sun loungers. As one of the smaller beaches here is is definitely a hidden gem still. It’s great that there are steps down that not everyone will take, making it a lot less busy than other beaches. I love watching the surfers here while sat chilling on the beach waiting for the tide to come in! As always, there are a few ladies selling coconuts and bintangs, but who doesn’t want a drink while chilling on the beach at sunset?? Read on to see how to get to Green Bowl beach, and some photos that will definitely make you add this beach to your list while you are in Bali!

Boyan and I on the sandy beach at Green Bowl Beach Bali, shot taken with a drone

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When is the best time to come to Bali?

I really don’t believe there is a ‘best’ time. It is always a good time! I have just spent a few months here during the ‘rainy’ season and have only had two days of rain! Equally, when I came in ‘high season’ when there is no rain, it wad much busier on the island. Also when I went to Nusa Penida island from Bali, I found it much less crowded in January compared to May. If you are prepared to take the risk that there may be a bit of rain, then I think off season is a great time to come to Bali!

Where is Green Bowl beach?

Green Bowl beach is located on the southern most tip of Bali in Uluwatu. It is not far from Karma Beach and Melasti Beach, which I will also tell you about later on! From Canggu it takes just under 1.5 hours to get here. Ubud is a little further away so it can take over 1.5 hours to get here. Best thing to do is stay in Uluwatu for a few days during your trip to Bali so you can experience a few more of the amazing beaches Uluwatu has to offer.

A drone shot of me on the beach with sand and waves crashing against my back at Green Bowl Beach Bali

Best time of day to go to Green Bowl beach?

This really depends on the TIDE! At low tide, there will be no sea to swim in at all. However at high tide there is no beach to sit on at all. I always check a website called ‘Magic Seaweed’ to check the tides as they change from day to day. It ca be a bit of trial and error but essentially you should come mid tides. Once you’ve walked down relax and enjoy it! It’s a great beach to sit on for a few hours and chill in the sea.

Is there any shade at Green Bowl beach?

There is actually quite a lot of shaded areas which is great! As you walk down to the beach, if you go to the left there is a small cave that you can leave your belongings in or also sit in if you want to be out of the sun. At high tide this beach won’t be here so make sure you are here mid tide if you want to enjoy this spot. Then as you head to the right as you get to the end of the stairs, there are bigger caves. There are also quite a lot of trees that overhang and create some nice shade on the beach.

A drone shot of me standing on the beach with a wave coming up to my feet at Green Bowl Beach, Bali

One of the caves here is actually a temple. Make sure you do not go in here as there are lots of signs saying it is only for local people and you have to be appropriately dressed, which you probably won’t be!

How to get to Green Bowl beach?

The best way to get around Bali in general is by scooter. The traffic can be quite bad at times, as some of the roads aren’t in the best condition. Bali definitely wasn’t built for the number of people that are now here. However, Uluwatu is still relatively peaceful and not too busy. You can either get here by car or scooter and there is a large parking area.

To get down to the beach there are around 300 steps to get down. Make sure you buy some water before you go down here as you will want some as you reach the bottom. There are a few local Indonesian shops that serve food (Warung) just at the parking here.

There are also lots of monkeys at the parking who are hungry so be warned, don’t take any food around with you here! Even as you drive down the road towards Green Bowl Beach, you will see plenty of monkeys along the way.

Drone shot of Green Bowl Beach, Bali - with sand and waves crashing onto the beach and greenery behind the beach

What is the entrance fee?

It is free! At the time of writing it was still free who knows if this will change but if a random person asks you for money then don’t pay them. If someone comes with proper parking tickets like at the other beaches then that is legitimate. However, some people are cheeky and ask for money, but we definitely have never paid and have been here many times!

Can you surf at Green Bowl beach, Bali?

I have always seen lots of surfers here! Although I don’t surf myself, there are always people heading down here with their surfboards and it looks super fun!

What other beaches are worth going to in Uluwatu?

Uluwatu is basically beach heaven! Here are my other favourites that are worth a visit while you are in Uluwatu!

Dreamland Beach

This is my second favourite beach here in Uluwatu. It has bright blue water and a lovely sand beach. Don’t be put off by the sun loungers and little row of shops as you arrive. If you walk to the right as you enter the beach, there is a whole stretch of beach just past a small cave that has no loungers and you can relax hassle free. The waves can be a bit crazy here though so be careful! Also you can rent surfboards and body boards here and there are lifeguards on duty unlike a lot of Balinese beaches.

Padang Padang Beach

This was my favourite beach for sunrise! You have to pay a few thousand entrance fee to get down to this beach. However, if you got for sunrise you won’t have to as they don’t start work that early! Later on in the day it does get a lot more busy but in the morning it is just lovely! After around 9am there will be sun umbrellas that you can sit under, but there were no loungers when we went. Also you can check out the tide before you go down, as there is a bridge right by the beach where you can see the sea from.

Girl standing on Suluban beach in Uluwatu at sunrise in a red dress

Bingin Beach

This is another great little beach. It has a surf school too, so if you want to learn to surf then this is a great place. There are also lots of lovely places to stay overlooking the sea. To get here there are a few steps but nothing like some of the other beaches here! To park, there isn’t a proper parking but people seem to allow you to park in their gardens for a small fee here. You will see some signs for parking as you arrive near to Bingin Beach. Also I’d recommend Kelly’s Warung near here for some lunch!

Follow me style shot, girl stood on Bingin Beach in Uluwatu with the sea behind

Suluban Beach

This is a tiny beach, best for surfing! It is also nice for photos as it is right in between two huge rocks. I have seen a lot of people surf here and also sunbathe but I think you have small window of time while the sun can squeeze in through the rocks! Also called Uluwatu beach, there are some great places to eat and drink at on top of the rocks that surround this beach! There is even a famous swimming pool right on top of the rocks here.

Balangan Beach

You may have seen this one on Instagram as there is a nice viewpoint on top of this beach where you can look across the whole stretch of beach. There are a few sun loungers here and again make sure to come in between the tides.

Nyang Nyang Beach

This is LONG to get down to! Don’t start this walk if you don’t have enough water! Again a lovely stretch of sandy beach and lovely to swim in.

Nusa Dua Beach

I didn’t actually go to this one but the drone did! It looks like a lovely very long stretch of white beach. We also saw some kayaks here on the beach, so could be a great spot for some sea kayaking.

Pantai Tegal Wangi

This is a great sunset spot! Once the tide goes out, lots of amazing rock pools are uncovered. It’s a great place for photos and especially at sunset!

Girl standing in the water at Pantai Tegal Wangi with the sunset behind

Thomas Beach

You really have to come here in between the tides, as it goes out so fast! There are some fun rock tools that are uncovered at low tide but they are SO slippery so be careful! There are a few sun loungers here and local food places (Warung).

Two sunloungers on Thomas Beach with the waves and sand - shot with a drone topdown

Melasti Beach

We drove down to this beach just to see the sunset one day! We were passing by, and there is a road the whole way down to the beach here which is a nice change.

Fancy spending the day at a Beach Club?

A bit different to the beaches I’ve described so far. If you want a proper beach club with drinks and sushi, then this is the place.

Karma Beach

Located very close to Green Bowl beach, Karma Beach is a beach club attached to the Karma Kandara hotel above. The hotel is set on a large rock and here you have a lift to take you up and down to the beach. There is also a set of stairs for when you don’t want to stand in the boiling sun waiting for a lift!

Drone shot of Karma Beach Bali with a beach club, blue water and umbrellas on the beach

Entrance to the beach is 350k and includes some food and drinks. They have lots of sun loungers and a great new menu. I would recommend the popcorn chicken and the Mykonos mezzo platter. Karma Beach is also the best place for sunset! It is such a lovely beach to watch the sunset at. Also the tide doesn’t seem to be so dramatic here so you can be in the sea all day if you like! It is also a great spot to snorkel, paddle board and go kayaking.

Where to stay in Uluwatu?

Budget – Bali Boarding House

We stayed in this lovely guesthouse and although it is quite basic, its all you need! It is also only 10 minutes away from Dreamland beach!

Treat yourself – Mule Malu

Mule Malu is a very instagrammable hotel surrounding a pool. For under $200 dollars a night you could be relaxing on one of the stripy deckchairs soon!

How to get around Uluwatu?

Definitely get a scooter! We paid 700k for a month to rent a scooter here. Fuel is around 40k to fill up a small scooter and this may last you a few days really depends on how much you spend driving around.

Where to eat in Uluwatu?

The whole of Bali has the most AMAZING food! It is not super cheap but you can eat so well and for a fraction of the price than you would in Europe/ Australia/ US for example! We spend an average of £20 between us a day, but considering how little we pay fo rent we don’t mind paying for food! You can also cook for yourself of course, but here are my recommendations for where to eat in Uluwatu!


Suka Espresso

The best banana pancakes in Bali, great avocado on toast with poached eggs and a divine salad caramel shake! They also have a loyalty card so worth going here often if you’re in Uluwatu for a month like we were.

Breakfast at Suka Espesso in Uluwatu - pancakes with ice cream on top and a caramelised banana

The Loft

The best scrambled eggs in Bali for sure! They also have great vegan waffles and pancakes.

Rolling Fork

Such a cute restaurant! They have great smoothies and ice coffee as well as sweet and savoury breakfast.

Pancakes at Rolling Fork in Uluwatu, Bali


Drifter Cafe

Also a shop, they have some great food! Some nice wraps and burgers here.

Bali Buda

A huge menu, and very cheap actually compared to a lot of other places. Also a lot of vegan and vegetarian options.


Casa Asia

My FAVE place in Uluwatu, we went here far too many times. They have the best pizza and pasta, almost like you’re in Italy. Also I don’t even drink but their coconut liquor is too good to miss!


A lovely Mexican restaurant. This is great for a date it is always a bit quieter and has a lovely vibe. The enchiladas and burritos were yummy and we went here a few times. It is a bit pricier but great quality food.

I hope I have convinced you that Green Bowl Beach is the best one in Bali! You really have to head to Uluwatu for a few days of your trip you won’t be disappointed. Just remember to take a few drinks and to always check the tides before you head down to Green Bowl beach.

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