Here is a list of my favourite 5 things to do on Siargao Island in the Philippines! The best decision we made was to rent a scooter, it makes it so easy to get around Siargao and also much easier in the heat. Most places rent them for 400 Peso a day. Then you are free to roam and explore all the places I list below. Most places to stay are in General Luna which is not a big place. However, to get from one side to another you either have to pay 20 Peso each for a trike or get a scooter and then it’s 200 each for a whole day of scootering. 

Coconut Tree Hill viewpoint in Siargao

At the end I’ll also add some good drone spots and other beaches that might be worth visiting. 

Also the first 4 things to do can all be done in one day. If you are quick and ready to spend a bit of time on a scooter you can get them all done in one day. 

Rent a Scooter 

I rented the scooter from the hostel and it cost 400 Peso a day. The fuel costs 55 Peso for a litre and you need 2 litres for a full tank. Some places the helmets are included and some you have to pay for these as extra. It was so easy to get around and in the mornings the roads were pretty empty once you leave General Luna. The roads were actually pretty good as well, not too many bumps! Only problem is when a rain storm comes along, it’s not easy driving through rain on a bike but there are plenty of palm trees to hide under! 

GIF of me and Boyan on a motorbike


Coconut Palm Tree Viewpoint 

This was one of my favourite spots in Siargao! As you are driving along the road with palm trees either side of you, you can’t imagine there ever being a clearing as even from the plane all you can see is a dense forest of palm trees all over Siargao. BUT as you turn the last corner, there is a part of the road where the palms are lower than the road and it makes for the most amazing view! 

Me walking past Coconut Tree Hill viewpoint

How to get here

As you leave General Luna there is only one road that will pretty much take you the whole way here. There is just one junction where you can go straight or turn right. Turn right for the palm trees and most things on this list of things to see! 

Here is a photo of the junction so you can keep an eye out for this statue and then you know you are on the right path! The signal is a bit rubbish (even if you pay for a sim card and 4G). We had internet at times, so if you have google maps then you’re fine, but if you have no signal then that’s the statue to look out for. 

Signpost to Coconut Tree Hill viewpoint

Palm Swing

A bit further down the road from the Coconut Tree Viewing Point you will come to a small bridge. Park a few metres up from the bridge – for 20 Peso. Then once you walk back on yourself, you walk down under the bridge to get to the famous swing! Go as early as you can if you don’t want to be in a big queue as it gets very busy. 

Magpupungko Rock Pools  

These rock pools get so so busy so get here as early as you can. They really are stunning but also very spiky and slippery so take good water shoes and maybe a waterproof bag in case you fall in with your gear! My favourite place here was actually a very small beach just further down from the waterfall. Here at least there was a place to put your bags down and chill for a bit and have a snorkel. 

You can’t swim in the sea here though, as where the rocks end there are huge waves crashing into the rocks so you won’t be able to get into the sea.

Me and Boyan on the beach - drone shot in Siargao 

Boat Trip 

I have put a boat trip as the last thing to do, as I think Siargao isn’t the best Philippine Island for a boat trip. If you want to save your pennies then save a boat trip for Coron! 

Top down drone shot of a beach and palm trees in Siargao

But If there are a few of you it’s nice to rent a boat for a few hours and island hop. Maybe if you go further out the islands get better. The islands we went to were called Guyam, Daku and a sandbar called Naked Island.

Also bear in mind that you have to pay an entrance fee when you get off the boat onto different islands. 

Drone shot of the beach on an island off Siargao

Guyam Island

Guyam Island was very busy and had lots of people selling food and drinks in little huts. It takes about one minute to walk side to side, and it’s surrounded by crystal clear water that you can swim in as it’s not as rocky as some of the other beaches. 

View of our island hopping trip - Daku Island

Naked Island

The Naked Island sand bar was a lump of sand with debris all over it so I didn’t even take a photo! I would recommend skipping this island and if you want to see a sandbar head to Coron for a boat trip there! Or check out my blog post on 3 weeks in the Philippines, Coron and El Nido is where the best untouched sand bars are! 

Daku Island

Daku island was much larger and actually quite nice! There was a little path you could walk down once you get off the boat and turn right. Watch out for barbed wire on the ground but there are a few little side beaches that are perfect to watch the sunset!

Drone shot of a small island off Siargao

Other best thing to do is eat!!! Here are the top places to eat. 

Where to Eat


Kermit is mainly western food and makes a great pizza which comes very fast compared to the rest of the food which takes ages to come. I’d recommend breakfast here as well, the Farmers Omlette is so good! In the evening you may have to book though as it’s so popular! There was an hour wait each time we tried to go after forgetting to reserve a table. 


Amazing Filipino grilled everything! My favourite was the chicken beast and squid! Each meal comes with rice and vinegar and soy sauce which you mix in with the rice. It was some of the best grilled chicken I’ve ever eaten. 


The most amazing banana bread and chocolate brownies. Also amazing crepes of course. They do a few different crepes with the best coconut ice cream as well as some savoury crepes. 

Crepe restaurant interior in Siargao

WHERE NOT TO GO FOR FOOD – Barrel – Steer clear, the breakfast is nothing to write home about, dry pancakes and over cooked food and there were rats running around! 

Things to do in Siargao: Fly your drone!


Mangroves – as you return from the rock pools back towards General Luna, you will pass a small village called Pilar. There is a small bridge that crosses the water that then weaves it’s way in and out of the mangroves. We flew here and it looks much more impressive from above! We were also lucky, a man went past on a traditional Filipino boat so we managed to get him in the photo too. 

Drone shot of the mangroves in Siargao

By @boyanoo

Cloud Nine Pier

Cloud Nine Pier – The pier itself isn’t that breathtaking but when you sit on the beach and fly the drone up behind the palms it makes for an incredible shot! We got here at sunset and sat on a beach nearby and flew the drone there and it was stunning! Some people go there for sunrise too but it’s not worth the 4:30am wake up I don’t think! And at sunset the pier is very busy but not if you sit on a quiet beach nearby and just drone it! Much nicer.

Sunset in Siargao with the drone and palm trees

By @boyanoo

Basketball court – There are loads of basket ball courts everywhere in the Philippines! Trick is to find some that are hidden away amongst the palm trees. This one we stumbled upon while scootering past. It’s just down the road from Pacifico beach as you turn the corner, it’s on the right hand side.

Top down drone shot of a basketball court in Siargao

Other nice beaches: 


Pacifico – On the North Eastern part of Siargao, a calmer beach with lots of white sand but as you go into the sea be careful as there are lots of rocks. There are also plenty of palms around making it a great spot to drone and take photos!

Drone shot in Siargao

Alegria Beach

Alegria Beach – About 1 and a half hours drive from General Luna. Some say it’s the best beach in Siargao due to the white sand beach and palm trees. It’s also a bit easier to swim in as there are fewer rocks as you go in to the water. Alegria Beach is located on the Northern tip of the island, and is quite a drive on the roads with a scooter so if you want to go there to relax I would say take a whole day so you have enough time to recover for the drive back! 

Little hut on water in Siargao

Planning your Philippines trip now? 

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Me standing in the sunset amongst palm trees

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Coconut Tree viewing point in Siargao, philippines

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