No trip to Malta is complete without a day trip to Gozo! This lovely little island is about 20 minutes away from Malta by ferry. It is such a picturesque island, with small old towns and churches. It also has some great natural caves and beaches as well as some impressive saltpans. The seafood is amazing; the views are even better, so make sure to add it to your list of things to do in Malta! If you are looking for other inspiration of what to do in Malta then check out my ‘Top 10 things to do in Malta’ blog post!

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Me standing outside Ta' Pinu church on a day trip to Gozo island

How to get to Gozo

By Ferry

There are ferries that leave Cirkewwa ferry port in Malta regularly throughout for a day trip to Gozo. Be sure to check the schedule HERE first, as on the weekend the ferries leave every 45 minutes. Remember you will not pay for the ferry if you are in a car on the way there. However, on the way back you will be charged a return fare instead.

There are also organised tours of Gozo that leave from Valletta. If like me you prefer to explore places on your own then hire a car and go with the ferry.

Me walking down a street in Victoria Citadel on a day trip to Gozo

How to get around Gozo

There are buses all around Gozo. The first time I went to Malta I used the buses, but then the buses will dictate your trip. Once we even got stranded as the bus wasn’t for another hour and the ferry was going to leave and we wouldn’t have made it in time. I would suggest hiring a car to get around, as it’s the easiest option on a fairly large island. If you want to see everything on this itinerary, then it will be a struggle with only public transport.

What time of year should you visit Gozo?

The first time I visited Malta was in February. Apparently this is the worst time to come and it really did rain A LOT. However, coming back in summer was perfect. It was lovely and warm and I couldn’t believe how warm the sea was to swim in. I would also recommend coming at Spring time to see all the flower fields and a slightly milder temperature, as it was roasting in summer!

Blue door in Malta - Day trip to Gozo

Heading to Malta in summer? Don’t miss the island of Comino!

What to see on Gozo

With beautiful traditional Maltese architecture and small picturesque towns, Gozo is a photographers dream! My fist section of recommendations is all towns and architecture. Then after this, I’l be telling you about all the best beaches and nature around Gozo.

Towns and Architecure

Wander around the Citadel – Victoria

The old Citadel in Victoria is now uninhabited. Instead it is home to a beautiful church and lovely small streets to walk around. There is also a small café that I would recommend for some lunch! The parking is only a few Euros and right by the Citadel. You can walk right along the fortification walls, and there is an amazing view from up here.

Me sat on a wall in the citadel at Gozo - Day trip to Gozo

Marvel at the Ta’ Pinu Basilica

This is definitely my favourite church in the whole of Malta. Set up on a hill, with nothing but fields surrounding it, Ta’ Pinu is absolutely stunning. There is a lovely mosaic in the walk up to the church and in spring, there are lovely fields all around. Unfortunately in summer it is a bit dry but still amazing to see.

Ta' Pinu church shot with the drone on a Day trip to Gozo

Visit Xekwija Village

This is the fourth biggest village on Gozo, and has the most beautiful rotunda. It is also the oldest village on Gozo island. Have a wander around if you have time down these little streets. 

Xekwija Rotunda on Gozo Island, shot from the drone - Day trip to Gozo

See the old Aqueducts

These old aqueducts are right by the side of the road. If you like history, then this is a great place to stop and see how people used to transport water around Malta!

Did you know?

There are no trains in Malta. However, many years ago, there was a train that started at Valletta and would take injured soldiers up North to the military hospital.


There are so many natural wonders on Gozo, read on to see a few. From caves to saltpans, Gozo is incredible.

Wied Il-Ghasri

This is an incredible inland river. The seawater has created a massive crevice in the rock. There is even a small beach right at the tip of where to water comes inland. It is a popular spot to relax at and even go snorkelling.

Wied Il-Ghasri by the sea with a small beach, drone photo on a Day trip to Gozo

Il-Mixta Cave

This cave is right above Ramla Bay on the Northern side of the island. To get here, you park right on top of the cliffs. Then, there is a small path with a sign saying private property. Everyone was taking this route so we followed. If you find another way to get here then let me know! Once you pass the house, there is a small hole in the ground to get down to the cave. The cave is quite large, and has a big opening with views all around. It is also a lovely sunset spot.

Me at Il-Mixta Cave with a view over Ramla Bay on a day trip to Gozo island, Malta


I had never seen saltpans before, but they are amazing! There are many of these saltpans all along the coast of Gozo. They are set up high on the top of the cliffs and great for a photo spot, with or without a drone.

Saltpans shot with the drone at Gozo

Azure Window Ruins – Dwejra Bay

Unfortunately, the Azure Window collapsed in 2017. However, it is still a lovely spot to wander around! There is also a pretty little church right above the rocks. In February this was also the perfect sunset spot on Gozo.

Dwejra Bay on Gozo Island

Me standing outside a church at Dwejra Bay, Gozo


If you’re looking to relax a bit during your day trip to Gozo, then head to one of these beaches for a swim. The water in summer is the warmest I’ve ever been in, in Europe!

Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay is one of Gozo’s larger beaches. There are plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas to sit under on a hot day. It is also a lovely place to watch the sunset.

Inland sea

This is also a very popular swimming spot! There is a huge cliff with a small hole right at it’s base. This brings in water to make a small inland pool of seawater. Surrounding this are lots of small huts with colourful front doors.

Drone shot of the coast line of Gozo


Ggantija temples

If you are interested in history and more specifically ruins, then head to the Ggantija Temples. This a pile of rocks, but interesting to walk around and learn about the history. There are also some amazing views from up here!

Ta’ Kola Windmill

Right next to the ancient site is this huge windmill! Also very old, as it dates back to the 1700s. Lovely for some photos, and you can also go inside for a tour.

Ta' Kola Windmill on Gozo

Where to stay?

I would recommend staying in Malta and doing a day trip to Gozo. It is a fairly small island and possible to see it all in one day with a car. Here is a list of recommendations of where to stay in Malta.

Where to stay in Malta?


Mellieha is a great town if you want to have some more beach options. There are plenty of restaurants and up North is where the best sunsets spots are!

St Paul’s Bay

St Paul’s Bay a few beaches here and some nice hotels. It is also home to Café Del Mar, a club with a pool overlooking the sea. So if you want to party during your trip, staying here makes for an easy walk home after a night out.

Saint Julian’s Bay

Saint Julian’s is very popular amongst young people. If you want to party every night then this is the perfect place. It is also home to two lovely beaches.


To have a very peaceful trip, stay in the calm fishing town of Marsaxlokk. This is a small town in the south of Malta, mainly home to lots of colourful fishing boats!

Colourful boat at marsaxlokk

You can also stay on the island of Comino. However, you are then limited to an even smaller island. If you’re looking to lie back and relax and work on your tan all holiday then Comino might be the perfect place.

Tell me more about Comino??

Comino is a beautiful island in between Malta and Gozo. I would recommend spending at least a few hours here if not the whole day. It is home to the stunning blue lagoon that really is the bluest stretch of sea I have ever seen. Make sure to go as early as you can, as the blue lagoon has limited beaches and even more limited flat areas to sit. Purchase your ferry ticket on the day from Marfa Bay and explore this small island. No cars are needed here, just a beach towel and sun cream.

Head here to read my ‘Full Guide to Comino’!

Pinterest graphic with me in the sea at Comino

I hope you enjoyed my blog on a day trip to Gozo. I also hope that you have some great ideas of what to do on Gozo. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions at all! For a 5 day Malta itinerary head HERE. For the top 10 things to do in Malta check out my blog HERE. And for a full Comino guide click HERE!

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