Is Lisbon worth visiting?

Delicious fresh seafood, incredible buildings and more sunset viewpoints than I have ever seen in one city, Lisbon was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. The most photogenic place, I can promise you will not stop taking photos. If you are asking yourself is Lisbon worth visiting, then read on!

Whoever decided that all houses should have tiles all over them should get an award. The President of Lisbon’s house is pink and it really doesn’t stand out, the houses all have the most intricate tiles on the front of them, making it a colourful and very happy place to be!

Which areas are the best?

There are a few areas that are a must, Alfama, being the oldest part of Lisbon, has lots of pretty little streets and lots to explore. Belem is home to the Belem Tower and a breath-taking cathedral and is right on the water front. Bairro Alto is great for nightlife, restaurants and the Carmo Covent here is not to be missed.

Each part of Lisbon has it’s own unique charm, with the sun shining, a glass of sangria in hand, be sure to watch the sunset from one of the Miradouro’s – which means viewpoints.

Where to Stay in Lisbon?

I stayed in the Alfama area, the oldest district of Lisbon and in my opinion the most amazing. I stayed in a fabulous apartment with a great view and I would definitely recommend this!

Check prices and availability of accommodation here!

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Where to Eat in Lisbon?


Pois Café

Pois café – the most delicious brunch in Alfama if you would like breakfast with a view of the fabulous houses. Lovely service and a very picturesque café.


Starving and having just arrived in Lisbon, the first little sunny square was the perfect lunch spot. With no time to look up what the dishes were, one of every starter seemed appropriate. Cataplana de Marisco, however, is a must try if you are hungry and love a seafood stew.

For those with a sweet tooth

Then for dessert and if you are in Belem, head to Pasteis de Belem for the most mouth-watering custard tarts!!


Timeout Market

Timeout Market – An easy way to try as much Portugese food as possible! There are lots of small restaurants in one huge hall, and lots of tables in the middle to eat at! To give you an idea of how much there is to choose from, we tried black risotto with scallops, mussels in a tomato sauce, octopus and of course, Pastel de Nata for dessert!

What to Do in Lisbon?

These will all show you that Lisbon is definitely worth visiting!

There is so much to see in Lisbon. I’ll give you my top few, but every street is gorgeous and lovely to walk around so just enjoy.

Alfama area

Castelo de Sao Jorge

Castelo de Sao Jorge – Stunning castle remains set high up above Lisbon, incredible views and a lovely place to wander around.

Miradouro – the viewpoints over Lisbon

My all time favourite viewpoint is Miradouro Santa Luzia, make sure you don’t miss this place.

What to do in Belem?

Belem Tower

The Belem Tower and the Monument to the Discoveries – Both a must see and very important historical sights. These are both very close to each other. They are right by the water front in Belem. 

Jeronimos Monastery

If you enjoy architecture like me then you must visit this monastery. The architecture is so intricate and it is really so beautiful inside!

Bairro Alto

Miradouro de Santa Catarina

The perfect spot to watch the sun go down

Carmo Convent 

These are the ruins of the oldest and very incredible church in Lisbon

Elevador da Bica

This is the original funicular to get you up the steep hills, a must see for a classic Lisbon shot! 

Street Art

Lisbon is full of street art like in this photo below! Make sure to keep your eye out as it makes for some great photos!

The BEST place for street art in Lisbon

Lx factory 

If you like street art and nice cafes and something a bit different then definitely take a visit here, a tuktuk from the centre is not too expensive and a good way to get around.

The best sunset spot in Lisbon

Head to the water! Anywhere along the waterfront will be a great place to watch the sunset here in Lisbon. 

Where is the best nightlife in Lisbon?

Pink Street!

I would also recommend going in the day for a few photos, as the floor is all pink and the buildings around are really colourful too!

Another photo with Lisbon tiles. Each building is so beautiful you could have a photo with each one!

Is Lisbon worth visiting?

I hope I have convinced you that it is!

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