I don’t even know where to start on the most instagrammable places in London. This will definitely always be a work in progress and I will be adding to this post as I discover more of my amazing hometown! Now that I am finally back for a while, I have absolutely loved cycling around London and discovering London instagram spots that I never even knew were so close and accessible. I’ll be sharing the best London photo spots with the exact location. At the end, I’ll be sharing my top tips on how to get these spots, and what time of day is best! Hope you all manage to find a sunny day for a walk or a cycle around London to take some photos.

Solarpoweredblonde with a bike near Kynance Mews in Notting Hill - one of the most instagrammable places in London!

Photo location: Elvaston Mews – near to Kynance Mews!

There are so many cute places in London, from cafes, pink houses, amazing pubs that you will need a few days to see all of these unless you are seriously hardcore! Now that I have some more freedom to roam around, I can’t wait to share more of London with you! However, if you still aren’t able to get around as much, get creative with your indoor photoshoots at home and mirror photography! Can’t wait until we can all travel again!

Most Instagram Worthy places in West London

I’ll start with the number one London Instagrammers paradise – West London! I absolutely love it here, of course mainly for all the colourful houses! There are lots that are hard to get a good Instagram photo of as there are always cars parked outside so here are a few of the best Instagram spots in Notting Hill that are a bit easier to get a good shot at!

Solarpoweredblonde walking through Instagram worthy streets in London in Notting Hill

St Luke’s Mews

The most pink house in Notting Hill! The beauty of this house is that it is down a small cobbled street and there are no cars parked! Another bonus is that the people that live here are more than happy for people to take photos and even have a sign outside saying not to touch anything, but otherwise snap away! They also request a £1 donation per camera into a small box by the bench. This money goes towards local charities. I had a chat with the man when I was here, as you can see the door is open behind me. He was more than happy for us to take photos and it felt nice to know that we were welcome! These streets actually remind me of those in Malmö, Sweden!

Solarpoweredblonde in front of St Luke's Mews in Notting Hill

I was here at around 2pm and these were the light conditions you see in the photo. I’m not sure when or if at all the house would be in the sun but it was lovely.

7 Kensington Place

Another one of the top instagram photo locations in London! This is a paler pink house just down the road from the Churchill Arms pub. The closest station here is Notting Hill Gate. There are also more houses along here but it might be hard due to the cars parked outside so fingers crossed you have emptier streets! If you continue down these streets to Hillgate Place, you will get to the houses in the shot below!

Solarpoweredblonde in front of 7 Kensington Mews in Notting Hill

The corner of Hillgate Place and Farm Place

This is the cutest corner! A nice house overgrown with plants and opposite some great coloured houses! The bonus is, as this is a corner, there is no parking space so you can easily get this shot too! Unfortunately the bike doesn’t come included but if you ever want to shoot together then you’re more than welcome to borrow it haha! I always finding shooting so much easier with a prop! If you’d like any more photography tips be sure to check out my indoor photography ideas post!

Solarpoweredblonde in Hillgate Place in Notting Hill/Kensington area - most instagrammable places in London

Farm Cottage

Farm Cottage is right on Farm Place, just down the road from the spot above. The exact address is 4 Farm Place. You can also enter Farm Cottage onto Google Maps but be sure it is the one in Kensington or you may end up somewhere random.

Solarpoweredblonde in front of Farm Cottage in Notting Hill - instagrammable house in London

The Churchill Arms

This is my favourite pub in London! Always an amazing display and its right on the main road so no need to search for it. Apparently it counts as being in Kensington, but the closest station is Notting Hill Gate. It is very dark inside from what I remember but I had a good G&T. It can get busy in the afternoon with people going for a drink after work so I would recommend getting here early for some photos.

Girl stood in front in front of Churchill Arms twirling in Notting Hill Gate


There are a few Biscuiteers locations in London and this one is just by Portobello Road. As you pass Electric Cinema, turn left and left again. Biscuiteers is on Kensington park Road, number 194 to be exact! You will also pass Doughnut Time on your way here, so if you can bring yourself to spin £4.50 on an ‘instagrammable doughnut’ then go for it! Unfortunately I couldn’t allow myself but maybe one day!

Biscuiteers cafe in Portobello Road

Most Instagrammable places in London continued!

These two next spots are also some go my favourite photo spots in London. One is ANOTHER pink house and one is the most beautiful mews.

Kynance Mews

The other bonus with Kynance Mews is that this spot is gorgeous in autumn too with the orange leaves! I was here around 1pm and the lighting was harsh and a bit hard to work with, so I would say don’t go near the middle of the day here. Also there were builders, which you may spy behind me, so go early!

Kynance Mews - most instagrammable places in London!

14 Trevor Square

One gorgeous pink house is on Trevor Square. This is now heading towards Knightsbridge and finally moving away from Kensington. It is a bit hard to capture the whole house due to the parked cars, but even just with a part of it will make a great photo.

Girl stood in front of Fourteen Trevor Square in London

Best Instagram spots in London: Near Victoria station!

There is a reason why Elizabeth street has a wall mural saying #ThePrettiestStreetinLondon! There are so many lovely shops here that have amazing displays outside! Here are some of my favourites below.

Most Instagrammable cafe in London

Of course no ‘most instagrammable places in London’ post would be complete without mentioning Peggy Porschen!

Peggy Porschen

I would say go here before it opens as the queue could be big! I was here around 8:30 and it was perfect and we could shoot and take our time. By 9am it was open and had big signs about social distance…! The exact address is 116 Ebury Street in Belgravia. Make sure to stand far enough back to account for the Instagram crop, it’s a tough one to fit in as you don’t want to sacrifice any park of this amazing pink building!

Girl in front of Peggy Porschen Cafe in London - most instagrammable places in London

Most beautiful store front – Moyses Stevens

This little flower shop is always decorated with amazing blooms. Usually there are also lots of flowers outside too on the floor, it really is beautiful! The exact address is 53 Elizabeth Street in Belgravia.

Girl twirling in front of Moyses Stevens in Belgravia in London

Best photo spots in London in the East!

Finally we are going eat on this London photography tour! I am from East London, so as much as I love the West, the East is my favourite! There may not be as many pink houses, but we have the best bagel shop ever and so much street art. There are some great secret photography spots in east London. Some of them I had even walked past many times without realising they were there so they are a bit hidden, but definitely worth taking a look.

Tower Bridge!

I never realised how nice it is here at sunrise! Sunrise in summer is horribly early but at 7:00 here it was perfect. I never thought I would like a photo here as the road is always busy and there are people walking past always, but be patient for the right moment. You may even be lucky to get a red bus in there. We knelt down low to get this perspective and cut some of the cars out.

Girl sat on Tower Bridge in London

You can also walk across Tower Bridge to get the whole of it in! Keep walking down the river until you get the best view. In hindsight I could have used a 70-200m zoom lens to make the bridge look a bit closer but it’s a great view either way!

Secret photography spots London

I have been to Tower Bridge and the area around the Tower of London so many times and I never knew this place was here.

St Dunstans in the East

These are the ruins of a church and it is like a little oasis. It is so peaceful here I can’t even tell you. There are some small benches for you to sit and relax, or if you are looking for the perfect shot, walk around the church to find the best window ruins. Then as you walk to the other end and out the left side you will also get a lovely view. The gardens open at 8am and are the perfect place to head to after you have taken some photos with Tower Bridge.

Girls sat in a window in St Dunstans in the East

Best Photoshoot locations in London – yes there are EVEN MORE!

Leadenhall Market

I had never even been inside here! Leadenhall market is between Bank station and Fenchurch Street station. It is like going back in time and looks really nice with all the shops closed so be sure to go early. I have alway seen this place super busy but it’s lovely all empty early morning with the light coming through the glass ceiling. You will love it! Such a good place for photography in London. Someone said my shot could have been a bike advert so it’s clearly a good place for some product shots!

Leadenhall Market in London - girl on a bike


There are SO many places in Shoreditch and lots of street art, so I will cover that in more detail in another post! Here are my top street art spots to add to your most instagrammable places in London list.

Whitby Street

Just down a side road near to Boxpark – where you have to eat at while you’re in London – you’ll find this incredible mural! This is one that is a more permanent fixture as some may not be there by the time you arrive. However, it will probably be replaced by an equally amazing piece of art.

Whitby Street art in Shoreditch

Ebor Street

Also right by Boxpark you will find all of these amazing street art pieces! There is a very long piece of street art here always. It’s hard to get it all in one photo but it’s worth taking a walk down Ebor Street. When I was there, there was an amazing piece of street art of a nurse. Depends what is going on in the world as to what you might see!

Fashion Street

This street is home to one of my favourite pieces of street art! Definitely worth taking a look.

Most instagrammable places in London – South of the River

Hello Darling!

This is the cutest place but again on the busiest road! Hopefully you will be lucky enough not to have any cars parked outside. We were here fairly early on and it was all in the shade so if you want sun then maybe come later in the day. It is actually a small restaurant with a bar, I’d love to go inside one day!

Hello Darling in Waterloo

What is the best time to take photos in London?

There are plenty of good places for photography in London BUT I would recommend getting to all of them as early as you can. London wakes up early and so does traffic, cars parking in your way and all sorts. One day I started at Tower Bridge at 7am and walked the whole way up to the London Eye along South Bank and I would definitely recommend that! Another time I started at Victoria at 8am, bit late in hindsight and wandered over to Notting Hill but it’s quite a way! It’s worth it to come whenever though to see all these most instagrammable places in London. 

Girl cycling through Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market

What is the best way to get around to get all of these London Instagram shots?

I love cycling! There are so many amazing cycle routes in London now. Even though I had never cycled in London before properly, I haven’t had any trouble. It is also nice to cycle rather than get the tube as then you can see places in between that may not even be ‘instagrammable’ yet but are so beautiful you will have to stop for a photo!

Tower Bridge in London

Tower Bridge

So there you have it! An ever growing list of the best places to photograph in London! I will be exploring more of London (for the rest of my life) and adding and updating this post!! I never thought I would enjoy taking photo in London so much, it’s different when it’s your hometown, but if I had this much fun then you will LOVE it! Don’t miss 7 Kensington Place, 14 Trevor Square and St Lukes Mew’s for all your pink house photos! Then Kynance Mews and Elizabeth Street for some of the prettiest streets in London. As always, I love to see your photos so feel free to share them with me on Instagram @solarpoweredblonde and head over there to see my London highlight with behind the scenes of creating all of these shots!

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