After a few days of eating very well in Benidorm, I’ll be telling you exactly where to eat in Benidorm so that each meal you have will be amazing. If you love Spanish food, especially tapas, paella and fresh fish then these are all perfect. All the restaurants are different price ranges and I will give you an idea of the prices too. There are some relaxed places with local food, to rooftop dinners overlooking the city. If you are a meat eater, then Benidorm has some of the best steak, so you won’t be disappointed!

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Me sat near the beach in Benidorm

Where to eat in Benidorm: Lunch

After a relaxing morning sunbathing, or E biking, the perfect thing to do next is lunch! To escape from the sun for a while I would recommend any of these amazing places to eat. With all the best paella and seafood options, local food and something for the meat eaters, there’s something for everyone. All the restaurants are not far from the centre so all very easily accessible. Some also have an amazing view from above such as Dvora Gastrobar. Then some of the restaurants are located just off the beach, so you will have the view but from down below. None of these will be a quick lunch, so if you are in a hurry I wouldn’t recommend heading here. With all the delicious things to try on the menu’s here, you wont get away fast!

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La Señoria – For local food

This lovely little restaurant – La Señoria –  is perfect if you want to try some authentic food. Here you will find what the local’s eat in Benidorm! We had plenty of amazing starters including some delicious salad. It really is the perfect place for a nice long meal. We sat for ages eating all sorts of food brought to the table. It was great to try so much on our first day in Benidorm.

My favourite starter was the mussels. They tasted so fresh and were in an amazing sauce. There was also plenty of bread to dip in the sauce.

Where to eat the best seafood dish in benidorm - seafood rice

For main course, we had the seafood rice. This is like paella but with a more soupy sauce. It had plenty of prawns and other seafood and was divine! The service was great and we sat here for ages, it is a very homely restaurant.

D-vora Gastrobar – Where to eat in Benidorm with a view

This restaurant is located right on the sea, high up in the town. It has the most incredible views over the whole of the beach. You can either sit outside and enjoy the views or sit inside in the air conditioning if it is too hot. You may have to reserve a table here as the outside seating is understandably very popular.

For starter I had a healthy salad with bulgur wheat and quinoa, avocado, feta cheese, tomato and cucumber but also raisins, it was really yummy. This came with mango vinaigrette.

Delicious fresh salad in Benidorm

For main course I had a delicious piece of cod marinated in soybean paste, honey and citrus fruits with quinoa and a yuzu & basil sauce.

Where to eat fish in Benidorm - fish on a bed of bulgur wheat

Dessert was a warm chocolate sponge with homemade peanut butter and salted caramel ice-cream.

Where to eat in Benidorm - the best chocolate cake!

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Son de Mar – for a dining experience

For a real food experience, head here for a 7-course tapas meal. This is a lovely restaurant right on the sea front. We had all sorts of dishes here that I cant even begin to explain, as they were very complex! We had all sorts from tofu wrapped in seaweed to fried pumpkin to fish and Carpaccio. You have to go and see for yourself!

Vegetarian tofu with poppy seeds on top

Ulia Restaurant – The best for paella

For the best paella you have to head to Ulia Restaurant! It is located right on Poniente Beach. This was my favourite beach in Benidorm. It is more popular with the locals so much less busy than the other beaches around. Ulia restaurant has the best view over the beach. We sat down to have some delicious bread and aioli as well as my other favourite Spanish food – croquettes. Next, we had some fried sardines and calamari. Then came the most enormous paella dish! I had the biggest serving and still I ate it all, it was really one of the best paellas I have ever eaten. Make sure you go here hungry. We had a less fishy one as some people we were with didn’t eat fish and it was still so delicious even with chicken in. Everything tasted so fresh, I would definitely recommend going.

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Where to eat in Benidorm – Dinner

Belvedere Restaurant – Sunset views from the 21st floor

This restaurant is located on the 21st floor, so has some of the best views around! Before heading for dinner, I would recommend watching the sunset with a cocktail at Planta 20 Bar. This is the bar located in the same building, on the 20th floor. It faces the sunset and the light on the buildings around was just amazing. They have some beautiful cocktails, and sitting watching the view was just perfect.

Sunset view from the rooftop bar of the cityscape

After watching the sunset, head for dinner. This lovely restaurant has a section that has open windows so you can see the city lights perfectly around. We had a whole sharing menu of starters which were all delicious.

  • Starters range from 14 to 22 Euro.

Starter: Quinoa salad with marinated chicken with orange, kale, roasted pumkin and roasted almonds

Chicken salad with bulgur wheat

Starter: Roastbeef Carpaccio with chilli, lentil taboulleh and watercress

Carpaccio with basil

  • The price range for the mains was a maximum of 36 Euro

Main: Sea Bass with a juice of ginger, cucumber and celery cream

For the meat eaters: beef Jaw with roasted potato cream and pesto

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Villa Venecia

This was one of my personal favourites for dinner. This is a lovely restaurant just off the main square in Benidorm overlooking the sunset. The food here was very fancy, with immaculate presentation. For starter I had the mozzarella salad with cucumber. An octopus dish, followed by some delicious fish, followed the salad. The most interesting part of the meal was the dessert! This was ice cream with cotton candy and gold popping candy!

White fish with greenery and a foam

Best place to try lots of tapas? Tapas Street!

Calle Santa Domingo is also known as Tapas Street! Here there are many different restaurants that all serve delicious tapas. There is not much seating area in some, as the tradition is to try a few tapas from each place and move on, while standing at the bar. What I like the most is that after each tapas you are meant to throw your napkin on the floor if you enjoyed it. This was people walking past can see if there are lots of napkins then it is obviously a goof place to eat! It is a great place to come in the evening, it is very popular with both tourists and locals. The photo below is of deep fried BRIE!!!!! It was DIVINE! Where to eat in Benidorm if you like tapas? Tapas Street!

Tapas on tapas street - deep fried brie

What to do in Benidorm?

There is an endless amount of things to do in Benidorm. With the sun shining, is is easy to relax on the beach all day but add one of these things to your itinerary for a fun day! Benidorm is also the home of viewpoints. I would recommend heading out of the city to see one of these too to have an amazing view of the beaches and buildings below. There is always a good sunset so for the best sunset view I would recommend heading to a viewpoint. Although, you can also see an amazing sunset from the main square and the jetty where the boats are.


We did E-biking with Tao Bike. It was a few hours tour through the National park. I had been e-biking before and actually found it a bit hard but this one was super easy to use. As soon as you turn it on and start pedalling, the bike adds extra power to keep you going. When you stop pedalling, the bike also stops. You can choose the setting from low to high so it doesn’t give as much of a kick. We cycled right out of the town up to the National Park. There is a lovely path right along the mountain with perfect views of the sea all along. As you get to the end of the path you will have the best sunset view! It really is the easiest way to get around Benidorm.

Me and Boyan having a rest while on e-bikes

Photo by @alessiocesario7

Price start at 12 Euro for e-bike rental

Jet Ski

With sea all around, it’s hard not to get in! Take a jet ski tour around the bays and to the small island to explore the sea more. It’s an exciting 30 minutes! We went with Carlos Watersports who also do parasailing, flyfish and banana boat rides. The parasailing starts at 70 Euro for a single flight and 100 Euro for a tandem flight. The Jet Ski is 80 Euro for 30 minutes or 150 Euro for an hour. The banana boat is cheap and cheerful at 20 Euro for a 15 minute ride.

me walking at a viewpoint

Boat Trip

I would highly recommend doing a boat trip while you are in Benidorm. It is lovely to sit and relax on the boat and see Benidorm from the sea. There are some lovely spots to go snorkelling in. There is also small island out at sea where it is great to go snorkelling. We went with Marco Polo Expediciones. I would highly recommend going with them – lovely captain and we had a great few hours.


Revolution Dive Costa Blanca took us out early in the morning for a trip on the boat. We arrived just by the small island out at sea ready to jump in. If you have never been diving before, there was a briefing beforehand and everyone was prepared. The water was so clear here you could see right to the bottom. It’s a great place to try a dive and also if you are more experienced.

Jeep Tour

I would recommend taking the Jeep Tour at sunrise! Again we went with Marco Polo Expediciones and we had the best time. Our guide Mark was great fun and lovely to spend the day with! We started by watching the sun rise at the top of a huge mountain behind the city. From here we had the most incredible view over the city with the sea behind.

Jeep st sunrise

Ft Alessio and Nick!

After this we drove up into the hills to the viewpoint with a huge cross on top of it. This is called the Cross of Benidorm and from here you get the most amazing views. It is a short walk up here from where you can park the car. Well worth a stop! It is located in the Natural Park Serra Gelada. It is also called Mirador de la Cruz. There are also some nice hikes you can do around this spot.

Chill on Poniente Beach

This was my favourite beach here! It is popular with both locals and tourists, but more with the locals. If you want peace and quiet, then I would recommend heading to the very end of this beach, where the water is crystal clear and much less busy on the beach. The sand is also very clean. Benidorm takes great care of it’s beaches and you will find they are immaculate.

Where to Stay in Benidorm?

After all that talk about where to eat in Benidorm let’s talk about where to stay!

Hotel Bristol

This lovely recently renovated hotel is a great base for your trip to Benidorm. With a main pool and an adult’s only pool, Hotel Bristol has lots of space to chill and sunbathe. Then the beach is also very easy to walk to from here. Our room was very spacious with a lovely balcony facing the sunrise. Breakfast is provided each day and dinner is 15 Euro per person. The beds were very comfy and we had a great time staying here!

I hope you enjoyed my blog on where to eat in Benidorm and the best restaurants in Benidorm. We really did eat well and if you have any questions at all please let me know in the comments!

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Me sat at the Mirador de la Cruz in benidorm

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