Are you looking for the best 7 day Portugal itinerary? If you want to see one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal, then head to the Algarve. It has everything you need from beautiful towns with traditional Portugese tiled houses to beaches with the most amazing cliffs you’ll ever see. After going to Porto in February and having beautiful sunshine and finally being able to eat lunch outside after a long winter I decided to go back to Portugal in March as well! I wanted to visit the Algarve for a long time to see the famous beaches and explore the coast more. The Algarve is perfect for those that want to relax on a beach in summer, but in March it’s great to have the beaches to yourself and perfect for walking and surfing.

Me wandering through a town in the Algarve

I’ll not only be giving you the best 7 day Portugal itinerary but also why you should choose Portugal as you March holiday destination! Then, if you are planning on travelling around Portugal/ Europe for longer then here is a good Backpacking Europe Packing List for you to see!

When is the best season to visit Portugal?


If like me you don’t like to be surrounded by people and in really busy places, then March is a good time to visit the Algarve. I had seen photos where there were people one next to another on the beach, and I wanted to be able to walk and see them all rather than sunbathe with hundreds of other people. In March most of the other travellers we saw were surfers! I actually thought the water was really cold in summer when I went to Portugal so I wouldn’t say it’s my number one place for a summer holiday, so I would recommend March! It is still really sunny each day and even dress weather some days, however in the evenings you will need something warm to wear.

Me wandering through Aljezur town in the Algarve


Summer is a perfect time to visit Portugal if you are looking for a tan and some serious beach time. There are so many beaches here to choose from. Also if you are surfing it is a bit warmer when you get out of the sea. However the best surfing time is earlier on in the year.

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Where to Stay in the Algarve


Utopia Guesthouse

I love a boutique hotel and somewhere with lots of lovely details, and Utopia Guesthouse caught my eye straight away. It is very close to Aljezur, as well as all the best surfing beaches. This place was perfect for us. Utopia is a beautiful guesthouse with a large pool and the most delicious breakfast! If you’re looking for comfort but also not being in a busy town or beach resort then this is perfect! We felt so at home and everyone was super friendly and helpful!

A room in Utopia Guesthouse in Aljezur

Aljezur is the ideal place to stay if you want to surf during your trip to the Algarve.

Head here to see other accommodation in Aljezur


Casa Mae caught our eye here. We prefer not to stay in huge resorts and this boutique hotel really is very modern but homely at the same time. It has a great pool, but is also 600m from the beach. Perfect for the pool lover and beach lovers! The views from the balconies are amazing and the interior is what I hope my future home looks like one day!

A town in the Algarve - best 7 day Portugal itinerary

Head here to see prices in Lagos


This is one of the largest cities in the Algarve and one of the liveliest. There is also a lovely old city centre, but also a great nightlife. The perfect place to stay for a girl’s trip or a hen do if you want to party!

Check prices and availability in Faro

Best beaches for surfing in the Algarve

I wasn’t actually brave enough in the end to get in the sea, but Praia da Arrifana was full of surfers. This is a fairly small beach but the waves were great. There’s also a surf school right on the beach if you want to learn. However, the parking is right at the top of the cliff so you have quite a walk down to get to the beach with your surfboard! But once you’re down there it’s quite shaded from the wind so even I had a sunbathe.

A man lying on his surfboard in the sea

Drone shot by @boyanoo

The other beach is Monte Clerigo, which is a much larger stretch of sand and also a great place to surf. Make sure to try and squeeze in a surfing lesson as part of the best 7 day Portugal itinerary.

Praia da Amorerira is also great. This one is different, as the sea goes inland into one long river which looks lovely! Also good if you have children and don’t want them in the sea with the big waves then they can play in the river instead.

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Most scenic beaches in the Algarve

Ponta Da Piedade

This one of my favourite sunset spots, not a beach to sit on, more of a viewpoint as it is very rocky and has a small jetty.

Me standing on a rocky beach with waves behind

Praia dos Estudantes

Not far from Lagos town, this beach is famous for the bridge high above it connecting the two parts of rock above!

The bridge connecting two rocks at Praia Estudantes

Praia Dona Ana

A larger stretch of beach, also amazing rocks surrounding it.

Praia Do Camilo

One of the instagrammable spots with 200 steps that go down to the beach. There’s also a natural archway in the rock. Once you go down, straight to the left there is a small entrance to walk through the rock and you come out at the other side.

Me sitting on a rock with the sea behind

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Where to eat in the Algarve 


This is a great restaurant in the North of the Algarve. O’Paulo is a bit more expensive, but incredible seafood and right by Monte Clerigo beach. It also faces the sunset so is perfect for dinner in the sunset. I’d recommend a traditional Cataplana de Marisco. Cataplana is a big round dish like a steam cooker and it is filled with all kinds of seafood and potatoes. One of the best meals I had during my time in the Algarve. The bill was €50 for two with soft drinks included.


This restaurant is not far from my favourite beach in Lagos – Ponta da Piedade. O’Camilo has amazing seafood, a bit more affordable with great heated outdoor seating and a view over the beach. We loved it so much we went twice. I would recommend the oysters, fish soup, fresh squid and prawns!

Sector B

This is near to Utopia Guesthouse near Aljezur. It is a cheap and cheerful burger place. I had a burger with goat’s cheese, which was delicious and comes with a healthy portion of chips. It was €20 for dinner for two with drinks.

Arte Bianca

Head here for absolutely delicious pizza! There are so many topping choices and a sourdough base, which is my favourite. The bill came to about €20 for two pizzas.

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What to do each day? Get ready for the best 7 day Portugal itinerary 

Day 1 – Learn how to surf!

Head to Praia da Arrifana beach near Aljezur

This is a beautiful beach if you want to relax for the day. However, it is also one of the most popular spots for surfing in the Algarve. Even if you don’t know how to surf, I would recommend having a lesson. There is a great surf school on this beach.  It is a bay surrounded by cliffs so shaded a bit from the wind when you are sat on the beach. However, there is plenty of wind to make some great waves for surfers!

Surfer walking into the sea on the beach with a board

Drone shot by @boyanoo

Day 2 – Beach Day 

I would recommend heading to Praia da Monte Clerigo, a beautiful beach in the Aljezur area. This is a very wide stretch of beach, meaning there is a higher chance of finding a spot in summer. This beach is very popular with locals. It is a sandy beaches surrounded by rocks, but not huge cliffs like some of the other beaches. This means there is a less of a walk down to the beach.

Me standing on a cliff at sunset - best 7 day Portugal itinerary

After this beach, head further north to Praia Odeceixe Mar. This is another sandy beach and again very popular with surfers. There is also a small, designated nudist beach just near here. It is called Praia das Adegas. Odeceixe beach is perfect for families, as the sea turns into a river further inland. It is a perfect place for children to paddle without having to battle the waves in the sea.

Day 3

Go e-biking in Aljezur

This is such a fun day out! It is an amazing way to see lots of the lovely country side here. You also get the best views of the beaches from a different angle. As you e –bike over the tops of the cliffs, it makes for a great viewpoint. It is also much easier than having to actually cycle up these bumpy rocks to get to the top of the cliffs. We went with a great company in Aljezur called E-bike tours. You get a guide who takes you to all the best spots!

Me standing by a cliff looking at the view while e biking

Day 4

Head to Lagos

This lovely town has a beautiful historic centre. The parking is just near here and you pay a contribution to the local football team to support them apparently!

See the instagrammable beaches of Lagos!

Praia do Camilo

Right by Lagos town is Praia do Camilo. Even in March when we were there, there were a few people having a photo-shoot on the beautiful stairway down to the beach. There are 200 steps to get down here. As you get to the bottom of these stairs, there is also a small hole in the rock, which leads through a tunnel and out to the other side to another little beach. Make sure the tide isn’t too high! The rocks here are particularly amazing.

Me climbing over rocks at the beach

Praia dos Estudantes

This little beach is home to a beautiful bridge in between two huge rocks. It is a beautiful spot for some photos. To walk to this beach, you have to pass through a small passageway in the rocks. The first time we went the tide was high and the waves were too big so make sure you go at low tide!

Praia do Ana

Another beautiful stretch of sandy beach here. The rocks are absolutely incredible, so be sure to get a photo on top of the rocks looking down below at the beach.

Rocks by the sea, taken with the drone

Drone shot by @boyanoo

Day 5 of the best 7 day Portugal itinerary 

Go to see the sunrise or sunset at Ponte da Piedade

This is a beautiful spot down in between the rocks. There is a small set of steps right down here. You park up by the lighthouse on the top of these cliffs. There was no beach when we were here, but it was still a magical spot to see. It is also a very instagrammable spot!

Head to see the beautiful arches at Praia da Marinha

This is beautiful from above, on the cliffs, or below on the beach. The walk to this spot is very rocky as the tide was quite high. Maybe when it is low tide then there is more sandy beach to walk along. From the top, the rocks make a heart shape and it is a lovely spot for a photo.

Me in front of the two natural arches at Praia Marinha

Me sat on top of the rocks looking at the two arches at Praia Marinha

Day 6

Explore the Benagil Cave

Unfortunately when we were ere there was some freak storm one day that meant that the day we wanted to go here the tide was too high. However, we will be back next summer for sure. This is a stunning cave that can only be accessed by boat. I would recommend going as early as possible for a chance of having this incredible cave to yourself!

Day 7

Do a kayak trip! I wish we had time to do this as it was on the list, so I would definitely recommend doing it. We saw lots of people kayaking along the coast and it would be a lovely way to visit a few beaches. You can also kayak into the Benagil cave if you want to kill two birds with one stone!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and have some great ideas about the best 7 day Portugal itinerary for the Algarve. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask me in the comments section!

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