There are so many best things to do in Denmark, Western Australia! Denmark is full of amazing beaches, things to do and places to explore! We spent a few nights in Denmark on our two week Australia road trip from Perth down to Esperance and back. I’ll be telling you where to stay in Denmark and the things not to be missed in Denmark. Trust me, you won’t want to miss these huge rock formations, perfect white sand beaches and coastal walks. There aren’t many beaches as amazing as those on Rottnest Island, but read on to find some that really are! Western Australia is just 4 hours flight from Bali too, so a perfect visa run for those Canggu people out there!

Me stood in the middle of the road at sunset with our Wicked Campers Van - taken with a drone

Sunset with our Wicked Campers Van!

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When is the best time to visit Denmark, Western Australia?

Australian summer time! There are so many stunning beaches to see, that you will want it to be warm bikini weather. We were here at the beginning of February and the evenings were already quite cold in some places. From what we experienced, the weather was much hotter in North – Western Australia in February than South Western Australia. When I go back it will definitely be in Australian summer time! By the time we had reached Dunsborough on our 2 week road trip around Western Australia we had to buy a duvet it was so cold at night. This was after spending two nights north of Perth in Yallingup National park with the doors of the van open it had been so hot!

Technically summer starts at the beginning of December and lasts until the end of February.

Best things to do in Denmark, Western Australia!

1. Elephant Rocks

Elephant Rocks is situate in William Bay National Park. For each National Park you have to pay an entrance fee per vehicle. It can get quite pricey as everywhere is a national park along Western Australia! Make sure to purchase a national park pass to make this MUCH cheaper for you!

Elephants Rocks was sadly closed for road maintenance when we were there. However, we just flew the drones to take a look! Hopefully by the time you go it will reopen! There is a lovely beach here and some amazing rocks. It looks stunning at sunset too or early morning. The beach doesn’t look so big so it might be best not heading at midday, partly as it will be very hot but could also be crowded!

Elephants Rocks drone photo - EPIC things to do in Denmark Western Australia!

2. Green’s Pool

Another lovely beach right by Elephant Rocks. The water here is perfect colour and the sand is so white! It looked incredible from the drone! Hands down the best things to do in Denmark, Western Australia along with Elephant Rocks! If you love rocks be sure not to miss Little Beach as you go further on your road trip!

3. Waterfall Beach

This beach is very easy to get to! There is a car park nearby and you just follow the trail. I have to warn you though it is the smallest waterfall so don’t get too excited! It’s a lovely beach to relax on though.

4. Madfish Bay

Another beach with amazing water and sand and well worth the visit! It is also located in William Bay National Park. If I remember right, we walked along the Bibbulman Track. There is a lovely walk all along the coast here, and we walked from the car park near Waterfall Beach and Madfish Bay the whole way to Elephant Rocks. It took a very long time though and isn’t really a path at the end so I wouldn’t entirely recommend it! However is it  a fun little expedition!

5. Shelley Beach

This beach is about an hour drive from Denmark town and from Madfish Bay. What I loved about this beach is that there is a place to camp by the car park! There are not many places that you can camp in Western Australia like this as everywhere is a national park and it is forbidden. Of course there is no power, but as it is in a small bay it is also quite sheltered from the wind if you are there in February and it’s chilly like the weather we had! Then if you have a drone, the winding road here is amazing to photograph. There is also another road nearby that takes you to a great viewpoint across the whole bay. I would say it is worth the detour and if you want a night of camping in the wild then this could be the perfect place!

EPIC things to do in Denmark Western Australia! Shelley Beach viewpoint

6. Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

I didn’t actually make it here but I wish I had! You can walk through the treetops 40 metres up. The walk is 600m long and is definitely a unique perspective. Fun activity with children but even without! This is in the opposite direction to Shelley Beach, so these places above are not in order!

Top Tip to plan your road trip!

I always add everything to my google maps so I don’t forget everything on my list. That way you can wake up in the morning and plan your day according to the weather. Then if you are wanting to go to Greens Pool, you can see all the saved places around it on your google maps. Sometimes I add random places that I would like to go if I have time. Then I can see if it’s worth making a short detour to go there too!

Where to stay in Denmark?

We stayed at Denmark Rivermouth Caravan Park and paid $41 per night for a powered site. The showers were great although make sure to shower early as they come to clean around 8:30 and then you can’t get to the bathroom for an hour. Also make sure to check what time you can arrive by as I think after 8pm there is a late check in fee as they get someone to come and check you in. Some places you just go in the morning to pay but here it is a bit different. We spent two nights here so that is a good amount of time to explore Denmark!

EPIC things to do in Denmark Western Australia - me sat on top of our Wicked Campers van

Top Tip on where to stay in Denmark!

Camp near the centre of town if you want any signal or internet on your phone! We stayed a few nights more in the middle of nowhere which is not ideal if you work online and need signal. Definitely don’t rely on the campsite Wifi either it will probably be awful. I would recommend getting a sim card at the airport as soon as you land in Perth. I got a Vodafone sim and it still doesn’t cover very rural places. You can also get a Telstra sim, however, these are better suited to Eastern Australia as they have more signal masts here. Vodafone is meant to be the best one for Western Australia! It also wasn’t too expensive. 40 AUD (£20) for 45GB of data. This also means you can hire an Uber to get you to your camper van rental from the airport if this is how you chose to travel around.

Best place to hire a camper van for a road trip?

Wicked Campers is a great choice for a budget camper! It is basically a renovated 7 seater. Very basic, with a small gymnastics type mattress, if you did gymnastics at school then you know what I mean! It has all the basic cooking equipment and a small stove. We also asked for a table and chairs, very useful! You will have to buy a long extension cable that you can thread through the window of the car to get power. The other option is Travellers Autobarn which has a socket outside for charging and has actual sockets inside so you don’t have to attach everything to one mega long extension cable. It also has a proper mattress and seating area during the day as the mattress is in parts. A bit more expensive but may be better for those who want to sleep on a comfy mattress!

After doing all of these best things to do in Denmark Western Australia, head to Albany!

This is a fairly short drive along your Perth to Esperance trip if you decide to do that! Denmark to Albany takes under an hour. Albany is a must visit because of Tondirrup National Park and the amazing Albany beaches! Don’t miss Frenchman Bay. This is a very wavy area so if you have time go and see the blowholes at this national park!

Best things to do in Albany:

1. Explore Tondirrup National Park

As always, you have to pay for National Park entrance so remember to purchase a national park pass! This National Park is on a long huge spit basically so there is a lot of coast around!

2. Head to the Natural Gap and Bridge

I honestly didn’t think this would be as impressive as it was! This is literally what it says in the name. However, this is actually referring to a gap in the rocks tat creates a small bridge I guess but you can’t walk on the rocks anyway. What is more impressive is the totally unnatural bridge that is what I came here for. The walkway overhangs over the water, so if you don’t mind heights and looking through to see the waves beneath you then go here for sure.

Natural Gap and Bridge in Albany Western Australia, near to Denmark Western Australia - drone shot!

3. Swim at Frenchman Bay

Where the sand is squeaky! If you haven’t experiences squeaky sand then you have to go here. The sand is so white and actually squeaks as you walk. This is also one of the few beaches where you can drive right down to it. We parked up by the beach and opened the back of the van and had lunch on the sand! If you also walk to the other side of the car park is the continuation of Frenchman Bay and has a very instagrammable spot that you will have seen on @gypsea_lust’s feed! We loved this beach!

Frenchman Bay, Albany, Western Australia - me sat on the edge of the walkway down to the beach

4. Marvel at Two People’s Bay

This is a lovely little beach with two big rocks right in the middle which make it well known! SO YOU KNOW! The two rocks are on Little Beach next door! Everyone calls it Two People’s Bay so we got there and wondered where these two huge rocks had gone to, but its the beach next door! Two People’s bay is huge and Little beach really is little so you can’t miss the huge rocks! It is around 40 minutes drive in the other direction to everything above! So save it for your onward journey.

Two People's Bay Albany, Western Australia - drone shot of me stood on the beach between the two rocks

Where to stay in Albany?

We spent one night in Kalgan River Chalets and it was $35 per night. I think it was cheaper than other as there is no shade! You will be up at 6am with the sun. I actually wouldn’t recommend it here apart from the huge numbers of kangaroos around. This was amazing to see but otherwise I wouldn’t recommend staying here! Make sure you have WikiCamps downloaded this is an app, I think I paid around £5 and you can see all the nearby campsites. This one did have decent reviews but I wouldn’t stay there again.

I hope you found this post useful on the best things to do in Denmark, Western Australia! Remember to head to Shelley beach if you want to camp in the wild and have your drone ready if you have one! Then Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool are stunning in the morning or sunset when there are less people around. Definitely go here in summer time, and rent a camper van if you can, we had the best time living the van life!

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