This was my third time in Jersey! I’ll be telling you my top 10 best things to do in Jersey. These include the best restaurants, best beaches and coastal walks. Remember this is Jersey in the UK, so if you are looking for the other Jersey then read on anyway as this Jersey is great too! There are so many watersports to do here and so many beaches to explore. It is a great place for a summer trip but also lovely in Autumn as the temperatures stay warmer than England. Read on to add lots of things to do to your itinerary!

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Me sat in front of a small house in Jersey

Where is Jersey?

Jersey is an island between England and France. It is a self-governing dependency. It is not a part of the EU and has different laws too. A lot of the road names are actually in French! There is also the island of Guernsey nearby and these both make up the Channel Islands.

Top tips for visiting Jersey!

Speed Limit: The speed limit on the island is 40mph don’t forget!

Roaming: Remember to turn it off as you will get charged extra to use your data here!

Sunset: They are amazing so make sure to read on for the best sunset spot!

Transport: There are buses here but I would recommend hiring a car, as it makes life easier

Weather: Jersey is much warmer than the UK so it is great all summer and has a warm Autumn too

Where to Stay: Chateau La Chaire or The Atlantic Hotel was where I stayed!

Drone shot of people kayaking in Jersey

By @boyanoo

10 best things to do in Jersey!

Paddle Board at Beauport Beach/ St Brelade’s Bay

One of my favourite activities during our trip to Jersey was paddle boarding. We started at St Brelade’s Bay. There is a small parking lot right above this beach where you can park. For kayaking, there is a company called Absolute Adventures that does amazing kayak Tours. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great when we were supposed to do this. However, when we went paddle boarding the weather was absolutely perfect. Even when I fell in it wasn’t too cold. From the very end of the beach here, if you paddle board around the corner you come to another small bay. Here there is another small and totally secluded beach that you can only reach by water.

Me lying on a paddle board in the sea with rock nearby

The water here is also quite calm so makes it very easy to paddle board if you haven’t done it too much before. This was only my third time and I only fell in because two of us tried to stand up on the paddleboard at the same time. The kayak tours are everyday at 12:30 and 15:00 and last 2 hours. They even do sunset Kayak Tours too which sound amazing! Other than kayaking and paddle boarding you can also do coasteering as well as blokarting.

Explore the cave at Plemont Bay

We parked at the top of Plemont Bay for a short but scenic walk down to the beach below. There is a small sign at the car park that leads to the start of the path. This coastal path then leads to the road that leads to the little café. From the café there are steps down to the beach. Make sure it is low tide otherwise you won’t be able to visit the caves here. As you reach the bottom of the stairs, take a sharp left and this is the short walk into the caves. There is one cave here with a little waterfall coming down in front over the opening. Then there is a small tunnel that leads to another cave just next to this one. It is very slippery here so be careful.

Me walking through the cave at Plemont Bay, jersey

Plemont Bay is a beautiful sandy beach and is actually quite a big one. The waves are big though so watch out. Make sure to check the colour of the flag that is up before you go into the sea. There are lifeguards here in the summer months as well.

Eat some fresh Seafood

There are so many amazing places to eat some great seafood in Jersey! As it is a small island, and surrounded by sea, it has some of the freshest seafood. I’ll be telling you about the best places to eat seafood on the island. Some places are great for a quick bite, some for a delicious lunch and some for a romantic sunset dinner. Read on to see where you can get some tasty seafood in Jersey.

Hungry Man

This is a great food truck! It is located in Rozel Bay, not far from Chateau La Chaire where we stayed. Here you can get a delicious crab sandwich. The food is cheap and cheerful with lots of lovely outdoor seating. It is right on the water, on the jetty. There is a small harbour here for boats and you can just walk right up to the Hungry Man after relaxing on the beach. We were lucky with a perfect sunny day. As there is no indoor seating I wouldn’t recommend it in the rain. Although you can always take away and eat in the car! I would also recommend the rocky road here for dessert.

People sat outside the Hungry man restaurant at Rozel bay

Faulkner Fisheries

Head here for a delicious lunch right by the sea. This great eatery is located by ‘Stinky Bay’, which is actually called L’Etacq but got the new name, as it can be quite stinky! Luckily near Faulkner Fisheries it isn’t actually smelly at all. I would recommend the freshly grilled scallops and prawns as well as the squid. These all come in an aluminium box for takeaway. You also get some bread that is perfect for dipping in the delicious sauce that comes with the seafood.

Seafood in a tray at Faulkner Fisheries

El Tico

This is the perfect place for a sunset dinner! The West Coast is where the sunset is and it doesn’t get better than El Tico for dinner. There are a few sun loungers outside and then plenty of seating space inside. It does get very busy though so I would recommend trying to get here earlier as you can’t reserve tables. I would recommend the hot prawns which come in the most amazing sauce. Then the mezze platter is great for starter. Then for dessert, if you have never had an English ‘Sticky Toffee Pudding’ then you must try it!

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See the sunset at Corbiere Lighthouse

Jersey has some of the best sunsets I have ever seen. The West coast is the most rugged and with the least buildings and is just perfect for sunset. There are loads of sand dunes and of course a whole long stretch of beach. My favourite place to watch the sunset was Corbiere Lighthouse. This is a lighthouse out at sea with a path that leads to it. When the tide is out you can walk the whole way to the lighthouse. However, when the tide is in, the whole path will be covered. Make sure to check before you get here. Either way, it is beautiful. We came here at high tide and this photo is taken from quite far away from the lighthouse. It was still beautiful to watch the sun go down here.

Sunset at Corbiere Lighthouse in Jersey

Another beautiful sunset spot is L’Etacq or ‘Stinky Bay’. We were lucky enough to meet up with Island Rovers to get this beauty to shoot with. It is a bit smelly but you get used to it. It’s really a beautiful spot and the light is just perfect, even with clouds like we had.

Sunbathe at Beauport Beach

This smaller and more secluded beach was one of my favourites here. You can reach this beach by parking at the top of the cliff and walking down the steps to get here. Or you can also arrive by kayak! It’s a lovely beach to lie down and relax on, and it is also in a small bay so a bit more shaded from the wind. Take a little picnic with you if you will be here for a while as it is a but more secluded than other beaches.

Me and Grace paddle boarding in jersey

Do a Coastal Walk

There are so many coastal walks to do in Jersey! I would definitely recommend the North Coastal Walk. We parked up the road from Rozel Bay and walked up to L’Etaquerel Fort. This is for that was built in the mid 19th century. It is now used for a lot of events and it is not possible to walk inside but still amazing to see from the outside. This is a lovely walk that takes you via White Rock. This is a big white rock from where you can see the entire coast on either side. From here you walk past fields and with the sea on one side the whole time. It isn’t a very strenuous walk but some parts are a bit up and down. Jersey has 48.5 miles of coastal walks to explore!

View of L'Etaquerel Fort

If you like old ruins then there is also Grosnez castle on the North West side of the island.

Eat Pizza at Portelet Bay Café

This was another one of my favourite meals here! Portelet Bay is accessible via a long set of stairs from which you get an incredible view over the whole bay. There is a small car park at the top where there is also Portelet Inn for food if you don’t want to walk the whole way down. It is worth it though! We went not long before sunset and the sun was shining right into the outdoor seating area here.  Portelet bay Café is the closest you will get to pizza on the beach! This little restaurant has the best views. I would recommend any of the pizzas they all looked amazing. I had one with rocket, prosciutto and pesto and it was delicious. Boyan had the steak burger, which looked yummy too.

Me walking down to Portelet bay

Then for dessert the rhubarb crumble was the best. Not your usual crumble, it was quite unique and delicious. The service is great and there is indoor as well as outdoor seating.

See the ruins Grosnez Castle

We loved our coastal walk here. There is a car park right opposite the ruins of Grosnez castle. Therefore you don’t have to walk far to see the ruins but I would recommend heading off on a walk from here. The views on the coastal walk here are incredible. From Grosnez you can walk down to Plemont Bay to see the caves I mentioned earlier.

Walk to the top of Mont Orgueil Castle

If you want to learn more about the history of Jersey then this is the perfect place! We walked through the grounds first and then made our way up the stairs into the castle. Here we were stopped by two men dressed as swordsmen. One of them was actually a professional sword fighter and told us all sorts of amazing stories about his sword fighting. The castle actually holds lots of events, which often end with a sword fight! It was interesting to learn about the history. The laws are very different and Jersey is quite unique in many ways. You will have to find out when you go!

Drone shot of Mont Orgueil castle

Head to ‘Stinky Bay’

I mentioned this place earlier but it deserves it’s own section! L’Etacq is the proper name but it is quite smelly. This is where the nickname came from! The smell is definitely worth it, as it is a beautiful sunset spot. We came here about an hour before the actual sunset, as it was a bit cloudy so we had lots of moments when the sun popped through. The Jersey sunsets really are incredible so you can’t miss any of them! We had to drive here after dinner, so make sure you have dinner well before or after sunset! Unless you have dinner at El Tico with the sunset!

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I hope you enjoyed my post on the 10 Best things to do in Jersey!

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Me walking down to portelet Bay cafe

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