Your ultimate guide on where to party in Mykonos and the best beach clubs in Mykonos! The warm Greek weather mixed with the strong winds of Mykonos makes for a great day spent partying on the beach in the sun. There are SO many amazing beaches in Mykonos! Mykonos is often being called the next Ibiza. Although it doesn’t have the huge clubs of Ibiza, it has plenty of places to party all day and all night! Each sunrise shoot we did here to find all the most instagrammable places in Mykonos, there were still lots of people on the streets having a good time even in Mykonos Town!

This guide has everything on where to party in Mykonos from affordable, cheap and cheerful beach clubs to the super luxury. If you want to indulge one day and really treat yourself then scroll right down! Each beach is beautiful and the prices are a complete range, there is something for everyone.

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Where to party in Mykonos? Read on for the best beach clubs in Mykonos

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Super Paradise Beach

There is a shuttle bus from Fabrika Square and the Old Port, which leaves every 30 minutes until 10.30pm even on a Sunday. It couldn’t be easier to get to Super Paradise Beach from Town. On the way back, the shuttle operates midnight on a Sunday and until 11pm on the rest of the days. The best way to get around Mykonos is to hire a car, but unless you have a designated driver who isn’t drinking, the shuttle may be the best option. The taxis in Mykonos are extortionate. They have even made a new rule that any transfer under 30 minutes long has a minimum spend of 80 Euro!!! Any private transfer is better, but you will still pay 40 Euro for pretty much any journey. Be very careful on the roads, as a lot of people drink and drive here.

Super Paradise Beach from above with sunloungers and sea and sand

All drone shots by @boyanoo

Where to Party in Mykonos near Super Paradise Beach?

Super Paradise Beach Club

During the day, the vibe here is very chilled out. However, as the hours go by the music gets louder. By the evening, it is the place to go. Super Paradise brands itself as non-conformist and alternative, and it really is a fun place to go. Rent a sun lounger and umbrella for the day and get ready to order some cocktails! This is one of the more laid back and affordable beach bars and places to party in Mykonos.

Beach photo taken with the drone with sun loungers and sea and sand

Did you know that there are also lots of secluded beaches in Mykonos too? Once you get tired of partying there are lots of lovely beaches to choose from. There are at least 17 amazing beaches not to be missed in Mykonos!

Jackie ‘O Beach Club

We went here for an 80’s night and it was great chilling here as the sunset. Just after the sunset, Priscilla, a drag Queen in Mykonos had a performance and this is when it started to get busy! The tables right by the small stage have a minimum spend. The service is incredible and you will never have an empty drink. I would definitely recommend the platter of sliders; the fish burger was divine!

There is one section of Jackie ‘O right on the beach, and then the bar area with a pool is where the show was. There is an incredible selection of cocktails at the 360 degree open bar. Jackie O’ is also a great place for a sit down lunch and dinner. The only down side is that the sunset is behind the beach bar, so you cant see it setting. However, the light is lovely as it sets.

Jackie O Beach club and bar and restaurant taken from the drone, with pool and cliffs and sea

Where to stay near Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Suites

This Cycladic style hotel has the most beautiful pool overlooking the sea. Super Paradise suites offers perfect views to wake up to when you step out onto the balcony of your room.

Check prices and availability here.

Paraga Beach

Paraga Beach is located right on the Southern tip of Mykonos, nearby Super Paradise Beach. It is between Agia Anna Beach and Super Paradise. It is home to Kalua Beach Bar and Restaurant and Scorpios, an incredible beach bar with the best sunset views.


The vibes here are just unreal. As you walk in women dressed in floaty boho outfits greet you, and everyone looks like they are at a festival. Definitely don’t go here dressed down! On one side there is a small beach with sunlongers. On the other side of Scorpios are plenty of places to sit and dance, with the most incredible sunset views. The service here is also incredible and the drinks are great too.

Scorpios beach club, photo taken from the sea

You can reserve a spot on the terrace, beach, sunset beach, or you can stay at the San Giorgio Hotel. This hotel is within walking distance of Scorpios and looks like an amazing place to stay.

San Giorgio hotel from above taken with the drone of the pool and surrounding area

Where else to eat near Scorpios?

Agia Anna beach has a lovely restaurant called Nikolas Seafood restaurant. If you don’t want to spend all your money at Scorpios, head here for a slightly cheaper meal! I would recommend the fish, as it was amazing. We also tried sea urchin, which I wouldn’t recommend. However, the calamari and taramasalata was amazing.

Kalua Beach Bar

With a packed schedule of different artists, Kalua Beach Bar has an event for everyone. Start here with dinner, which is a fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. Then hop onto a sun lounger and start with their uniquely crafted cocktails.

Head here to see accommodation nearby Scorpios and Kalua beach bar.

Paradise Beach

Photo taken with the drone of the beach bar sun loungers in Mykonos on Paradise Beach

Tropicana Beach Club

At 4:30pm is when the music starts here and the DJ takes their place. With different DJs throughout the week, you will never get bored. Tropicana also has an amazing breakfast and lunch menu.

Where to Stay?

Tropicana Hotel

For a bit of luxury, book yourself a room at Tropicana Hotel. Choose between a sea view, pool view and even a Jacuzzi.

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Cavo Paradiso

This is one of the most famous beach clubs in Mykonos. We stayed right near Cavo and I can tell you that the music doesn’t stop! With a big pool at its centre, be sure to reserve well in advance as it is a popular place to go! It isn’t actually on the beach, but set high up on the cliffs. The whole club surrounds a massive pool and overlooks the sea in every direction.

Cavo Paradiso Pool, one of the best places to party in Mykonos

Panormos Beach

This was one of my favourite beaches in Mykonos. I like that there is a busy beach bar, but that there is also a large stretch of sand where you can relax away from the beach bar and music. Here you can dip in and out and chill on the beach, then head to the beach bar later on in the day.

Panormos beach from above, where to party in Mykonos? Here!

Principote Beach Club

Located on Panormos Beach, Principote Beach club is perfect for those who don’t want to get their hair in a mess. Mykonos is famous for it’s strong Meltemi winds. Panormos Beach is in a cove, and sheltered from these strong winds. As it is in a bay, the water also was a lot warmer to swim in than other beaches in Mykonos. The food here is also absolutely incredible.

Principote starts off calm and the music gets louder as the day goes on. There is a long stretch of beach here, so if you want some peace you can also sit further along the beach, as the beach club is only a small portion of it. Also, if you prefer to sunbathe without your clothes on, this is the place! There is also a designated nudist beach a bit further along from the beach club, but people get their kit off right along the beach.

Where to party in Mykonos - Principote beach club photo taken with the drone of the sea and beach club

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Ftelia Beach

Located in the North of Mykonos, this beach is ideal for windsurfers! It is a long stretch of beach and great to spend the day.

Alemagou Beach Bar and Restaurant

This bohemian beach bar and restaurant is a more chilled vibe. Set right on the beach, there is a villa nearby you can stay at to be right by the beach club. This is the perfect place for those who aren’t party animals but still want some music and a drink on the beach.

Check prices and availability for this area here!


The real answer to the question of where to party in Mykonos. Nammos is the ULTIMATE beach club. Come here with your credit card at the ready. Located on Psarou beach, it is the most luxury beach bar and club in Mykonos. Here, you can buy a jeroboam of champagne for a mere 800 Euro. Or go for the Melchizedek – 30 litres of champagne! However, cocktails start from 12 Euro so actually quite affordable.

I actually had no idea about all the different names of champagne bottles! Probably as I’m not a millionaire and never order champagne that’s bigger than a bottle. But the Melchizedek is the biggest.

Where to stay near Nammos beach bar?

Kensho Psarou

This boutique hotel offers both rooms and villas and looks divine. If you are planning a special trip and are ready to splurge then I would recommend staying here. 

Check for prices and availability in this area here 

Looking for some more secluded beaches after all that partying?

Photo of a small church by the Fokos beach in Mykonos

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