Want a list of the top things to do in Bavaria in summer? Look no further! I had never thought of Germany as a summer destination, but I was really excited to see all the mountains and nature. Bavaria is the place to come for hiking, cycling, water sports and all things outdoors! It is home to some of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. I had heard of Eibsee, but I have even more beautiful lakes to tell you about! I also have a few instagrammable places that are perfect for photography! Read on to find the spot with lake, flower fields and mountains all in one!

Little Bavarian house surrounded by greenery and trees

See the fairy tale Neuschwanstein Castle

This is the most fairy tale castle! It is a 14th century castle and the nearest town is Füssen. It is set high up on a hill, and you can either go inside, or look at it from down below from one of the many fields that surrounds it.

View of Neuschwanstein castle, top things to do in bavaria in summer

All drone shots taken by @boyanoo

Tickets to enter this amazing castle can be bought in the village of Hohenschwangau. Go as early as you can, as it gets very busy. We went to a nearby field at sunset to get some photos with the castle from further away.

It is also beautiful here in Winter, Germany in every season has something special to see! You could even do a road trip and include Munich into your itinerary, as it is only an hour away. If you fly to Munich to get to Bavaria then why not stay for 3 days in Munich and explore before heading on?

Me standing in front of Neuschwanstein castle in Germany, Bavaria

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Visit the amazing lakes in the area

Visit Eibsee – the most colourful lake

Eibsee Lake is the most INCREDIBLE colour. There is parking by the lake, with a short walk through the forest to reach the first spot around the lake. Here you can rent a paddle board or a kayak and explore the lake from the water. The water really is so clear and when the sun comes out especially, the water is such a bright colour.

Eibsee lake from above with bright blue water and trees all around

The first stop here is also the most incredible viewpoint for the Zugspitze. This is Germany’s highest mountain. The reflections on the lake are perfect for all of you who love photography like me! Parking at Eibsee is 4 Euro for a whole day.

Eibsee lake from above taken with the drone with blue water and green trees

Walchensee Lake

This is one of the larger lakes in Bavaria. Again, here you can do all sorts of watersports. Or, you can cycle around the lake. It is also a popular spot for picnics and day trips, even just for a dip in the water. The water wasn’t actually as cold as I thought it would be! It is also free to park near here.

Me standing at the lake in the water with blue water and trees behind in Bavaria

Take the cable car up the Zugspitze

Zugspitze is 2,962 metres above sea level! It is the highest mountain in Germany. So take some warm clothes and head to the top! There are three glaciers to see here, and it is also home to a ski resort. Even if you don’t ski, there are sun loungers to relax on and toboggans that take you to Germanys highest church and an igloo village. It is 48 Euro for an adult to use the cable car for the day.

Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany covered in snow

Walk through the wild flower fields at Gerold

This was one of the most photogenic viewpoints! There are lots of lovely walks you can do in this area. The lake is surrounded by snow capped mountains and wild flowers and it is stunning.

Me stood in a field with mountains behind and a lake, top things to do in bavaria in summer

Explore Schloss Linderhof

This palace is part of a nature reserve, and the palace and grounds are absolutely stunning.  To visit the palace and buildings, it is 8.50 Euro for an adult. There is also hotel here and a restaurant.

Drone shot of Schloss Linderhof

Where to stay in Bavaria? And top things to do in Bavaria in summer!

Stay in Schliersee

Schliersee is a town in the district of Miesbach in Bavaria. It is a town full of picturesque houses and home to Schliersee Lake. There is plenty to do here, so read on to see why Schliersee is the perfect place to stay!

Sign saying Nach Schliersee

Where to stay in Schliersee?

Karma Bavaria is a beautiful hotel that we stayed at during our time in Bavaria. Here you can watch the sunset while eating traditional Bavarian food. There is a beautiful spa and a great pool. It is perfect for families and couples. 

Karma Bavaria hotel from above taken with the drone

How to get around Bavaria?

We actually drove here from the Netherlands! The easiest thing to do is to hire a car for complete ease of travel. However, if you dont have a car then travelling by train around Bavaria is a great option. The ‘Bavaria Ticket’ saves you lots of money on travel around Bavaria by train!

What to do near Schliersee? Top things to do in Bavaria in summer near Schliersee

There is so much to do in Schliersee. It is the perfect place for hikers, cyclists, families and couples for a relaxing stay. It is also great if you are active, with so many sports and things to do! Schliersee really is perfect for people of all ages.

Get the cable car up to Wendelstein

The cable car here operates from 9am to 5pm and leaves every 30 minutes. It costs 24 Euro per person for a return trip to the top. Wendelstein is a mountain 1,838 metres high. Make sure to bring some warm clothing with you as it gets chilly at the top. Also, check the weather beforehand. We unfortunately went on a cloudy day and saw nothing at the top as we were surrounded by thick mist and fog! It was still a great experience going up in the cable are. At the top there is a small church to see and some caves. For the caves you need a separate ticket. You can also hike up to the top. The cable car takes 7 minutes to the top, the walk is much, much longer!

View of a mountain and green trees below and the blue lake

Stand up paddle board on the lake

Schliersee lake is full of water spot activities! My favourite one is SUP (stand up paddle board). You can also rent kayaks or go on a pedalo! The lake is really very still and calm so perfect if it is your first time stand up paddle boarding.

Photo of a cow at sunrise in bavaria


Cycling is very popular all over Bavaria. When you are driving, make sure to watch out as cyclists are everywhere even on narrow roads. The German law states that you must always have a 2 metre gap between your car and a cyclist. A lot of people bring their own bikes but there are also plenty of places to rent bikes. You can also do bike tours of the area with either a normal bicycle or an e-bike.

Here is a link to see a list of bike tours and rentals in the area.

Mini Golf

Right by the lake, mini golf is also popular with families. Follow this link to see where you can play mini golf. This place also does stand up paddle board rental.

Horse riding at sunset

These were the most beautiful horses I have ever seen. For 25 Euro you can ride these beauties for an hour, brush them and feed them. You take a route among greenery and with views of only mountains. It is a really amazing experience.

Me brushing a horse, top things to do in bavaria in summer

Eat traditional Bavarian food

There are plenty of great restaurants to eat at in Schliersee. Traditional Bavarian food mainly consists of meat and potatoes so make sure you are hungry and ready to eat. There are no small portions! Here is a list of the food’s you should try while you are here!


There are two different types of schnitzel. A Wiener Schnitzel is made from veal. A Schweineschnitzel is made from pork and this is the only one I have tried! It is meat that is thinly covered in bread crumbs to give it a crispy coating.

Schwäbische Kasspatzle

This is a very cheesy and tasty pasta dish with crispy onions on top. Bavarian cuisine is definitely not healthy but you just have to embrace it while you are here!

Photo of traditional Bavarian food


Make sure to ask for it to be ‘Knusprige’ which means crunchy! Schweinshaxe is a roasted ham hock, and is usually served with potatoes and a side salad.

Photo of a pork knuckle with a knife in it


These are either potato or bread dumplings, often served with meat in Bavaria. The semmelknödel are the bread dumplings. They are very tasty.

Sample some gin at a famous distillery

At Lantenhammer distillery they produce gin, whisky and vodka. Here you can do a tour of the distillery. 

Inside the latenhammer distillery in Schliersee, Bavaria

Tobbogan down a hill

Schliersbergalm is a great place to toboggan in Schliersee. You sit in a small seat and off down the mountain you go!

Drink great coffee

The culinary art café in Schliersee is the place to go for a proper coffee! With lots of vegan options on the menu, is it a great place to stop for a snack. They have lots of fabulous cakes here. I had the yoghurt with apple and berries and it was delicious. The walnut cake was my favourite. It was also the only place I have had a good Chai Latte for a long time!

Food flatlay at a cafe in Schliersee

Wander through the fields of cows

There are so many fields and walking trails around Bavaria and Schliersee in particular. We got up at 7am to see these cows walking to their field. Just make sure to watch out for the huge cowpat everywhere!

Cows walking side by side

Where else to stay in Bavaria?


Lindau is a town right by Bodensee Lake. Stay here to see the beautiful old town and the famous Lindau Lighthouse.

Water coming from a tap with flowers

Head here to check prices and availability in the area


This is a city in Bavaria on the Danube river, with an old medieval town centre.

Traditional Bavarian house with flowers

Head here to check prices and availability


Passau is right on the Austrian border. It is known as the three rivers city, as it is right by where the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers join.

Head here to check prices and availability.


This is the closest town to Neuschwanstein castle! It is just north of the Austrain border and a lovely place to stay!

Head here to check prices and availability

I hope you enjoyed my blog on the top things to do in Bavaria in summer!

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