After spending a few weeks in Uluwatu, I can say this really is the ultimate guide on where to eat in Uluwatu! We have been to try everything and have been to each of these restaurants and cafes not once but many times. You will not go hungry in Uluwatu that’s for sure! Also most of these are affordable restaurants. Two of the places are attached to a beach club and a hotel so are more pricey but the rest are all really very cheap for what you get. 

Me sat in a restaurant in Uluwatu, Bali

The Loft!

I have included all the prices in Indonesia Rupiah. Therefore when I write 65k this means 65,000 IDR just so you know! Seems like a lot but once you convert it into your currency, you’ll see it’s all very affordable! Also all prices are exclusive of tax, so when you pay, don’t be surprised when the total amount is more than you expected. Although, it’s not usually much more. Recently we paid 3% extra for using a card rather than cash. Some supermarkets will also charge you extra for using a card over cash.

I’l also be telling you the one place to unfortunately avoid. We didn’t get full on Bali belly luckily but I must say neither of us felt very well after this restaurant, so if you make it to the end of this big without eating your own arm, make sure to note down the one place that I actually don’t recommend. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you choose to go there!

Where to eat in Uluwatu – Breakfast

Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, Uluwatu has everything! I always love eggs in the morning, whereas Boyan prefers pancakes. Everywhere we went both of us were always happy with the breakfast choices. Boyan’s only complaint is that sometimes the food is too healthy, too much fruit and too many coconut flakes. The staff at all of the restaurants are extremely helpful, so it you want to change anything, it is never a problem. Uluwatu is becoming very healthy these days, most places in Bali serve many vegan and vegetarian options as well as gluten free or dairy free.

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Bukit Cafe

This is a really lovely cafe, especially on a hot day. The back of this cafe is really very airy and so nice to sit in the breeze. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as some amazing smoothies and juices.They also have a whole list of sugar cane juices and some information about why sugar cane is so healthy. Going back to the taxes I mentioned, here they charge 5% service charge as well as a 10% tax for the ‘growth of Indonesia’. They also then charge 3% for VISA and MasterCard. After all this, I think we still only paid about £7 for both our meals and we were very full.

Poached eggs on a sourdough bread in Uluwatu Bali

What to eat?

(85k) Halloumi Avocado Toast – On sourdough bread with rocket, avocado and poached eggs. It was absolutely delicious.

(65k) Grandma’s Style Pancakes – These were some of the most delicious pancakes I’ve had in Bali! They come with caramelised bananas and vanilla bean cream. They are very sweet and very filling but taste incredible, you must try them!

The Loft

As usual I had the poached eggs and avocado on toast here! It is another popular surfer spot, as it is up the road from some amazing beaches. It is also a very ‘instagrammable’ place to eat, with a beautiful interior and some great messages on the walls – see the photo at the top of this post!  They also do a few vegan breakfast options but I would say it’s more of a lunch spot as they don’t have a load of breakfast options.

What to eat?

(68k) Avo on Toast, with an extra 20k if you want to add eggs. Just what it says on the menu, nothing too fancy!

(68l) The Loft waffles – Vegan homemade waffles. They sound divine with coconut, strawberries coconut nectar and vegan berry yoghurt.

Rolling Fork

This place is adorable inside! The little wooden restaurant has a beautiful interior as well as exterior. There are lots of big windows so it’s super airy and has a nice view over the greenery if you sit at the back. They also have a whole list of pizzas and pastas on the menu for lunch and dinner but it’s actually one of my favourite places for breakfast. Also if you are staying more inland, it is the closest place you can get to without having to go all the way down to the restaurants and cafes near Padang Padang Beach.

Poached eggs with salmon and rocket for breakfast where to eat in Uluwatu!

What to eat?

(55k) ‘V’ Pancakes – This pancake stack is divine. Unfortunately they used to make thicker American style pancakes, and now that we have come back they are thinner, but depends on your taste!

(65k) Salmon Breakfast bruschetta – Home made toasted bread topped with avocado, salmon and poached eggs. It is delicious!

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Suka Espresso

This is a cafe set slightly inland from both Padang Padang beach and Bingin beach. These are two popular places for surfers. We had been at Such Espresso before and it wasn’t too busy. However, when we went for a late brunch at around 2pm it was so full! I think it is clearly a popular place for surfers, so maybe don’t go for brunch as it may be hard to find a table. They also do an all day breakfast until 3pm!

Banana and salted caramel pancakes for breakfast in Uluwatu

What to eat?

(64k) Banana Brûlée Hotcakes – apparently hotcakes actually are the same as pancakes. I cannot recommend these enough! They come with brûlée bananas, candied peanuts, vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce and they are divine! You can also add bacon for 15k.

(59k) Chia Pudding – The coconut chia pudding was tasty, but I’m not a massive fan of smoothie bowls as they don’t fill me up for long. It comes with a smoothie of your choice on top with some granola and fruit. Next time I will go for the poached eggs!

Chia seed pudding in Uluwatu with fruit on top and smoothie

The Drifter Cafe (Vegan and GF options)

This is actually a surf shop and I didn’t realise you could eat here for a while! Just wander through the shop to the cafe in the back and it’s a great cafe and hidden from the road. They also have a great variety on the breakfast menu as well as vegan options. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend here are the smoothies. I don’t know what they put in the smoothie but we had the sunshine and it tasted a bit strange. They do have some great snack you can get to go though, such as little muffins or small quiche cups.

Where to eat in Uluwatu? Drifter has great poached eggs on toast with avocado smash!

Smoothies – 50-65k

What to eat?

(78k) the Smash – I had avocado toast with poached eggs of course. It comes with crushed feta which is a great addition as well as homemade pesto.

(78k) Padang Pancake Stack – Gluten free lemon pancakes with mango and banana.

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Karma Kandara

For a day of luxury, head to Karma Kandara or even better stay there for a few nights. The best thing about the breakfast here is the view, like no other places on this whole list. The Di Mare restaurant is set up high on the cliff and has a beautiful view over the sea and beach down below. It is slightly pricier, but it depends what you have. The range is from about 40k per meal to 180k for a steak sandwich. The restaurant also has a very Greek vibe, if you’ve been there you know what I mean, all very white and blue! Really beautiful.

Breakfast - eggs, bread basked and juice as well as fresh fruit

What to eat?

We had the Portuguese baked eggs, French toast, bread basket and smoothie bowl. I can honestly say it was some of the best French toast I’ve ever tried. We also had the mango juice and a fresh orange juice.

Where to eat in Uluwatu – Lunch

We didn’t really eat lunch much, as we mainly had a big brunch and then nothing until dinner. However, most of the places I mentioned above are also open for lunch, so feel free to give them a go. If they have an amazing breakfast menu they are more than likely to have some great lunch options.

The Loft

Quality over quantity on the lunch menu here! They have three burgers to choose from, three wraps and always one vegan option out of these. There are also a few delicious bowls to choose from filled with healthy grilled fish, chicken, halloumi or roasted cauliflower is the vegan option. They also do some great fresh juices as well as some interesting lattes! They have the option of turmeric, avocado, beetroot, charcoal or a matcha latte.

Burger and sweet potato fries

What to eat?

(82k) The Loft Burger – Mainly for the coconut aioli sauce, really delicious and filling. All the burgers also come with sweet potato fries.

(78k) Salmon Quinoa Bowl – This grilled salmon bowl looks divine, with kale, poached eggs and tahini yoghurt sauce you can’t go wrong. Unless you don’t like salmon of course..

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Mango tree cafe

You have to go here for the tacos! They were really tasty and they have a few options to try. I also love how it comes served on a wooden board. They also had a whole fridge full of desserts when we were there so save some space if you have a sweet tooth. I would highly recommend the banana bread. If you like bananas then Bali is perfect, so much banana bread and banana pancakes around. Right next to where we were staying there was a little local restaurant where I would go and get banana pancakes and they are only 15k for a high pancake with honey!

Fish tacos served on a wooden board

The prices in the Western restaurants are still cheap compared to restaurants in Europe, but if you ate only local food you really would spend VERY little each day! Also, the only time I actually got Bali belly was after eating eggs bought from a supermarket, so now I trust going out for food more than supermarket bought food.

What to eat?

(68k) Beer battered Maki tacos – Best fish tacos I’ve had

(78k) Grilled rib eye tacos – You also get three and they are so tasty.

Where to eat in Uluwatu – Dinner

You can eat SO well in Uluwatu without breaking the bank. There are some expensive places, mainly in hotels or at beach bars. They are also worth going to, as often have great views and perfect to watch the sunset. However, the cheapest place you can get really stuffed is Cash Asia and it’s one of our favourite places in Uluwatu, we have been so many times! Read on to see more idea on where to eat in Uluwatu for dinner.

Suka Espresso (Vegan and GF options)

This is one of the first places I also saw an Indonesian meal on the menu which I loved. Sometimes we struggle as Boyan doesn’t like Asian food and I love it. So this was perfect, he was happy with his Western food and I got to eat some Indonesian curry!

Indonesian Yellow Curry at Suka Espresso

What to eat?

(59k) Indonesian Yellow Curry – Honestly one of the most delicious curries, with brown rice and lots of veggies. You can also add chicken or pulled pork for 15k

(94k) Steak and cheese toast – I had to try some of Boyan’s as it looked so tasty! And anything with aioli is the dream. Perfect amount of mozzarella cheese and mushrooms.

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Unique Rooftop Bar at Rimba Jimbaran

This is a really beautiful bar set up high above Rimba Jimbaran resort below. It has some amazing sunset views, although it is inland, but so high up that you can see the sea far away. There is even a pool on the bar level that you can jump in while you watch the sunset after you’ve eaten. The service is incredible, you are always dressed by your name and you feel really well taken care of. There is an amazing choice of Mexican inspired food. I’d recommend the nachos for starter.

What to eat?

(75k) Fish tacos – Delicious crispy fish with lots of veggies and guacamole

(145k) Chicken burrito – Very filling and tasty

Tacos with guacamole and a Corona for lunch

Casa Asia

This is THE best place to eat in Uluwatu if you like Italian food. Last time I came to Uluwatu, I didn’t manage to get a photo of the food here and again I have the same issue. It’s just too good. Also it’s a great place if you’re hungry as the pizza comes very fast. It does get busy early evening, but if you go a bit later everyone seems to leave at the same time. They also do delivery if you’re feeling lazy…!

What to eat?

(65k) Spaghetti Norma – The BEST spaghetti I’ve ever had, and actually Al Dente as well, I can’t stand over cooked pasta. With tomato sauce and aubergines, it was DIVINE.

(91k) Ragu Ravioli – I’ve never seen Boyan eat with such appetite, if he ate it that fast then it must be good!

(83k) Capricciosa Pizza – If you love aubergine as much as I do then this is the perfect pizza. They have a huuuuuge list of different pizzas, so something for everyone.


A delicious Mexican restaurant with a beautiful interior. We came here for a little date night and it really does have a romantic vibe and feel.

What to eat?

Rice Bowl – Filled with black beans, guacamole and chicken if you like

Pulled Pork Burger – Comes with a few tortilla chips so you may want to order a side dish!

Polenta Chips – I’ve only had these once before, nut I would definitely order them more after these, so delicious!

Where not to eat!

El Merkat

If you ask me where to eat in Uluwatu, I won’t say here I’m afraid! This is recommended on some websites you read, but the cuisine is not my thing. They have quite proper restaurant meals like chicken and mashed potato and roast pork belly. I have to say I had the worst stomach ache after this meal as did Boyan. Not anywhere near Bali belly but I wouldn’t go there again for sure. Also the Kombucha was super watery.

What to do in Uluwatu?

There is so much to do in Uluwatu! It is a paradise for surfers, sun bathers and drone photographers. Just be sure to check the tides before heading to the beach, as there may be no beach or no water!

Head to Dreamland Beach

There are so many amazing beaches to see. My favourite beach to swim at is Dreamland beach. It costs 5k for the parking here and there are sun loungers if you want them. However, there is a huge stretch of beach with no sun loungers and you can just relax without being hassled for a massage!

Sunbathe at Green Bowl Beach

This is also a great beach to swim at, when the tide is right! There a few ladies selling coconuts and Bintang and apart from the long walk down, it’s a perfect beach to chill on. 

Drone shot of Green Bowl Beach in Uluwatu

Take surfing lessons at Bingin Beach

We saw a few surfing schools at Bingin beach and it’s a lovely beach to relax on too. There are some lovely cafes to sit at and watch the sea. 

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How to get around Uluwatu?

This time we paid 800k for a scooter for the whole month. It is definitely cheaper to rent one for the whole month. Last time, and I read my last blog to remember this, we paid 100k a day! So much cheaper for a whole month. You can also get taxis, or walk in some areas. Depends on where you are staying.

I hope you enjoyed my blog on where to eat in Uluwatu. You definitely won’t go hungry with these amazing places. If you have just one day then don’t miss Bukit Cafe for breakfast, Suka Espresso for lunch and Cash Asia for dinner!

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Guide to where to eat in Uluwatu!

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