Malmö really is the places to eat out. This guide on the best restaurants in Malmö includes cheap quick eats to fine dining. There is something for the meat eaters, the small eaters, the big eaters and the snackers. If you have a sweet tooth or prefer savoury, it’s all covered! I will start with the best breakfast spots, followed by lunch and then where to eat dinner in Malmö. We spent five days here and you can see all the best things to do in Malmö here! In those 5 days we ate every meal out and nothing disappointed, so read on for all the best restaurants in Malmö.

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Best breakfast places in Malmö

I always need eggs for breakfast, and Boyan always needs sweets and pastries. Either way, if you have a sweet tooth or prefer a savoury breakfast, these places have got you covered!


Atrium is an egg lover’s paradise. I would recommend the poached eggs on toasted sourdough with avocado, simply divine! Then for those with a sweet tooth, the almond croissants are incredible. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the pistachio croissants too! Then the banana bread is also a must try. The drinks are also delicious, with homemade peach iced tea and lots of fresh ecological juices. Also delicious coffee for those who can’t function without a morning coffee! With very cool décor and lots of outdoor seating, both in the shade and in the sun, it is perfect.

Atrium cafe, best restaurants in Malmö- eggs on toast with croissants and banana bread on plates

The next three cafes are located 2 minutes away from each other. If you are staying nearby, then you are very lucky! I will put links to each one, so you can see the exact location on a map.

Söderberg and Sara

This is the perfect place for the health conscious, with delicious vegan porridge. Söderberg and Sara is also great for those who want sweets! If you’ve ever tried Pastel de Nata, then this is the place for you. Pastel de Nata is a traditional Portuguese custard tart and they are delicious. You can also find lots of sandwiches here and pastries.

Soderberg and Sara cafe menu on the wall

Uggla Kaffebar

Uggla Kaffebar has one of the coolest interiors for sure! Outside, there are deck chairs to sit on and people watch as you eat your breakfast. They have a whole variety of coffee options, as well as Kombucha and Lassi. My recommendations are the Chai Latte or Matcha Latte. Then they have the usual eggs and pastries options for breakfast. Definitely give Uggla a try!

Front of the Uggla Kaffebar, view from the street.

Malmö Saluhall

Perfect for breakfast and lunch, Malmö Saluhall opens at 10am. On our first day we had a delicious breakfast from Malmö Saluhall, with plenty of local, Swedish and organic options. They have lots of fresh ham and cheese to choose from.

Where to have lunch in Malmö

Malmö Saluhall – Has Gluten Free options

This is a big warehouse full of food options and some of the best restaurants in Malmö. I will list a few below! It is located on the outskirts of Västra Hamnen, and has lots of places to leave your bike. There are also lots of places to sit inside, but also outside on a nice sunny day.

Malmo Saluhall, photo of the food on a chair

Falafel and Burgers

If you didn’t know before, Malmö is famous for it’s falafel. Malmö Saluhall has plenty of different food stalls and Falafel and Burgers is a must try. I had the Falafel box, with plenty of halloumi and salad, perfect for a hot day. The burgers are also delicious! Like a lot of places in Sweden, they also have lots of organic juices to try.

Haloumi and falafel at Malmo Saluhall

Pink Head Noodle Bar

For some of the most delicious noodles head here! There are a few dishes to choose from with soups and fried noodle options. They are all cooked fresh right in front of you.

Noodles at Malmo Saluhall

Favvo Glass

For dessert, head to Favvo Glass for the best freshly made ice cream! I would recommend the coconut ice cream for sure. They also have fruit sorbet for those who want milk, nut or egg free ice cream.

Agge and Bonan

The best bagels in town! This is also a very cool café, with an instagrammable pink interior full of fabulous furniture. There are also tables and chairs outside for when it’s sunny. I would recommend the salmon or tuna bagels and for dessert, the blueberry tart with vanilla ice cream. The ice coffee was also one of the best ones I had in Malmö.

Interior of a cafe in Malmo

Slottsrädgårdens Café – For vegan options

This is a beautiful café in the middle of the park. It has plenty of outdoor seating, as well as a charming greenhouse with seating areas too. Head here for a traditional smørrebrød, an open topped sandwich with delicious toppings. With plenty of vegan options, it is perfect for everyone. I would recommend the protein balls as a snack as you cycle past even, they were great and very filling. See it on TripAdvisor here

Best restaurants in Malmo - traditional Smorrebrod at a cafe

Mitt Möllan

Mitt Möllan is another food hall with plenty to choose from. It is a great place to come and try some freshly made Kombucha. Then Pizza da Sud is perfect for pizza lovers, with Neapolitan sourdough pizza. For a quick lunch, head to Scandwich or Little Vietnam.

For the fine diners

Saltimporten Canteen

This restaurant in only open on weekdays from 12-14 and has a new menu each day. On one day there will be salmon, another day is cod, then pork, so check the menu before you go!

Where to have dinner in Malmö

All the best restaurants in Malmö for dinner! This section has something for the meat eaters, the health conscious and the fine diners. I’ll be telling you the best places to eat from the quick cheaper eats, and finishing with some of the more fine dining restaurants.

Scania Bar

The food here is a fusion between Mexican and Asian. Scania is open for lunch as well as dinner, and has some great cocktails in the evening. I would definitely recommend both the tacos and the fried squid!

The food at Scania Bar in Malmö

Malmö Brewhouse

For a huge portion of ribs at a very reasonable price, this is the place! The meat all comes with coleslaw, mac’n’cheese and beans on the side. You can choose from chicken, ribs, pulled pork and more! Click here for the menu.

Meat platter at a restaurant in Malmö

Brewdog Malmö – Vegan Options

Perfect for beer lovers and meat lovers, but also those who want a vegan burger! The chicken and beef burgers are incredible. The truffle mayonnaise you have to try. They also have great nachos and even a vegan sundae. The chickpea patty looks divine, with goats cheese, blackberry jam and thyme. For the health conscious, there is a superfood salad. Click here for the menu.

Burger with a knife in it with fries on the side

Slightly pricier and more fine dining..


Located in Davidshall, at Riket you can find seasonal dishes, made with all local produce. There are 8 seasonal dishes on the menu. The staff here spends a lot of time explaining the different wines and pairing them with the dishes served. It is more of an experience so I wouldn’t recommend going here hungry!

A photo of the menu at Riket, best restaurants in Malmo

Riket is also very close to the Malmö town library, be sure to pop by if you have time, as it is really beautiful.

A photo of the public library in Malmö near all the best restaurants in Malmö

Here is my guide on the best things to do in Malmö.

For the foodies and fine diners

Bastard- A Michelin Guide Restaurant

Bastard has a new menu everyday. Make sure to book ahead as it gets busy very fast! Choose a few things from the menu and share to be able to try all the incredible dishes. The quail is a must try – here is the menu. Definitely one of the best restaurants in Malmö.

Bastard, the best restaurants in Malmö. Cheese and apple on a plate

How to get around Malmö

Top tip is to get a bike! Where we stayed at OhBoy Hotel, there were bikes included with each room. Everyone in Malmö bikes around, and with plenty of cycle lanes it is very safe. Inflatable helmets are also very popular in Sweden.  I had never seen these before, but you wear it around your neck and it inflates over your head to protect you should anything happen. Head here to see a link for how these work!

Bicycle surrounded by flowers in Malmö

Another option is the E-bikes scattered around the city. There are three different companies, and after downloading an app you can pick these up off the street and set off. You pay for the amount of time you spend on the bike and it makes it easier going long distances with these bikes. However, they stop working at midnight, so be warned! We got stuck one evening after shooting at nighttime and had to walk home.

Where to Stay in Malmö

OhBoy Hotel

This is an incredible hotel, with each room having complimentary bikes. It is perfect for a few nights stay in Malmö and is located in the modern area of Västra Hamnen. For what to do around this area head to my blog on the best things to do in Malmö! Västra Hamnen is located right on the coast and has some great swimming areas and sunset spots.

OhBoy Hotel in Sweden, Malmö

For other accommodation in Malmö click here!

How to get to Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is just a short train ride away from Malmö. I would recommend visiting both of these towns while you are here. I would recommend at least three nights in Copenhagen to allow you to see all it has to offer. For a guide on Copenhagen follow this link!

In my blog on Copenhagen I will introduce you to some lesser know areas of Copenhagen.

I hope you enjoyed my blog on the best restaurants in Malmö!

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