Durdle Door beach Dorset really is one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in England! The water is crystal clear and an incredible blue colour. There are some great hikes and walks around, and I’ll also be telling you what else there is to do around Durdle Door! Dorset in Winter is stunning let alone in summer, so any time of year you go, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! There are so many incredible places to see in Dorset, definitely don’t miss Old Harry Rocks and Durdle Door though. 

Solarpoweredblonde sat on the cliff at Durdle Door beach Dorset

Why is Durdle Door beach one of the best Dorset beaches?

  1. The huge natural archway in the rock!
  2. The amazing blue colour of the sea!
  3. The scenic walk along the cliffs

The list goes on! Durdle door really is a special place. I have been twice now, and even once in winter. I rarely go anywhere when it is cold, so for me to go to Dorset in Winter it has got to be special! The views really are incredible, the sea is stunning and there are lots of lovely walks. Also, if you are into photography, there are so many beautiful angles and places to photograph, in the whole of Dorset, not just Durdle Door! There is something for everyone, from hiking, chilling on the beach, fun for the whole family and romantic places for couples too!

Solarpoweredblonde stood at Durdle Door beach Dorset

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How to get to Durdle Door?

Durdle Door is located to the west of Lulworth Cove along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, South England. To get to Durdle Door you will need to drive down to the car park and then it is a short walk. Or a slightly longer walk if it is busy and they introduce a one way system. We went first in December 2019 and it really was quite empty, which was lovely! The beaches were empty, the car park wasn’t busy at all and we had a lot of places to ourselves.

Durdle Door beach with a yacht behind and a boat in front, one of the best Dorset beaches

In July 2020 it was a different story! Even in a pandemic, people were flocking here! One day we arrived in the afternoon, and all the main car parks were busy. We needed up parking in a field quite far up from the beach. We had to walk down a hill and across some fields to get to the beach. This was fine on the way down but sweltering on the way back up. We didn’t even go dow onto the beach as it was super crowded as you can see in the photo below but it was still lovely to go for a walk here.

People sat on the beach at Durdle Door in Dorset England

In July 2020 there was also a one way system, so the next day we went early and managed to park in the main car park. However, usually you just walk down the path and it takes 5-10 minutes. This time we walk along a path through trees and about 3 fields! On the way back we managed to walk up the short path but be warned if this is still the case when you go, it takes a while.

Solarpoweredblonde walking along the path at Durdle Door

Durdle Door from London

The nearest train station to Durdle Door is Wool. Not all trains will change here and it is likely you will have to get the train to Bournemouth and then change to get a train to Wool. From Wool is is around 40 minutes drive to Durdle Door. You can get the X54 bus from nearby to Wool station to get to Durdle Door. It is definitely not for a day trip once you are here you will want to stay for at least a few nights if not a week! If you are visiing London as part of your UK trip, don’t miss the East London Street Art and the most Instagrammable places in London!

Solarpoweredblonde sat on the beach at Durdle Door in a hat and dress

The best way to get to Dorset from London is to drive! The last time we went to Dorset we actually combined it with a trip to the Isles of Scilly. We drove the whole way down to Cornwall, stayed the night and headed to Isles of Scilly. After our trip there, it was around 3 hours to drive to Dorset so broke up our journey back to London nicely!

How much is the parking at Durdle Door?

It costs around £10 to park at Durdle Door car park all day, and £5 for up to 4 hours. They take card so no need for cash. You can also pay online! I think it was on the JustPark website.

How long to spend in Dorset?

I would say at least 3 or 4 nights! There are some lovely sunset spots that I will be mentioning later on in this post. Also bear in mind that this is England, so some nights the weather might not be amazing. To guarantee one beautiful sunset, stay for a few nights!

Solarpoweredblonde sat on the walking path at Durdle Door in Dorset England

Where to stay near Durdle Door?

If you want to stay closer to Durdle Door

Roy’s Shepherd Hut is perfect if you want to be nice and close to Durdle Door. Also perfect if you don’t want to get up at the crack of dawn for a sunrise in summer! The hut is located in West Lulworth, so just a 7 minute drive away from Durdle Door! The hut is in someone’s back garden howveer, so its not for everyone! It’s a great budget option though, with a bathroom in a detached room. There is a kettle in the room but you can’t cook, so this will add to your budget as you will have to eat out. I would recommend the next option, although it is 45 minutes away, you can cook for yourself and it is right in the countryside in a field!

Roy's Shepherd Hut near to Durdle Door in West Lulworth, Dorset

If you want to stay in the middle of a field!

Moonfleet Farm is around 40-45 minutes away from Durdle Door. We love it so much we have stayed here twice now! There are camping spots, or you can rent one of the 4 Shepherd’s huts. It really is in the middle of lots of fields, and if you choose ‘Mistover’ then you get the best views! You wake up to the rolling fields in front of you and cows coming over for their breakfast. There are some lovely dogs on the farm and also some very friendly ducks. One of the other huts is a lot larger, and may be better if there are more than 2 of you. For 2 of us, Mistover is just perfect. There is a wood burning stove so it is also perfect in winter. There is a stove, a king size bed with lots of storage space beneath it, a fridge freezer and sink.

Moonfleet Farm - Mistover Hut in Dorset

The best way to get to Durdle Door from London is to drive! I takes around 3-4 hours really depending on traffic and where in London you live!

How is Durdle Door in 2020?

Busy! If you are wanting to social distance then I wouldn’t recommend Durdle Door beach. The main problem is the narrow path down to the actual beach. You can’t walk down or up it without being within a metre of two of other people. On the cliffs above and once you are down on the beach it is fine but it is just this path! I would recommend going very early to help with parking, social distancing and to avoid midday sun.

Shot of Durdle Door from the cliffs above

Other things to do near Durdle Door?

There is SO much to do here! Amazing walks, sunset spots and lovely little villages.

Walk at Old Harry Rocks

This is hands down my favourite place in Dorset alongside Durdle Door! Old Harry Rocks is amazing from ground level, but you really see how huge and incredible it is from a drone! (Head here for drone photography tips!) Just imagine this shot when you are standing on the rocks! Alternatively, you can also rent a kayak and go on a trip here and see these huge white cliffs from below. Sunrise and sunset are perfect times to go for photography. However, the sun sets behind the rocks, but still makes for a stunning photo. The walk here is also lovely, in winter or summer! The car park is around a 25 minute walk away from the rocks. On the way back, stop off at the pub to enjoy the sunset some more and grab a fish and chips!

Drone shot of Old Harry Rocks in Dorset England

Explore Lulworth Cove

Another one of the stunning Dorset beaches! This also looks just beautiful from a drone. The colour of the water is like I have never seen before in the UK. Lulworth Cove is just a 12 minute drive from Durdle Door. You can also walk here along the coast and it should take around 40 minutes.

Drone shot of the Jurassic Coast Dorset England

Go back in time at Corfe Castle

We didn’t actually go in to the castle but if you love ruins and views then Corfe castle is a must. Set high up on a hill, the ruins of Corfe castle catch the sunset perfectly. Corfe Castle is around 30 minutes drive from Durdle Door.

Hike at Worbarrow Bay

We loved the hike here! It is a lot more strenuous than Old Harry Rocks and Durdle door but well worth it. The hike is much steeper and this makes it harder but the views are just amazing, Be careful here though, as a lot of the area is used by the military for training so stay on the path!

Soalrpoweredblonde walking on top of a bunker at Worbarrow Bay in Dorset

See Man O’War beach

This beach is literally right next to Durdle Door beach! As you walk down to Durdle Door beach, to the left of the path you will see Man O’War beach. This is a very small bay but with beautiful blue water again.

I love the names here, as we arrived to Durdle Door I saw a sign saying welcome to ‘Scratchy Bottom’ which apparently is the name of the sea here. Then you can also take a walk the whole way to Bat’s head, which is a large cliff protruding into the sea. This will take around 25 minutes to walk.

Wander around the village of West Lulworth

There are lots of lovely villages you will drive through in Dorset but I think my favourite one was West Lulworth! The small houses in a row are lovely to see, and some with a thatched roof. It is like stepping back in time! Be sure to stop by and have a look around.

Thanks for reading my post on Durdle Door beach Dorset! I really hope you get to visit soon, as I love it so much! You won’t regret a trip to Dorset. I have added a few budget accommodation options to keep costs down. Then factor in about £10 a day for parking and petrol too, as you will probably be driving for around an hour a day if you want to see all the places I have mentioned above. Most importantly, don’t miss Durdle Door beach Dorset and Old Harry Rocks! These are some of the most iconic places along the Jurassic Coast and not to be missed. I hope you have an amazing time and if you have any other questions at all, please let me know in the comments!

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