Sardinia has some really stunning places that only get better when you see them from above with a drone! But be careful, I was in Sardinia with Boyan my boyfriend (@boyanoo on Instagram) and it was so windy he took all of the drone shots in this post as when I flew my drone it took so long to come back as it was always against the wind! I have a Mavic Pro and Boyan has a Mavic 2 Pro which was much better against the wind! We also met another person while we were there who had a Mavic Air but he didn’t even fly his drone as he said it wouldn’t handle the wind so I’d recommend flying if you have a Pro or 2 Pro. Also it was really bright so make sure you have some polarised filters for your drone to reduce the glare from the sun. We use PolarPro filters.

Top drone spots of Sardinia


Cuglieri a small town with very narrow streets which look amazing from above!

Basilica St Maria – once at the top of these streets you reach this huge Basilica with an amazing view.

S-Archittu – this is an incredible spot with huge white rocks and a small beach surrounded by crystal clear blue water and a small natural arch

Tempio di Antas – is a no drone spot! But a great place to go and visit. Closed on Mondays

Buggeru – Top Down at the beach

And there’s a small port which makes for good drone shots!

Capo Carbonara

Porto sa ruxi– you can do a great walk around here through the rocks to an even more beautiful beach.

Porto Flavia – where goods were brought down through the rock to be loaded on to ships a long time ago to reduce time of transportation for miners

Scoglio Mangiabarche – a lighthouse out at sea, beautiful at sunset


Quartu Sant Elena flamingos – I read that the flamingos are only in Sardinia from June so I was surprised to see them but you are more likely to see them in the summer months

Near to Quartu Sant Elena there’s is a great place for a top down on the beach!

Cagliari hike – This is an amazing hike up to some old watch towers, which Sardinia is full of! But this one has the most amazing views and makes for a good drone shot too.

Solanas – a huge stretch of white sand beach, perfect for top downs of the beach!

Capo Carbonara – is a beautiful beach we stumbled upon near a place called Villasimius if you try to look for it. It’s a marine protected area and apparently you can see turtles here too.

Where to fly your drone in Northern Sardinia

For more tips on where to stay and what to do in Northern Sardinia here here!

Maddalena Archipelago

Cala Coticcio – my favourite beach on the entire island! In March when we went we were the only people there which was perfect! Crystal clear blue water and rocks all around.

Faro di Capo Ferro – an amazing spot just a short walk from the road, with views all around!

Capo Caccia – this is the most amazing sunset spot! There are a lot of birds though so watch out as they do go for the drone! But the cliffs here are incredible and you might even see some dolphins!