The Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike was one of my favourite activities on the Faroe Islands! This post is mainly to tell you all the reasons why it is worth the money you now have to pay for it. Up until April 2019 this hike was free, but recently the land owners decided to ask for money towards restoring the path here and maintaining it. I’ll be telling you how much it is, how long it takes and some other useful information about the hike. After this I’ll also be telling you about what to do on other islands in the Faroe Islands. All the best waterfalls, villages and things to do!

Me standing along the path on the The Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike

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Where is the Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike?

This hike is on the island of Vagar in the Faroe Islands. This is one of the islands that can be easily accessed via sea tunnel from Streymoy. Streymoy is the island that is home to the capital city Tórshavn, where you will most likely be staying near. The lake is on the South-Western side of the island. It is also quite near to the airport. There is one main road that leads to the start of the hike once you leave the tunnel from Streymoy. You will pass the town of Midvágur and from here you drive up through some houses to the start of the hike. The area is fenced all around until there is a little hut you will see that is the start of the hike. It takes around 40 minutes to reach here from Tórshavn.

The Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike from above with the rocks and the sea taken with the drone

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How much does the hike around Lake Sørvágsvatn cost?

The hike is 200 DKK for an adult ticket. This includes a warm beverage. 200 DKK is equal to about 26 Euro. We saw a lot of people turn away here when they realised the price, but I really am glad that I didn’t. It is expensive, but the locals own the land and can decide what happens. They say that the price is to cover the costs of preserving the paths here and improving them. Unlike other places, where deliveries are by land. A lot of places in the Faroe Islands deliver things by helicopter! Of course this is much more expensive and therefore they decided on this price. I do feel it is expensive of course, but it really is breath taking and once in a lifetime I was happy to pay.

The lake above the sea, with the path visible taken with the drone

How long does the Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike take?

They say it will take around an hour there and back. This is of course without stopping to take any photos along the way! There is a path that leads to the top of the highest point here, but you can also walk the whole way to the waterfall into the sea. I would say do the whole hike once you have paid all that money for sure! We spent maybe 2 hours in total. It is really not a very strenuous hike. However, you will get warm walking up the steep hill at the end. I would recommend not wearing too many layers as I got very warm in my 4 layers here!

Me walking along the path at The Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike

What time of day is best to hike Lake Sørvágsvatn?

We were there in September and we went at around 4pm. This was a great time as it wasn’t very busy at all! We passed maybe 4 people on their way back. Once we reached the end of the hike we were the only ones there and of course some sheep! Early morning is also a good idea. However, the ticket office doesn’t open until 8am so no sunrise hikes there!

The waterfall into the sea from the Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike

What to wear for the hike?

As I said earlier, don’t go for too many layers! It is a warm hike with the steep hill. Make sure to wear some good shoes, as it is very muddy and wet along the way. There are a lot of little streams crossing the path so you will either have to walk through water or jump across. It only takes maximum 2 hours so no need to bring much with you.

The huge cliffs from the end of the Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike, with some lake and sea visible

Is the Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike worth it??

I would say YES! I really enjoyed the hike. The views are breath taking. Just before sunset, the light was also stunning. It is amazing to see the lake above the sea level. The cliffs here over the sea are also just incredible. The waterfall is also very unique right into the sea. There are of course so many amazing hikes in the Faroe Islands. If you don’t have the budget, then I’m sure there are plenty others that would also make your jaw drop. However, this one really is unique and well worth it.

What else to do on Vagar Island?

Vagar was one of our favourite islands of the Faroe Islands and we kept coming back! Partly because it was very foggy on Streymoy and Vagar seemed to have much better weather each day. It is also very easy to get to and has lots of places to see and scenic roads.

A small island in the sea at Vagar Island, Faroe Islands

Shot by @boyanoo

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Head to the Mulafossur Waterfall viewpoint

This is a great waterfall! Also a very easy one to get to. You park here by the road and it is only a 5 minute walk to the viewpoint for this waterfall. It is a huge waterfall right into the sea. The village of Gásadalur is visible right behind. Well, its visible if you don’t have as much fog as we did! There is also a sunset viewpoint here. Unfortunately we didn’t see any sunsets while we were here! The weather is very changeable so check daily!

Me with a waterfall in the background, Post about Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike, Faroe Islands

Visit Gásadalur Village

This village is full of great colourful traditional Faroese houses. You’ll even find the odd one with a grass roof too! The highlight for me was the heated public toilet. Faroe Islands is great for public toilets. I’ve never been in a heated one!

What to do on Streymoy Island?

Streymoy Island is home to the capital city, Tórshavn. There are lots of lovely villages to see here and the most incredible waterfall. There are also some great gorges, you’ll have to keep an eye out for these! Of course, as always there are waterfalls to see everywhere from the road even so you won’t stop looking out of the window in amazement! Make sure to keep an eye out for the sheep though!

Check prices and availability of accommodation in Tórshavn

Fossa Waterfall

This is one of the largest waterfalls in the Faroe Islands. It is also on two levels. You can either climb right up to the top of this waterfall. Alternatively, you can walk up to the spot in between the two waterfalls. We walked to here and it was great to see both the waterfall up above and the beginning of the waterfall below.

Boyan and I at the Fossa Waterfall

Tjørnuvik Village

12 minutes drive away from the Fossa Waterfall is the village of Tjørnuvik. The village has a black sand beach which make sit very unique. There are amazing mountains all around, so it is a very picturesque village.

Kirkjubour Village

This was the first village we visited in the Faroe Islands. It is still one of my favourites. There is a road leading into the village and a large car park right at the end of the village where it meets the sea. Here there is also a beautiful grass roofed church right by the water, St Olav’s. The village is full with amazing Faroese houses and a great place to start your adventure here. There is also a small road along the coast here. It is very bumpy but I would recommend it for some great views and different perspectives.

Me sat in front of a house at Kirkjubour Village

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Visit a beautiful hidden gorge

We stumbled upon this gorge. The first time we went it was so foggy that I couldn’t even tell you where it was! However, we went back down this road when the weather was better and the views are amazing! The only way I can describe where it is – near to Norðradalur. As you drive down this road here, the gorge will be to your left. There is a small waterfall and you will notice a lot of geese probably! It is a popular spot for sheep and geese from what I saw.

Me sat on a small bridge over a gorge with a stream

Drive the scenic road – Oyggjarvegur

Just a 9 minute drive from this gorge is the MOST SCENIC road! You will see as you start driving, the sea will be to your left and the most incredible mountains. The mountains will be full of waterfalls right into the sea and it is really beautiful. There are also some very winding roads here that look just incredible from above if you have a drone!

What to do on Esturoy Island

Esturoy Island can also be reached by sea tunnel from the capital city. It takes around an hour as the sea tunnel is quite far north from Tórshavn. All of the places I will outline below are within half an hour of each other on the Northern side of the island.

Take a walk through the village of Funningur

This is a beautiful village right at the base of two huge mountains either side. It is not very big, but there is a lovely church right by the water. There is a very small harbour and it won’t take very long at all to walk around this village.

Funningur Village from above with the drone

By @boyanoo

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See the Waterfall at Eiði

25 minutes away from Funningur is the village of Eiði. The village is not particularly interesting to see. However, if you carry on down the road past the village to the sea, there is a great waterfall. You will reach a football field, that is now also a campsite. Park near the football field and start the walk to the waterfall viewpoint. If it is raining then it will be very wet. It is very boggy here so watch out if it has been raining a lot. Once you walk up the first hill then it is much easier. There are some rocks to walk along here and you get the best view of the waterfall.

Me stood in front of a waterfall with rocks all around

I wouldn’t recommend staying on the campsite here as it is very isolated, unless you have a car! We picked up some hitchhikers who were going to stay here and promptly changed their minds when we arrived.

Drone shot of the campsite/football field

By @boyanoo

Explore the town of Gjogv

My favourite place on Esturoy Island. This amazing village is beautiful. There is a small stream that splits the village in two. Either side are lots of colourful Faroese houses. There is a beautiful church, as with most Faroese towns. What makes it really special though is the huge sea filled gorge here. You can either see it by walking above along the two paths. One path is short and at the end you can walk down some steps to the end of the gorge. Alternatively, you can walk the higher route to get a better view of the whole village too. It is also possible to walk down into the gorge and see it from below!

The small town of Gjogv

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What to do on Kalsoy Island

Unfortunately, I didn’t go to Kalsoy Island but Boyan did when he last came to the Faroe Islands. To get here you have to get a boat across. To reach the point where the boat leaves, it is a bit of a drive! The ferry goes from Klaksvik, on Bordoy Island, which takes around an hour to get to from the capital. Get the earliest ferry possible as it gets very busy and Boyan said there was a large queue when he went!

Hike on Kalsoy Island

The hike to Kallur Lighthouse is the one to do! It is a moderately difficult hike and not for those afraid of heights. I would definitely recommend doing it from the photos I have seen from Boyan, and I will be back to do this hike for sure!

Kalsoy Island Hike mountains and sea view with clouds

I hope you enjoyed my post on Lake Sørvágsvatn Hike and hope I have convinced you that it is worth the money! Just think, it is cheaper than a meal out or a new piece of clothing! It really is beautiful and. Hope the photos have shown you that. If you have any questions at all please let me know in the comments!

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