Planning a day trip to Comino? This guide to the blue lagoon in Malta will tell you everything you need to know about getting to Comino from Malta, to how to get around Comino once you are there and what amazing photos spots there are on the island. Comino is a tiny island, ten minutes by boat from Malta. It is exactly as it looks in the photos, the blue lagoon is absolutely breath taking a definitely worth a trip while you are in Malta. It gets very busy in summer, but if you get one of the first boats from the harbour at Marfa Bay in Malta, you will have it all to yourself! We arrived at 9am and were one of the first people to jump in the bright blue lagoon here!

Drone shot of the Comino blue lagoon in malta, with rocks either side, during a day trip to comino

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Best photo spots at the Blue Lagoon in Comino

My favourite photo spot was the blue lagoon itself for sure! This photo really shows just how amazing the colour of the water is, and how clear it is! The blue lagoon is fairly shallow water; you can walk out quite far and still not be fully submerged. I was lucky with my photo that is featured as the blog cover, as on this day there were a few jellyfish in the water, so I didn’t have to swim out far to get this shot, with no one around me. Luckily, as the current changed, the jellyfish also disappear, so they don’t stay around forever once they appear. Boyan had to teach me how to float though, as it is not as easy as it looks!

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Drone shot of the blue lagoon at Comino in Malta with umbrellas on the beach on a day trip to comino

How to get to Comino from Malta?

Boats leave Marfa bay in the north of Malta every 45 minutes to go to Comino. It is 13 Euro return trip per person. You get a ticket, and each company has a different colour ticket so make sure you keep the ticket so you can get on the return journey! It gets busy on the way back, so listen out, as they will shout out the different colour of ticket so you know which boat to get on the way back. You can also get a boat from Valletta for a day trip to Comino. You can also do an organised tour, but I always prefer to organise my own day.

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Drone shot of the blue lagoon on a day trip to Comino, Malta, with a boat crossing the water

How to get to the blue lagoon in Comino?

Once you arrive into the bay at Comino, a few steps and you are at the blue lagoon! There is a small beach right by where to boats come in and if you continue to walk along to coastal path, you are right at the blue lagoon. There are no beaches here, but instead there are some flatter areas on the rocks to sit on. When we were there, everyone had water shoes to get into the sea, as it is a bit slippery and rocky to get in. However, I didn’t have any water shoes and I managed just fine, but might be helpful if you have some! The blue lagoon itself is all sandy once you are in the water, so it is just for getting in and out of the water.

Boyan walking along the path on Comino in Malta

Where are the best beaches to spend your time on during your day trip to Comino?

The blue lagoon beach is definitely the best area to start your day! While there aren’t as many people, it’s a beautiful spot to swim and get some photos. If you want to relax and sunbathe, I would recommend bringing an inflatable so that you can lie in the sea. There is no real beach here to lie on, just rocks that you can sit on, but not lie comfortably.

Beach at the blue lagoon in Malta with umbrellas and one woman sitting on the beach during a day trip to Comino

Santa Marija Bay Beach

When the blue lagoon started to get too busy, we walked along the path to see if we could find any more beaches. We were told that Santa Marija Bay beach was nice, and it is a lovely sandy beach. However, if you walk up past Santa Marija bay beach, you will find a small rocky area. This is a lovely place to swim and is much more secluded! It is also a popular spot for small boats and yachts to stop for a swim. Again, best to have good shoes as it’s not easy walking around on the rocks.

To get here, you can walk, but we had a heavy backpack so decided to hop in a 4×4. There was a man offering rides to 5 Euro return trip to Santa Marija Bay. As we had a limited amount of time, we decided to go with him and get there faster!

Boyan standing looking into the water during our day trip to Comino, Malta

Where can you eat on Comino?

In the morning, it looked like there was really nothing there. However, once we returned at about midday from Santa Marija Beach, by the blue lagoon there are plenty of food trucks to get some lunch at. Also at Santa Marija Bay there are two food trucks with cold drinks and hot dogs and burgers to eat. If you want something healthy I would recommend bringing your own food. Right by where the boats stop, there are some stalls selling fresh fruit too and drinks in pineapples, which is fun!

Drone shot of the harbour at Comino, blue lagoon, Malta, day trip to Comino

How to get around Comino Island?


Comino is actually a popular spot for walking. There are paths around the island that you can take, one of which is 7km long and very popular with walkers. However, this is a recommended trail from October to May, as in summer it gets well above 30 degrees Celsius. It was definitely too hot for us to walk around with no shade and heavy backpacks.

By Car

There is a man just when you get off the boat at the blue lagoon with a small 4×4 that offers trips around the island. To Santa Marija Beach, which is a lovely sandy beach, it is 3 Euro one way or 5 Euro return trip. Much faster way to get around in the heat and saves your shoes on the dusty rocky roads!

Drone shot over the blue lagoonat Comino, Malta with rocks and sea

What to do if a jellyfish stings you?


The NHS website recommends:

WASH IMMEDIATELY WITH SEA WATER or buy a special jellyfish spray if you are going to Malta with children. We saw a small girl get stung and her parents used a special spray and she seemed to feel much better soon after.



Take painkillers

In recent years, there has been an increase in the numbers of jellyfish in Malta. This is due to the decline in the number of turtles, which used to eat the jellyfish! They don’t stay for long, as certain currents wash them to shore, but there will be long periods where they are gone again. Definitely keep an eye out when you are swimming in the sea, as they have long tentacles.

Where to stay on Comino?

There is just one hotel on Comino itself! It has an outdoor pool and is directly on a private beach. 

Check here for availability and prices

Comino is very small and perfect for a day trip. I would actually suggest staying on either Gozo or Malta Island and heading to Comino for the day. Another option is staying on different islands during your trip. We stayed in the North of Malta, near Mellieha and it was very easy to get around by car.

Where to stay in the rest of Malta?


Mellieha is the best place to stay for beaches! 25 minute drive to Valletta and close to some great sunset spots. 

View of a street in malta with pot plants lined up

St Julian’s

St Julian’s is the best area if you want plenty of bars and restaurants and a bit of nightlife. It is popular with young people. There are also two beaches nearby, St Julian’s Bay and St George’s Bay. 

Drone shot of Hugo's Hotel in Malta, with the rooftop pool visible


The beautiful capital of Malta, Valletta is quite busy in summer with tourists. However, it is perfect if you like to stay in the centre and be right in the old town. There are plenty of restaurants and shops nearby.

Me sat on the edge of a wall in valletta, malta, with a view over small street


I stayed here in February when I visited Malta. Here you can find some lovely views over Valletta. Sliema is a calmer area to stay, but still very accessible to everywhere on the island. There are also boats that leave from Sliema to Valletta throughout the day.


Marsaxlokk is a lovely old fishing town, and perfect if you want a bit of peace and quiet and to be further away from bigger towns. However, it is a long way to get to the north via the small roads of Malta. I would recommend staying somewhere more central if you can.

A boat in the harbour at Marsaxlokk in Malta

I hope you have enjoyed my tips on a day trip to Comino and the guide to the blue lagoon! It is the perfect beach day trip to catch some sun and relax in the bright blue water of the lagoon. It is very easy to get to from both Gozo and Malta. If you don’t stay on Comino itself, then it is no problem at all. Just remember to go early to beat the crowds and have the lagoon almost to yourself for a while!

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