Jersey is the perfect beach trip and this guide to the best beaches in Jersey, UK has the best of the best ones! All sides of the island have beautiful beaches, each with their own things to do and great places to eat. I’ll be showing you the best beach for water sports, where to eat the best crab sandwich and where to watch an amazing Jersey sunset. The whole of the West side of the island is where you can see the sunset. It is all one long stretch of sandy beach.

Jersey also has lifeguards on many beaches so you can always feel safe. Make sure to always keep an eye on the tides and they are impressive. One day we were at Corbière lighthouse just before sunset and the whole path was still visible. We nipped back to the hotel to get another camera and by the time we had come back, the path was nowhere to be seen! Make sure you don’t get caught out anywhere!

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Drone shot of the beach in Jersey, UK with people kayaking

Shot by @boyanoo 

Where is Jersey?

Jersey is a channel Island located between England and France. The flight from London takes about an hour. It is also possible to reach by ferry, which takes around 4.5 hours. It is much closer to France than it is to England. A lot of the streets here have French names even. It is also not really part of the EU, it is in some terms but when I spoke to people they said they are not really part of the EU. Make sure you remember to turn off your data roaming, as it is not part of the EU, if you are European, you won’t get your usual mobile allowance included. I would recommend buying a SIM card if you are staying for longer, as I couldn’t actually get any signal with my UK sim!

The best beaches in Jersey, UK: North Jersey

I found North Jersey to be the best for coastal walks. I would say the beaches here are less for sunbathers and more for adventurous people who want to explore. We had some great walks here, and you can get a full walking map from Visit Jersey. They have separate maps for North, East, South and West Island walks.

Plemont Bay

This is a lovely long sandy beach in the North of Jersey. It is a very rocky area and from the main car park it takes about 10 minutes to walk down to the beach. It is home to a series of caves. These are incredible to see, with a small waterfall coming down over the opening to one of the caves. Remember to check the tides before you arrive, as when the tide in in you will not be able to reach the caves. They are great to wander through, but be careful as the waterfall makes the rocks very wet and slippery and I fell over even though I was walking very slowly.

Drone shot of Plemont Bay, one of the best beaches in Jersey with green cliffs and a sandy beach

What to do here?

The caves are the main reason I came here. There are two main caves you can walk right into. However, when it’s warmer this would be the perfect beach to swim at. It is a sandy beach and stretches out quite far. During the summer months there will always be one lifeguard down on the beach and two overlooking the beach from above. When I was there it was very windy and the red flag was up, no swimming for me!

Me standing inside the cave at Plemont Bay with water coming down, one of the best beaches in Jersey

Where to eat

There is a small café at the top of the stairs that lead down to the beach. Head here for a snack or a warm drink if you’re cold after walking along the beach.

Bouley Bay

Bouley Bay is a rocky beach with one large rock that sits out at sea. We decided to climb this rock and there are some great views from up here. This is a good starting point for a coastal walk. There is quite limited parking here but it is definitely worth a visit if you like walking, not so much for sunbathing!

Me standing on top of a rock at the best beaches in Jersey, UK

What to see here?

L’Etacquerel Fort

This is a mid 19th century fort with a small dry moat surrounding it and a drawbridge that you can walk across. Unfortunately you can’t enter it unless you have discussed with Jersey heritage first, as some events take place in here. However, we were lucky enough to see it all with the drone. We actually started our coastal walk next to a place called ‘White Rock’ and ended up here, which I would definitely recommend!

Drone shot of the fort surrounded by greenery and rocks and sea, one of the best walks to the best beaches in Jersey

By @boyanoo

Where to eat?

Mad Mary Café

This is a lovely beach café that serves great burgers.

Best beaches in East Jersey

Rozel Bay

What to do here?

Rozel Bay is a fairly small bay and is home to lots of little boats. It is a great place to come and build some sandcastles and is quite a quiet beach and less busy than some of the others. There were lots of children here, so I would say it’s a very family friendly beach.

Where to eat?

The Hungry Man

One of the best little eateries is found here! The Hungry Man is a great small food shack serving burgers and incredible crab sandwiches. It is right on the small pier and it was lovely to sit and eat outside in the September sun! I would also recommend the rocky road for dessert. The service was super fast and as we were starving this was perfect! We walked here from our hotel we were staying at – Chateau La Chaire. There are limited parking spaces here so bear that in mind.

People sat outside the Hungry Man food shack at the beach in Jersey

We paid £20 for two drinks, a burger, a crab sandwich and a huge slice of rocky road

Head here for other places to stay in Jersey

Royal Bay of Grouville (The Long Beach)

This is another great long sandy beach!

What to do here?

Visit Gorey Castle

This castle is perched on top of the hill overlooking the long beach below. The small town of Gorey is also lovely to walk around. There are plenty of places here to eat and drink. If you want to learn more about the history of Jersey then Gorey castle is the perfect place.

Gorey castle with the bay and boats in front

Where to stay in the East of Jersey?

We were lucky enough to stay at Chateau La Chaire, which is one of the Luxury Jersey Hotels properties. It is a beautiful Grade II listed country house with individually styled rooms. The beds were some of the best nights sleep I have had. The whole area is so peaceful and the hotel is surrounded by greenery. The breakfast was also divine. There is a small buffet selection and a menu for a full freshly cooked breakfast too. The eggs Benedict were delicious! Thank you so much for having us! 

The best beaches in Jersey, UK: South Jersey

St Aubin’s Bay

This is a lovely sandy beach with St Aubin’s right next to it. There is also a small harbour here and it’s lovely to walk around.

Portelet Bay

This is one of my favourite beaches on the island and one of the best beaches in Jersey, UK! The car park for this beach is right by Portelet Inn, a lovely place to go for lunch and dinner. However, I’ll be telling you about an even better place to eat! This bay is for those who have good legs though, as it is quite a walk down here. Walking down is manageable; it is the walk back up that will be a bit harder after a good dinner.

Me walking down the beach to dinner with the sea and rocks behind

What to do here?

At low tide it is lovely to walk out to the old tower here. It is right in the middle of the bay and surrounded by the sand and views all around.

Where to eat?

Portelet Bay Café

This is my absolute favourite place to eat in Jersey! I love it because it is right on the beach and also because the sunset light shines right into the seating area. Any of the pizzas here I would recommend. I had a prosciutto pizza with pesto and rocket and it was divine. Boyan had the Jersey steak burger, which was also very good. One of the best parts was the dessert. I can highly recommend the carrot cake, the rhubarb crumble and the chocolate brownie. All of the desserts here look delicious. The outdoor seating was lovely and actually shaded from the wind so it wasn’t too cold. The waiters and waitresses were all so lovely, I would say you can’t go to Jersey without eating here!

Portelet Inn

Head here if you don’t fancy the steps down to the beach! This is a lovely traditional pub serving seafood, curries, burgers and traditional English pies. It is a very cosy and has a lovely décor. It is the perfect place for a family lunch or dinner.

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St Brelade’s Bay

This is the best beach for water sports! This is a really huge stretch of white sandy beach. The tides go back very far so if you want to do any water sports then make sure to check these first. There is a beautiful rocky coastline from here that you can explore. It is definitely one of the best beaches in Jersey, UK. 

Drone shot of the beach top down

By @boyanoo

What to do here?


There are kayak tours with Absolute Adventures that leave from St Brelade’s Bay and take you around little bays and coves. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t ideal on the day that we wanted to go, so make sure you choose a sunny day. You do get given a winter wetsuit but make sure to have your won water shoes.

Drone shot of the sea and rocks with people kayaking

Paddle boarding

We had the perfect weather when we went paddle boarding and it was so fun. Make sure to wear lots of sun cream as it catches you fast on the water. Usually when the weather is nice the water is fairly calm which will make it much easier to paddle board. Make sure to check the weather beforehand. I love paddle boarding though and Jersey is the perfect place to try it with the calm waters.

Two of sat on a paddle board with the sea around

Where to eat?

Jersey Crab Shack

The seafood here looks divine so I would definitely recommend stopping here for a bite after kayaking. The crab tacos and crab linguine looks amazing. For non-fish eaters, the halloumi burger sounds great!

Oyster Box

This is a slightly fancier seafood restaurant with a lovely terrace overlooking the beach. They have a lunch and dinner menu and also provide vegan and gluten free options.

Beauport Beach

This is one of the warmest beaches on the island. It is a very shaded beach as the rocks behind are huge. This does mean that it is quite a walk down but it is well worth it. When I was last in Jersey in summer this was the best beach to sunbathe on. It isn’t a busy beach either so it is nice and peaceful. There is also a lovely little swing at the top here overlooking the bay.

It is quite a secluded beach so nowhere to eat or drink nearby. However, it is a lovely stop along the kayak tour that starts from the next bay along at St Brelade’s Bay. Boyan got some lovely drone shots of people kayaking here.

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The best beaches in Jersey, UK: West

This is the place to be for sunset!! From the minute you turn the corner to the west at Corbière Lighthouse, the beach stretches the whole way along to the other end of the island at L’Etacq.

St Ouen’s Bay

This huge stretch of beach is very popular for wind surfers and surfers. Make sure to check all the tides beforehand. But mainly it is the place to be for sunset.

Me standing at Corbiere lighthouse at sunset

Where to eat?

El Tico

This is my favourite restaurant along this beach! I would recommend the hot prawns, which were in the most amazing sauce I’ve ever eaten. For starter, the calamari and the mezze platter were divine. For dessert, the banoffee pie, the hot chocolate brownie and the sticky toffee pudding are all incredible. The staff were also so lovely and we had such a nice evening here.

Le Braye

Head here for great traditional fish and chips. The calamari was also great and they have some sheltered outdoors seating so you can still feel the sun but not the wind!

Me walking across rocks at the beach in Jersey

I hope you enjoyed reading about all the best beaches in Jersey, UK. I also hope that for those of you that haven’t heard of Jersey before, you can have seen how great the Jersey in the UK is!

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