Scroll down for some epic home photoshoot ideas! This time featuring flowers, feathers, fairy lights and more! I have had so much fun with indoor photography that I have decided to write another post full of loads more indoor photography inspiration. I definitely think this is something for me that I don’t want to just stop doing once I am able to travel full time again. It can be tiring running up and down mountains and around waterfalls, so sometimes I will just opt to shoot at home. This also pushes my boundaries of creativity and what I am comfortable with. For someone who used to hate taking close ups, between two walls there is only so much distance you can have! This has allowed me to get creative with props and even practice using a tripod more.

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Solarpoweredblonde in an indoor photoshoot with flowers and wearing a hat

Read on to see how other content creators have used they space at home to produce lifestyle photoshoots at home. There will also be some couple photoshoot ideas and EVEN what you can do with a carrot! I really hope you enjoy this post and as always, I love to see what you create at home! Always feel free to comment here or send me a DM @solarpoweredblonde!

If you would like more info on mirror photography why not head to my post on mirror photography tips and inspiration. Then for tips on how to change wall colours and how to use lace and colanders in your indoor photography then why not check out my ‘Instagrammable indoor photography ideas’ post!

Flower Photoshoot at home!

I had way too much fun sticking flowers down my trousers and taking these shots! Top tip is to trim them quite a bit, as these were really poking me and it was quite uncomfortable. Also second tip is to wear a bikini underneath just in case of a nip slip! I wore just a bandeau bikini and in most shots you couldn’t see it at all.

I also used peonies as these are huge so cover everything up perfectly. I’m sure this would look great with a variety of flowers. They also don’t have to be expensive. Wild flowers can be so stunning and even in fairly central London I have seen some lovely wild flowers in the parks. So even if you live in a city, try and be inspired by the flowers around you and see what you can create!

Solarpoweredblonde holding flowers - home photoshoot ideas

Also I’d love for you to see the amount of effort that went into making this space. It looks like I just stood against a wall in my house and took a few pics. I WISH! Unfortunately the only wall in my house that gets enough light during the day is in the kitchen. To stand against this wall I had to pretty much renovate my whole kitchen as this is where the kitchen table is and various cupboards. So don’t be afraid to put a little extra effort in, where there’s a will there’s a way!

‘Stuck at home’ photography by Follow in Their Footsteps

When shooting photos inside, props are your friend. This can include anything from the food you’re hiding away in your kitchen to green plants to fill the shot. However, one of our very favourite photography props is fairy lights as they create a beautiful, bokeh effect. To accomplish this, wrap some stringed lights around your camera and secure them with an elastic band. Play around with their positioning until they look at how you would like them to. Ensure that they are close enough to your lens so that they are out of focus.

Follow in Their Footsteps in a indoor couple photoshoot with fairy lights

This technique is one that we love to use for indoor photos as it adds an extra level of dimension to the foreground of an otherwise basic shot. Also, fairy lights can help to illuminate a room that may not get much natural light.

‘Try using fairy lights to create a bokeh effect!’

This form of lighting is incredibly diverse so play around with it! Try hanging the lights behind you on the wall, wrap them around yourself, or even capture smooth moving light with a stunning long exposure shot.

Lifestyle photoshoot at home by @alineadjemian

All you need is a bit of cardboard/paper!

To recreate this shot, grab a piece of cardboard or a large piece of paper and gently create a hole in the centre. You may have seen these shots with newspaper too. If you want to create a large hole and put more of your body through, stick more pieces of paper together. You can hang them off of a doorframe for example if you are shooting alone with a tripod. You can even use a curtain rail if you want a larger background. These shots are so fun and creative and allow you so much freedom to pose, use props and different colours.

Home photoshoot ideas with cardboard

Get creative with your bedroom photoshoot!

@alineadjemian is the QUEEN of props. Honestly who knew putting carrots in your hair could look this good – add this to your list of home photoshoot ideas. This goes to show that you really can use anything as a prop. Challenge yourself and see what shots you can take with random objects around your house.

If you read the last indoor photography post then you will see how you can use a colander to create some amazing shadows in your photos. This is another step further, where you actually photograph the random prop too!

Home photoshoot ideas indoors

As always if you are struggling with some creative photoshoot idea, head over to Pinterest! There are tonnes of amazing photos there and indoor photography inspiration. Unlike Instagram where there is just loads of mirror selfies, Pinterest works in a similar way to Google. It will only show you the mot relevant and most incredible photos first!

Home Photoshoot ideas: Create an optical illusion!

Although I am terrible at Photoshop, I had to try this out! Luckily @boyanoo stepped in to rescue me just as I was about to pull al my hair out. One of the more challenging home photoshoot ideas. However, if you are less of a technophobe than I am then just google ‘Mirror within a mirror’ optical illusion and it should come up with some great YouTube videos on how to create this.

You will need a tripod or someone to take the photo for you. From there, you will see what you are facing in the mirror but it’s fine, as this is where you will be overlaying your image! What you can’t see in this shot is my Mum and my cooker and all sorts. So just don’t worry about what is in the mirror, no one will ever see this!

Mirror Photography illusion photo

Epic Indoor Photoshoot Idea by The Lost Two

‘We use a 24-70mm f2.8, a 35mm f1.4, or a 50mm f1.8’

Taking photos indoors can be one of the most challenging types of photography! The first thing we do before we even look at our camera settings is look for the light source. Light is everything in photography, and shooting indoors is no different. If you’re using natural light and shooting indoors, that source is usually going to be a window (that said, you can use an open door as well).

When you’ve found your window, place your subject close to the light source – we often see people complain of not having a lot of light, and then we see that they have their subject about a mile from the window! So get them nice and close – again, we’re trying to maximise the light hitting our subject.

The Lost Two Levitation photo

When we shoot indoors, we also try to use a lens that can get extremely wide (a fast lens) as this will greatly increase your ability to get a good exposure without having to slow your shutter speed too much or have too much digital noise (ISO). Typically a fast lens is one with an f-stop 2.8 or lower. A slow lens (typically above f/3.5) will allow less light to enter the sensor – and you do not want that. Remember, when shooting inside, you want to let in as much light as possible! For most of our indoor shots, we use a 24-70mm f2.8, a 35mm f1.4, or a 50mm f1.8.

If you want to learn more about how to achieve this look of levitation, simply watch a YouTube video! There are so many free resources out there to help take your photos to the next level. Even on Pinterest now there are short tutorial videos and also on TikTok although I’m not on there yet..!

At home photography ideas for couples by The Escape Artists

When taking photos indoors, sometimes it can feel difficult to create something that is unique or different, especially if you are using the same space again and again. To mix things up try and think about what the story behind the photo is. If this really is a snap shot of a moment, think about what events happened before or after the photo if this was happening in real life. This can give you inspiration to create a whole scene with the photo and can add dynamics to whatever image you are capturing.

‘Think about what the story behind the photo is’

For example in this photo, we wanted to create the moment of “a Sunday afternoon spent in bed that turned into a playful pillow fight” With that in mind, we grabbed some feathers to fly in the air and put on some easy loungewear to complete the vibe.

The Escape Artists indoor photoshoot for couples photography

Try your hand at Photoshop again!

For this shot I placed one image inside the other in Photoshop. I wanted to try and make the photo more interesting by adding another layer to it. I just used the shape tool to draw a circle and place the image inside the lens of my camera. As I said, I’m not a Photoshop expert but if I can do this then you can too! With Photoshop I would honestly say just watch as many YouTube tutorials as you can and keep experimenting. The more you use it, the more you will get used to all the shortcuts and what to do when.

Mirror Selfie photo!

Gwen from @thecherrybombb shares her home photoshoot ideas and tips!

1.Use your furniture. Bookshelves, closets, tables… Play with the furniture to create your own world. 

2. Use old bed sheets for the background. If you want a clean monochrome background for example, put a white sheet on a shelf or a door to make the background. It also works for creating coloured backgrounds. 

3. Explore within your place. Try to take pictures in every room of your house, and try to create an universe in each one of them! It will challenge your creativity and you will get various shots while staying inside your house.

4. Use everything you find to be creative. For instance, I used all of my books to create a frame around myself. See what you’ve got in your home, and try to be creative with it!

Indoor photoshoot with books as framing

5. Be careful with the light. Light can be tricky when you shoot indoors, so always be careful to take your pictures in a good light situation. You don’t want half of your face to be in the shadows! Little tip : you can use mirrors to correct the light and make sure all of your face is properly lightened. 

Play with shadows!

I waited a while for a good sunset for this one! Also the sun comes in at an angle so it isn’t straight on but don’t let that put you off. This one was just for fun and not particularly instagrammable but I enjoyed it! Grab a few props and take some photos and see what comes out.

Shadow photography at home

If in doubt, turn it upside down!

When you run out of ideas, just simply rotate your image! Try this for a new perspective. Also for Instagram, it will make your photo stand out in your feed. I just popped my mirror on the floor, stood over it and voila. Always make sure to clean your mirror first before taking photos as it will be super visible in the mirror. This is also super easy as no tripod needed!

You could also stick the flowers to the edges of the mirror instead of wearing them like I am! So just take your image and rotate it 90 or 180 degrees and see if it makes it any more interesting.

Mirror photoshoot with flowers

Last but not least! Place some body parts to your mirror.

Rather than just capturing your reflection, why not also add yourself not in the mirror?

Here, I lay my mirror on a table and then took the photos with flowers around me. You could also place it on the floor but it makes it a lot harder to shoot I think. This way you don’t have to get down low and its easier to check the photos quickly. You can also hold the mirror in front of you while capturing both yourself and your reflection. Just play around and as always make sure you are by a window for best lighting.

Girl in the mirror photoshoot with flowers

I really hope you enjoyed this second blog post on home photoshoot ideas! I have been having so much fun with them and enjoy finding other creators whose indoor photoshoots I love! Let me know in the comments which one you want to try the most. My new challenge is to create a levitation shot, need to try and convince Boyan to help me with that one.

Remember though that there are so many indoor photoshoots that you can do with just a mirror or a tripod so you don’t even need anyone else to help! If you are lucky and have a garden, why not pop a drone up if you have one and see what you can make? Alternatively, rotate your image 180 degrees and see what a new perspective can do. Ps I have a post on Drone Photography tips if that helps!

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