After spending a few weeks in Bali hiking volcanoes and walking up and down waterfalls I was ready for a bit of rest and relaxation. I’ll be telling you about the best spa in Bali for couples and where to get a flower bath in Ubud. I had no idea about the different benefits of a flower bath, depending on the different types of flowers used. I had seen many beautiful photos on Instagram and knew that it was something I wanted to try. It was also lovely to be able to go to the spa as a couple and both have massages at the same time, while listening to calming music.

We had the chance to stay at the Udaya Resort in Ubud, which you can read more about in my full blog post on Ubud here. Within the Udaya is the Kaveri Spa, the best spa in Bali for couples. Here we were treated to a lovely couples massage and then had a flower bath after this.

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Me sitting on the edge of a flower bath at the best spa in bali for couples

Best spa in Bali for couples: Where to get a traditional Balinese massage

The Kaveri Spa at The Udaya is a recommended spa, so when we were staying there we were very keen to try out the spa. We arrived at the Kaveri Spa at the Udaya and were greeted with delicious welcome drinks. We then got the opportunity to smell all the different oils that could be used for our massage and we both chose the vanilla oil. After this, we were taken into the couples massage room with relaxing music and nice smells. The traditional Balinese massage lasts an hour. At first, it is similar to a Thai massage if you’ve ever had one of those, as it involves kneading and massaging different pressure points. Then the different oils are used for a full body massage. It really was very relaxing and I would highly recommend it!

Three different oils to choose from at the best spa in bali for couples

What are the benefits of a flower bath?

A flower bath is also called a celebration of flowers. There are many different benefits to a flower bath depending on the types of flowers used. For example, roses are used to help hydrate your skin, lavender has a calming effect and helps to relieve stress and lotus flowers are used to soften the skin. Then, there is a beautiful pattern made with the flowers, which makes for some perfect photos of the whole experience! Definitely the best spa in Bali for couples. 

Colourful flower bath in Ubud, best spa in Bali for couples. The Udaya Resort

Top 5 things to do in Ubud! (Apart from a flower bath)

1. Visit the Monkey Forest

This is a great trip but not very relaxing! Make sure not to take any valuables and any that you do take, make sure you have locked away in a bag, as the monkeys can unzip rucksacks! I saw first hand when a monkey jumped onto a woman’s back from a tree right and unzipped her bag and took some food. Make sure you take absolutely no food AT ALL! And also don’t wear your sunglasses as they can take these too. It can take about an hour to walk around the whole monkey forest depending on how much time you want to spend with the monkeys. Another top tip – don’t look them in the eyes as they take this as a sign of aggression.

Monkey close up at the monkey forest in Ubud, Bali

2. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

These famous rice terraces are not far from the centre of Ubud. They are a very large stretch of rice terraces and are beautiful. However, make sure to wear mosquito spray, as there are so many mosquitos here! Lovely also with the drone, but be careful of any kites, as the Balinese people put the kites up as offerings to the gods, so be careful not to fly into these very thin strings in the sky! The Rice Terraces are accessible from many areas of the road above, some sections you will have to pay and some you won’t have to. Some people may also ask you for a donation along the way. You can walk right along the terraces, but also wear good shoes, as it can get quite muddy.

Tegallalang rice terraces from above taken with a drone in Ubud Bali

I would say go as early as you can, as the light rays through the trees look really beautiful. Unfortunately, when we went it was cloudy and but rainy both time so we didn’t get to see the light rays.

3. Try a cooking class

I love eating food but I also enjoy cooking! The best way to try lots of local dishes in one go is at a cooking class. We went to Periuk cooking class in Ubud and I definitely didn’t leave hungry! We got to cook so many dishes, soup, curry and even special Balinese pancakes for dessert filled with sweet coconut filling. It was such a fun few hours, starting with a tour around the rice paddies to see where the rice is grown. Then we got to make some traditional Balinese offerings before the cooking started.

Photo of me at a cooking class, with peanuts - Best bali spa for couples

For the best places to eat in Bali, head to my Guide on the best restaurants in Canggu, Uluwatu and Ubud!

4. See the light rays at Tukad Cepung waterfall

This incredible waterfall is one of the easier ones to get to, with a path that leads the whole way down to the base of the waterfall, which takes about 15 minutes. For the last part you will have to walk through some water until you read the opening where all the light rays are. It is really is breath taking to see, after walking through the dark tunnel to come out into the light streaming through the trees above. Make sure to choose a sunny day! You don’t have to get here too early, as the sun needs time to get high enough to get through the trees above.

Entrance fee: 10,000 IDR

Kanto Lampo waterfall in Ubud, with light rays coming through - Bali Photography

For the best waterfalls in Bali head to my blog post on North Bali and the best Bali waterfalls!

5. Hike Mount Batur at Sunrise

This includes a VERY early morning. We woke up in the middle of the night and were driven to the base of the volcano. Here we were met by our guide and taken up on the three hour hike to the top. It gets very cold at the top so remember to bring something warm. And I would also recommend taking your own snacks, as many of the tours give you breakfast included, but it is basically dry slices of bread, a banana and not much else! And be careful at the top, as the monkeys might also like to share your breakfast! It is incredible to see the mountains rise up above the clouds as the sunrises.

The only downside is that it is so popular now that it gets very very busy. Go as early as you can or you will get stuck behind a line of people. But then make sure you have lots of warm clothing as you sit and wait for the sun to rise!

Sunrise at Mount Batur

I hope you have some great inspiration for your trip to Ubud now! And after all those top 5 things to do in Ubud, make sure to treat yourself to a couples spa at the Kaveri Spa at the Udaya or a Balinese flower bath, as it is really lovely!

How to get around Bali?

I would recommend renting a scooter in each place you stay. It is only a few pounds a day and makes it so much easier to get around and stop whenever you like. If you are in a big group, then it might be worth it to hire a car or a mini van to get you around. When we were a group of 5 we had a car for a few days to get us to all the waterfalls and other spots throughout the day.

Where to stay in Ubud?

The most beautiful hotel in Ubud

I would definitely recommend staying at the Udaya. It is such a beautiful resort, with a large pool in the middle. The garden rooms overlook the pool and are stunning. Then eve better are the pool suites, which have a private pool and a small private terrace for privacy. The food is also amazing and they have a different breakfast menu every day. We had the most amazing time, and we would love to go back again when we are in Bali.

The Udaya resort shot with the drone, with villas in a row

Which villa to stay in – Ubud

Lodtund Sari Villa

This property has three villas, each overlooking an incredible bright green rice field below. They have beautiful outdoor bathrooms and have traditional décor inside. I would recommend this for a less pricey vila in Ubud, but with a pricey feel! The food is also great, the chicken satay was divine here.

Check prices and availability here!

Lodtundh Sari Villa in Ubud from above

Then if you want to head to the beach after all the rice terraces, waterfalls and volcanoes, I would recommend going to Uluwatu. It has some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen. It is also great for surfing, and the beaches have some impressive waves.

Read more: Guide to Uluwatu

Green Bowl Beach at Uluwatu from above

I hope you have enjoyed my blog post on the best spa in Bali for couples! I also hope you have some good ideas of what to do while you’re in Ubud. 

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