Bali is full of instagrammable hotels that it’s hard to choose where to stay!  Read on for unique places to stay in Ubud to get some amazing photos, and which rooms to stay in that are the most ‘instagrammable’. After having spent a few months now in Bali (so far) I have stayed in all of these places I’ve listed below. I hope this post helps you choose your next accommodation and makes the decision a bit easier! If you have longer in Bali, why not check out the beaches in Uluwatu, or head north to see the most amazing waterfalls in Bali

Girl sat in a flower bath in an instagrammable hotel in Ubud surrounded by rice terraces. Pink flower bath

Adiwana Bee House Flower Bath

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Unique places to stay in Ubud!

1. The Udaya – The Most Instagrammable Hotel Pool in Bali!

This is a beautiful hotel just set back from the centre of Ubud and one of the most unique places to stay in Ubud. However, there is a free shuttle that leave throughout the day so you can get into Ubud easily. Although you probably won’t want to leave once you arrive here as The Udaya is such a lovely property!

Drone shot of the Udaya Hotel, a unique place to stay in Ubud, Bali. Also an instagrammable hotel in Bali! View of the pool and surrounding greenery

Shot by @boyanoo

How to get here?

Depends where you are coming from but from Canggu and Uluwatu it will take around an hour to reach the Udaya. From the airport it will be a bit closer but it really depends on time of day as the traffic will make a big difference to your journey time.

Which room to choose?

There are suite rooms and villas here. I stayed in both and of course I would recommend the private villa. A suite room is also very nice but you can’t beat a private villa with a private pool. The villas also have a nice patio where you can get room service and enjoy some lunch in the comfort of your own villa. All suite rooms overlook the main pool which is the most instagrammable spot here I would say!

Is there a spa?

There is a lovely spa here, set right at the bottom of the property. It is called the Kaveri Spa. I would highly recommend the couples massage, it was so relaxing! You also get to smell all the oils they will use and choose your favourite one before they massage starts. The flower bath was also lovely but I wouldn’t say its the most instagrammable flower bath I’ve had. A lot of people have photos here, but the spa has big windows that ruin the photo slightly and you would have to get a photo early as it is a bit dark in the spa. Save your flower bath for one of the next hotels on this list! Also I would recommend having an idea in your head of what pattern you would like.

Girl sat on the edge of a flower bath at The Udaya in Bali, a unique place to stay in Bali!

The other problem with the flower bath here was that it made me quite itchy and there were also a lot of mosquitos flying around me.

Can you do yoga here?

The Udaya had the most incredible yoga bale. Right at the top of the hotel is a triangular shaped bamboo structure in which you can practice yoga. It’s position means there is a stunning view from up above. There is a whole section covered by a bamboo structure, as well as a small section at the front where you can have a romantic dinner for two.

Average room price?
£150 for one night

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2. Adiwana Bee House – Most Instagrammable Flower Bath in Bali!

The clue is in the name! Gorgeous little houses surrounding one beautiful shaped pool with rice terrace views all around! This really is one of the most unique places to stay in Ubud because of the amazing architecture! 

Drone shot of a girl walking through an instagrammable hotel in Bali - one of the unique places to stay in Ubud! Adiwana Bee House

How to get here?

Adiwana Bee House is set about 15 minutes away from the centre of Ubud. It really is one of the most peaceful places I have stayed at. It is surrounded by rice fields as far as the eye can see.

Which room to choose?

There are a few ‘bee houses’ in a row here. There are two that are not elevated and are on one floor. Then there are a few that are round and elevated and have two levels. The best rooms to choose here are the villas with a private pool! There is definitely one that I saw from the rice fields. The villa is right in among the rice terraces and has a beautiful private pool as well as a patio. I haven’t stayed in one of these but they looked lovely. We stayed in a small pool villa, but this is the ideal place for a flower bath so read on to see it!

Drone shot of the Adiwana Bee House - the most unique places to stay in Ubud! An instagrammable hotel in Bali

Can I get a flower bath?

This was my favourite flower bath in Bali so far! The bathroom is lovely and open and has the perfect sunset light coming in. I had a flower bath at around 5:30pm once it’s a bit cooler as the bathroom warms up a lot! Top tip is to not leave any creams in the bathroom as my suncream I left in there separated and I had to throw it away! Usually a flower bath will have a few different colour flowers and then typically there are green bits that are added too. As the flower bath was being made I though it looked really lovely just with the two colours so I asked for it without the green and I would definitely recommend it! It was the most relaxing flower bath I’ve had, and it smelled so good!

Girl sat on the edge of a flower bath in Bali, pink petals and one of the most unique places to stay in Ubud!

Average room price?
From £130 per night

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3. Adiwana Arkara Villas – Perfect Private Villas!

I would definitely recommend Adiwana Arkara Villas if you are looking for a private villa with the comfort of a restaurant walking distance away!

How to get here?

Adiwana Arkara Villas are situated about 15 minutes away from the centre of Ubud. 

Drone shot of me sat i a private villa in Bali with a pool - unique places to stay in Ubud.

Which room to choose?

We had the villa closest to the main pool, so at the end of the row of villas on the left. From what I could see with the drone this looked like the best pool! It was in the sun for most of the day, but our patio for lunch was in the shade which was nice. Each villa comes with a kitchen and huge bathroom. You get your own butler who is always at hand should you need them. We had room service for one lunch at the villa and it was so nice to sit by the pool and have lunch. However the restaurant is also lovely!

How is the restaurant?

The restaurant is right above the main entrance. It is the BEST spot here to watch the sunset over the rice fields. I practically ran to dinner as the sunset was so amazing. Top tip though use some bug spray! We were here in January and we got bitten but mosquitos so much and especially at dinner time. The food was delicious, great Indonesian selection and a few Western options. I would recommend the curry it was so tasty I had it a few times.

You can also order a floating breakfast to your villa which is really lovely! The pancakes are really delicious and I would also recommend the cheese omelette!

Girl sat with a floating breakfast in the pool at a unique place to stay in Bali - Adiwana Arkara Villa

Best spot for photos?

I would say the main pool! This pool is an infinity pool and nothing but palm trees behind. It is a lovely spot for a floating breakfast too!

Me sat on the edge of a pool at an instagrammable hotel in Bali - Adiwana Arkara Villas in ubud, Bali

Average room price?
From £90 per night

4. Adiwana Arya Villas – Biggest Hotel Pool!

Another lovely private villa. This time we had one without a pool. However, the main pool is really lovely and actually one of the biggest we have had in Ubud.

Drone shot of girl walking along the edge of a pool at sunset, one of the most unique places to stay in Ubud. Surrounded by rice terraces

How to get here?

Adiwana Arya Villas is again set a bit out of the centre of Ubud. I took us around 15-20 minutes to get to the centre of Ubud from here.

Which room to choose?

My favourite rooms here were the ones that have traditional Indonesian architecture. I think these are garden view. We had a rice field view room and it was also very lovely and a bit more private. Any of the villas here are a good option! They all come with a huge outdoor bathroom with a bath, shower and everything you would need.

Girl walking along the edge of a pool with a palm tree and blue sky - Adiwana Arya Villa in Ubud, bali. An instagrammable hotel in Bali

Average room price?
From £85 per night

5. Adiwana Dara Ayu – Most Instagrammable private villas!

You will see this hotel all over Instagram! Adiwana Dara Ayu is a lovely property high up in the jungle of Ubud.

How to get here?

It took us around 40 minutes to get here from Adiwana Arya Villas. It is quite a way out from the centre of Ubud, so not the best base if you want to explore any of Ubud. It is located more in the jungle area of Ubud. It is quite up a hill, making the views amazing!

Drone shot of a villa at Adiwana Dara Ayu, a private villa in Ubud aurrounded by greenery

Which room to choose?

This is the most ‘instagrammable’ of the Adiwana hotels, IF you stay in one of the villas. We actually stayed at the Cempaka Suite and I wouldn’t recommend it! It was a nice room but right by the pool so people can look right in and the door opens right into the restaurant. It was a quiet time at the hotel, but if you are going all the way here, definitely stay in one of the amazing villas! Have a look at their Instagram if you need help choosing! The villa above is for sure one of the most unique places to stay in Ubud!

Girl sat on the edge of an infinity pool in Ubud, Bali. Adiwana Dara Ayu

Average room price?
From £120 per night

7. White Stone Villa

This is the most EPIC private villa if you are with a group!

How to get here?

This villa isn’t too far from Ubud city centre, but definitely feels like you are in your own little world.

View of White Stone Villa from the pool in Ubud, Bali. private villa in Ubud

Which room to choose?

White Stone villa consists of 4 bedrooms in the main house. All of these are beautiful but I would recommend one upstairs for the best views and more privacy. In the centre of these is a huge seating and dining area as well as a kitchen. You get your own private chef and can eat your meals around the very long table overlooking the rice terraces. There is also one more room, which is actually a bit of a walk away from the main house. As you walk down one level, you will reach the infinity pool. Walk down one more level and you reach the extra bedroom. This is definitely the one to choose for privacy and it is the biggest one. I found it a bit dark as it is quite low down, but it is nice to have your own space.

Average price?
£350 per night for the entire villa

What to do in Ubud?

There is so much to do in Ubud! Here are a few top things not to be missed during your trip to Ubud!

Girl walking along the edge of an infinity pool in Ubud, Bali. Adiwana Bee House

Adiwana Bee House

Wander through the Tegallalang Rice Terraces

One of best ‘sunrise’ spots in Ubud. However, you don’t actually have to come super early! As the rice terraces go quite low down, the sun doesn’t actually hit them until around 7:30/8am. After this time it can get quite busy with tourists so I would recommend coming around that time. You can also try out an insta famous ‘Bali Swing’. You will have to wait until a bit later on for these to open. Go for some breakfast while you wait! There are restaurants all along the top of the rice terraces so plenty of choice.

Explore the Ubud Monkey Forest

Take as little belongings as possible and go and see some monkeys up close! The monkeys here roam free and love sunglasses and are little thieves! However, it is so worth it to see all the baby monkeys!

A monkey at the monkey forest in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Go Shopping!

Central of Ubud is shopping heaven. There are lots of traditional Balinese handicrafts, woven bags, bowls, you name it it’s here! Then there are also plenty of clothing shops, that are a bit pricier but have some beautiful pieces, perfect for Bali weather.

See the sunset at Campuhan Ridge Walk

This was my favourite spot in Ubud for the sunset! It does get quite busy in the evening with runners, but you will get a moment for a photo! This walk starts right in the centre of Ubud and you walk high above the rice fields around. If you have a drone then this spot you will HAVE to bring it! It looks epic from above.

See the light rays at Tukad Cepung Waterfall

This was one of my favourite waterfalls here. It was around 30 minutes to get here from the centre of Ubud. This waterfall is famous for its light rays that come through and down into this cave like waterfall. You don’t have to come early as then you won’t have light rays so it’s the perfect spot.

Tukad Cepung waterfall in Ubud, Bali. Man standing on a rock in the waterfall with light rays

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Another ‘instagrammable’ waterfall! This one is very different to Tukad Cepung so both are a must see! This is a very wide waterfall that cascades over the rocks. You will need swimwear at the ready as the water is quite deep here and you will get sprayed either way!

Take a cooking class!

We had so much fun learning how to cook Indonesian food! Don’t do this on an empty stomach as it takes a while to prepare the feast you eat at the end!!

Where to eat in Ubud?

Milk and Madu

This is our favourite place for western food here! They have great pizza, burgers and wraps. Check out the  special offers on pizza, on a Sunday it’s 2-4-1!

Made’s Banana Flour Bakery

I just love banana bread so if you do too then head here for a snack after the Monkey Forest or Campuhan Ridge Walk.

I hope you enjoyed this post on where to stay in Ubud, featuring the most instagrammable hotels! Remember to get a flower bath at Adiwana Bee House, stay in a villa at Adiwana Dara Ayu and get a photo at the pool at The Udaya! If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! Also if you have longer on Bali, head to Nusa Penida for a few days to experience another island here.

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