The Faroe Islands are incredible and there are so many great things to do here. I would recommend spending at least a week in the Faroe Islands. Below you will find the best things to do in the Faroe Islands, on each separate island. Faroe Islands is actually made up of 18 separate islands. Some of these are connected by underwater tunnels and some you have to get a ferry across to. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t ideal while we were here in September, so we lost a few days due to there being too much fog to drive! However, as long as you can drive and get around you will have the best time exploring these incredible islands. I have got a few unknown waterfalls here and some great places to eat in the Faroe Islands.

Me walking by a waterfall - best things to do in the Faroe Islands

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If you are wanting to visit the Faroe Islands on a budget then I have all the tips for you! Number 1 tip is to stay in an AirBnb so you can cook your own food as it is expensive there to eat out. We stayed in an amazing AirBnb near to the capital and it wasn’t too expensive and you could drive to a supermarket nearby to stock up. There were 3 rooms, so if it’s just two of you then you will share the kitchen and bathroom but we didn’t mind at all! The Faroe Islands are also drone photographer heaven so here are some drone photography ideas and tips before you go!

This trip was in collaboration with Visit Faroe Islands but of course all opinions are my own.

Best things to do in the Faroe Islands – Streymoy Island

Streymoy Island is home to the capital city of the Faroe Islands – Tórshavn. It is the largest island and also the most populated. Here you will find all the best places to eat. Head to the old town centre of Tórshavn right by the water to see all the traditional houses. I’ll warn you now, restaurants are not cheap in the Faroe Islands! We mainly ate fish and chips or cooked in our AirBnb. For the best fish and chips head to Fisk and Kips in Tórshavn, divine! If you are looking for a delicious sandwich then Brell Cafe next door has great coffee and food too. This will probably be the island you stay on, so sad those two places to eat for sure!

Lunch at Brell Cafe in Torshavn Faroe Islands Denmark

Lunch at Brell Cafe

1. Explore the capital city of Tórshavn

Tórshavn is not like your usual capital cities around the world! It is full of beautiful traditional Faroese houses and really doesn’t have a capital city ‘vibe’. However, as I said earlier here you will find the most restaurants and some walking tours too. It is also right on the water, making it a lovely place to walk and explore right on the water edge. I would say spend a few hours here to wander around and grab some food! For the best place to eat amazing fresh fish head to the 5th best thing to do in Tórshavn below!

2. Visit the traditional Kirkjubour Village

This was the first place we visited and I loved it! This is a tiny village with all traditional Faroese houses and a lovely church right at the end of the village by the water. It has a population of 75! Be warned it is VERY windy! I almost lost my hat a few times here but it really is exposed to the wind so be careful. We also had a few instances where I thought the door of the car would blow away the wind was so strong so open doors with caution when it is really windy!

Me sat on a wall in front of a Faroese house in Kirkjubour village

3. Stop for views on the scenic Oyggjarvegur road

This is a very long road BUT halfway along, it passes an area where there is a huge valley. Here you can see the sea and the vast mountains either side and it is worth a quick stop! A fun fact is that the only prison on the Faroe Islands is located along this road. At night it is very dark as there aren’t many houses around so I wondered why there was one building with huge football field light outside. This is called Mjørkadalur and is the small prison here.

Me running along a scenic road in the Faroe Islands

4. Hike up Fossa Waterfall

This is an incredible two tiered waterfall. From down below you can’t even begin to imagine standing between the two sections of the waterfall and looking up and down at the power of the water. There is a very small area to park here and this is also where you begin the walk up. It is a bit of a roundabout way but essentially you climb up the right hand side of the waterfall and follow the tiny path. You will then walk up a small rocky what looks like a dried up waterfall. Then follow the path back to the left towards the waterfall. It is EXTREMELY slippery so be warned! You can also keep walking on from here but it was so windy that we didn’t dare walk any further. It really is an amazing spot!

Drone shot of us at Fossa Waterfall in the Faroe Islands

5. Eat the best seafood dinner at Barbara Fish House

This is the BEST restaurant, honestly I was in food heaven. We had a tasting menu with 7 courses which were also paired with amazing wine. You ma have to walk back after 7 glasses of wine if you’re a lightweight like me! Honestly I have never eaten such good fish in my life. The menu we has was called the ‘From our Fjords’ menu. For starter we had monkfish and salmon, and that was just the starter! The restaurant is also located in one of the oldest buildings in the capital so it is quite an experience. It is not cheap, but well worth every penny. If you can treat yourself, then make sure to book in advance and be prepared for a few hours of culinary bliss!

Best things to do in the Faroe Islands – Esturoy Island

Esturoy Island is the second largest island of the Faroe Islands. It can be reached by sea tunnel from Streymoy. I would also recommend heading here if the weather is bad on Streymoy. We had a few instances where the weather was completely different depending on which island we were on. This island is home to more amazing nature. I would spend at least a day here exploring. We drove up north of the island and this was where all our favourite spots were.

1. Head to the village in the valley – Funningur

This is really drone photographer heaven. A tiny village set right in the valley between two huge mountains. It has a population of just over 50 apparently! There is a beautiful old church here right on the water, well worth taking some photos. This village is just generally in a great location for looking over mountains.

Drone shot of Funningur Village in the Faroe Islands

2. Wander through Gjogv and visit the gorge

This is another stunning small village here. There is a small stream that runs through the village with traditional houses either side. There is also a church here as in a lot of villages. What makes Gjogv unique is the huge 200m sea filled gorge. You can either climb down the steps to see it fro below, or choose between the two paths above. Unfortunately it was bad weather for the longer hike, but I would definitely recommend it from what I’ve heard! The longer hike is to the left of the gorge and the shorter walk to the right. Here you can climb down at the end and see the open sea. Also top tip there is a great heated toilet right by the gorge.

Best things to do in Gjogv - visit the sea filled gorge - me stood in the gorge

You can also stay in Gjogv – check prices and availability here!

3. See the hidden waterfall at Eiði

Another great spot for the droners and photographers! Once you pass the town, follow the road to the right all the way to the ‘campsite’. Here you will find a football court that has been called a campsite now. We didn’t see anyone when we were there and it is so exposed to the wind and right by the sea that I wouldn’t recommend staying here anyway. It is also quite far from the town and seemed very isolated. Something out of a horror movie sleeping there I think! However, once you walk past the court there is a small path up the rock. Once you walk to the top of the small hill you will see a path to the left. This leads to the waterfall! It is quite far but looks amazing.

Me stood in front of a waterfall in the Faroe Islands

We used a 70-200mm lens to make the waterfall look much closer behind me in some photos.

Best things to do in the Faroe Islands – Vagar Island

Vagar is the third largest island of the Faroe Islands. It is to the west of Streymoy island and is linked via an underwater tunnel. This is also why Streymoy is a great base as then it is much easier to get around between the islands. For the rest of the islands you will need to take a ferry. Vagar Island is also home to the airport so this is where you will land. Vagar is home to one of the most amazing hikes, incredible waterfalls.

Vagar Island Faroe Islands Photography

1. Marvel at Múlafossur Waterfall

You’ll be pleased to know that this waterfall is SUPER easy to see! Literally as you leave a long tunnel in through the rock, the parking for the waterfall is very close. From here it is under 5 minutes walk to get to the viewpoint for the waterfall. The viewpoint is called Gasaldur. The village of Gasaldur is also just further down the road from the waterfall. Another fab heated toilet! If you follow the road just past the village you will get to a sunset spot too. Unfortunately we didn’t see a single one while we were here but fingers crossed you have better weather than we did!

Me stood in front of Mulafossur Waterfall near Gasaldur Village

2. Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike

My favourite hike we did here! The hike here takes you along Lake Sørvágsvatn right to where there is a huge waterfall into the sea. The views are INCREDIBLE. The cliffs are stunning and you are surrounded by the sea. Make sure to leave plenty of time if you do this near sunset as the paths are very slippery. Faroe Islands is just one big waterfall, they are everywhere! There are small streams that cross the path everywhere so make sure you have some good waterproof footwear on. Being a popular hike, I would recommend going early in the day or later on, so that it isn’t too busy.

Lake sorvagsvatn hike Waterfall drone shot

Head to the complete Guide to Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike!

The hike also used to be free and now costs 200DKK for an adult ticket. This is around 26 Euro per person. So many people refuse to pay this but it is so worth it! Some believe that nature should be free to see, but it is on private land. The people here have decided to charge so that they can improve the paths here. Apparently they use helicopters to bring all the supplies here so it is definitely more expensive that fixing roads elsewhere. Don’t let it put you off!

Lake sorvagsvatn hike on Vagar Islands Drone photography

Best things to do in the Faroe Islands – Kalsoy Island

Also home to one of the most incredible hike! To get here you will have to take a ferry from one of the neighbouring islands. This hike will take you to the Kallurin lighthouse. Boyan has done this hike already and highly recommends it. It should take around 2 hours but take into account all the photos if you are a photographer. Leave plenty of time for sure also for any weather changes.

Kalsoy islands on Faroe Islands hike and lighthouse drone photo

Best things to do in the Faroe Islands – Mykines Island

This is the island of PUFFINS! A tiny island to the west of Vagar island. To get here you take a ferry. However, it is not always possible to see the puffins. They are most likely seen from mid April to September. I think the ferry sails from May to August so double check everything before you go!

How to get to the Faroe Islands?

We flew to Copenhagen and then took an Atlantic airways flight straight to the Faroe Islands here. You can also get a ferry from Denmark. You will fly to Vagar if you choose to go by air, and I would recommend staying on Streymoy!

Drone shot from the Faroe Islands

When is the best time to visit the Faroe Islands?

It is always a good time! Just depends whether you like snowy landscapes or not. As I said earlier it always feels like Autumn until it snows so depends what you are looking for. Then of course if you want to see puffins then come in puffin season!

Me stood by Fossa Waterfall - Esturoy Island

Even for those of you who are summer and sun lovers like me, you still have to visit the Faroe Islands! It’s basically always autumn until its winter. You will see more waterfalls and sheep than people. You will go on the most amazing hikes and take more photos than you can imagine. Be sure not to miss Streymoy, Esturoy and Vagar. If you have more time then head to Kalsoy island too, and if you are there in puffin season then send me some photos, I’ll be very jealous. Boyan has been twice and could still go back and I just LOVED it.

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