I had wanted to go to Mykonos for a very long time, the white washed walls, the clear blue sea and Greek food meant that it was top of my list. In this photography guide to Mykonos I’ll be showing you the most instagrammable places to visit and the best photography spots in Mykonos. Mykonos Town is one of the most beautiful little towns I have ever wandered around, every street is photogenic. I’ll be showing you the best ones, as I spent a few mornings wandering around the town! For the Best Beaches in Mykonos head to my blog on the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos, also perfect for Instagram shots.

Me with some cats in Mykonos in front of a blue door - best photography spots in Mykonos

I had been to Greece when I was twelve on an exchange and once hopped across from Turkey to visit Kos, so it was definitely time to go back. I couldn’t wait to eat my body weight in feta cheese, calamari and Greek salad. That’s exactly what I did!

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A church in Mykonos Town, me walking in the sunrise in front of the best photography spots in Mykonos

The photo above was taken in the Middle of Mykonos Old Town

Mykonos Old Town (also called Chora) – the most instagrammable area of Mykonos

Mykonos Town really is the place to be in Mykonos. It does get very busy in the daytime and the evening, so if you want photos like this then I would recommend getting here before 8am. Also, the shops begin the open at 8 so the walls will be covered in post cards and clothes to buy after this time. We actually got here between 6:30 and 7 to get the place to ourselves. We parked our scooter at the Mykonos windmills. This is the easiest parking spot for a scooter and also free. There are a few parking areas as you drive into Mykonos town that charge around 10-20 Euro for parking. If you continue to drive on, you will reach the windmills and in the morning there are plenty of parking spots.

Famous Mykonos windmills with me walking in front of this best photography spot in Mykonos

Mykonos Windmills

If you want to have photos with these famous windmills, get there as early as you can as later on it gets very busy with people! 

Me standing against the Mykonos windmills in the background - the best photography spots in Mykonos

Little Venice

Situated just along the beach from the Mykonos windmills, Little Venice really is a small part of Venice in Mykonos. The colourful houses are right on the water and the windmills are the best place to view Little Venice from. Alternatively, they are always easy to see from the drone. At sunset, the sun is in front of Little Venice so you will get a beautiful light. However, it is also stunning at sunrise when the sun is behind it! This is really one of the best things to do in Mykonos!

Little Venice in Mykonos, Greece shot with the drone - best photography spots in Mykonos

Panagia Paraportiani Orthodox Church

This is definitely my favourite church on the island. Although all the other small churches are beautiful with their coloured domes, this old church really is so unique. It is right on the waterfront and situated a short walk away from Little Venice.  Near this church there is also the instagrammable spot with the little street that leads down to the water. We walked up a few steps in a nearby abandoned house in order to get this whole church into the shot. We took photos here at sunrise, but it would also be beautiful at sunset!

Panagia Paraportiani church in Mykonos Town, Greece. Me standing in front of the old white church - one of the best photography spots in Mykonos


One of the most popular instagrammable spots, and it really is a cute spot. The best thing about this spot is that in the evening, and old lady sits on the balcony above and is the happiest person I’ve seen in a long time! For photos without this old lady I would recommend coming at about 7 in the morning. Otherwise you will be waiting in line for a photo here!

Instagrammble hashtag Happiness spot in Mykonos Town, and me standing in front - one of the best photography spots in Mykonos


This photo was taken outside the Balenciaga shop. The entire street and area is so beautiful, with so many flowers! I actually removed the Balenciaga sign, but it used to be above the doorway. One of the best photography spots in Mykonos for me!

Me in front of a flowery street in Mykonos town

Me walking in the street in a red dress with flowers around in Mykonos Town - one of the best photography spots

Most Instagrammable villages in Mykonos!

Ano Mera Village

This is the second largest village in Mykonos. It has a small main square with little restaurants and shops. We went here every day to get our breakfast; it has a great bakery with croissants, as well as delicious feta cheese sandwiches! It has lots of little streets with white houses and blue shutters, all perfect for some beautiful photos. Ano Mera also has beautiful churches to see, the most famous being Panagia Tourliani Monastery. This photo was taken on a small street just off the main road.

Me in the town of Ano Mera in Mykonos walking down a white set of stairs with blue railings

This photo was taken also just off the main square. I love old crumbly buildings, so this was perfect for me. There are also lots of very cute cats around here to see!

Me walking through Mykonos Town in white dress

Tourlos Village

This village is situated just north of Mykonos Town and has a large port area. Here you can see lots of huge yachts. Or do what we did and walk up from the port into the town and explore the beautiful houses here! There are also plenty of restaurants and places to stay here.

A little street in Mykonos with two bikes parked and flowers either side

Agios Stefanos

This was one of my favourite little villages. The streets here were some of the prettiest with flowers everywhere. It was also a very quiet area, and perfect to take photos as no one else was there!

Me twirling in front of a white house in Mykonos, Greece

Agios Stefanos also has a lovely beach and is home to Rocabella Mykonos, a beautiful hotel with white walls and a pool overlooking the sea. Just a short walk from the beach you will also find this little church.

Me in front of a traditional church in Mykonos in a white dress

Best photography spots in Mykonos: Sunset

Everyone heads to the windmills to watch the sunset in Mykonos or to the old port. As you can imagine, it gets so crowded and definitely not ideal to get your perfect Instagram shot. This was the best photography spot for the sunset. It had all the white houses in the background, as we were much higher up from the town. As you drive down to Mykonos Town you follow a winding road that takes on a zig zag shape, after the last bend in the road, this spot is on your right. In June 2019 when this was written, it was an abandoned building, so no trespassing needed to take this shot!

Me sat on a rooftop in Mykonos overlooking the town and all the houses at sunset

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Best photography spots in Mykonos: Drone

Fokos Beach

This is a lovely secluded beach, down a dirt path and along the dam in Mykonos. There is a lovely small church nearby that makes for a great drone photo! Just be weary not to fly to close to all the nudists as they may not take this well!

Fokos Beach in Mykonos, a secluded beach with a little church, drone shot

Basketball Court near Ano Mera

We stumbled upon this randomly while doing a google maps check of the area. It is right opposite the town of Ano Mera and is part of a school. We had to climb over one wall to get in here but it was definitely worth it! It is one of the cleanest courts I’ve seen, probably as it’s not that easy to get to for the public. You can see this shot on @boyanoo Instagram feed along with many more drone shots from Mykonos!

Top down drone shot, Boyan on a basketball court near to Ano Mera

Kalo Livadi Beach

One of the longest stretches of sandy beach on the island, it is perfect to drone with all the sun loungers in neat rows. However, be sure to drone here in the morning or in the evening, as during the day they are definitely not in neat rows! The sea is an incredible blue colour here, and although there are lots of places on the island like this, the water really is even more blue here!

Top down Kalo Livadi beach in Mykonos, with sun loungers and blue sea

Elia Beach

This is another top down heaven for droners. This beach has perfect white sand and sun loungers along the beach. The water again is stunning, and it’s quite a large bay so lots of amazing yachts to photograph too.

Drone shot of Elia beach in Mykonos, with sun loungers and blue sea

Mykonos Town Port

For incredible yachts all lined up and for that perfect symmetry, fly your drone to the Mykonos Town Port. There are some unreal yachts to see here, and they are all different shapes and sizes.

Top down of Mykonos harbour with yachts in a line

Mykonos Town

The best way to photograph the whole of Mykonos town and to get all those beautiful white houses in is with the drone. These were all taken at sunset, as during the day it is just SO bright. We stood up by the sunset spot I mentioned earlier, so you don’t have any buildings in the way while you drone. Here you get the best view of the windmills and over the whole of Mykonos Town. There are also a few hidden basketball courts in Mykonos Town, so see if you can find them with your drone!

Sunset shot of Mykonos Town with white houses and orange sun in the distance

Top down of basketball court in the centre of Mykonos town, shot with the drone

Panormos Beach

Panormos beach is a busy beach right by the restaurant, but as you walk down it is actually quite secluded! At the very end of the beach is a very old little hut that is perfect to take photos from or even a dronie! It is also a peaceful beach to chill on all day.

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Panormos beach in Mykonos, drone shot with two of us on an old building on the beach with the waves

Panagia Paraportiani Orthodox Church

Since we don’t have a tripod, we take a lot of our photos together with the drone! This was a lovely spot for some drone photos and it was much easier to get it all in the frame and show just how incredible this church was.

'Follow me' style photo in Mykonos Town

I hope you enjoyed my guide on the best photography spots in Mykonos and found yourself some inspiration from all these instagrammable locations. To read about all the best beaches in Mykonos head to my blog on the Best Beaches in Mykonos, with all the drone photos to make you need to visit Mykonos ASAP!

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